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Adventuring 102 - intermediate questing

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@Die Shize

Since Luke has been using the woman's sword and also drawng in mana and enchanting it with his abilities, when your character gets it back there is an enchantment on it! You can choose

It would be either one or a mixture of acid creation, greater durability or sharpness, or (I don't know if she's a magic user but) a small pile of mana 

And as long as it's okay with @supernal empliment it.

The potion that got all over Luke I choose it to be a modified teleportation potion so he could get back but yall would still have the stone as an option! 





I absolutely loved this thread and maybe I'll get back before it over but regardless I will definitely read it when I get back, the military is a tire, thank you all and stya safe my friends! 

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Here are the changes I'd like to make which I think could preserve most of everyone's posts and have things come together quite nicely

The potion already has a specific effect and that's spider climb. Luke would be able to drink it and fill it with acid still he would just have this benefit, or more accurately said, the other characters would be "robbed" of the chance (hey luke is saving their lives, small price to pay)

The acid rains down on the slime as indicated by Luke

I do like the sudden flood from the storm going down the pipe and think it's a well timed use of a piece of information that was embedded in the roleplay so I want to keep it. Rather than Luke's blue mist being the water that mixes with the acid, it DRAWS the water coming down the pipe towards them in a specific arrangement, to mix with the acid - even the diluted acid can have an effect on the slime that it wouldn't on the people

This causes the flood water to go towards Luke and the slime, and partially away from ticke's and die's character. Luke gets flooded down the pipe and can likely save himself with the spider climb effect by clinging to a pipe wall. This would be a good justification for the team stumbling upon him later IF the timing works out that way but no big deal if it doesn't

So this keeps the integrity of the initial potion, keeps the flood that tickle cued, keeps the destruction of the slime in such a way that it's a great final act for Luke and also conveniently exits him from the thread

How's that strike everyone?

Also am fine with the PC to PC enchantment!

Edited by supernal

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Hey guys! I got a day off, well more like a few hours and I'm sorry fro leaving the last placement as a kinda loose end! I liked how supernatural made it out to be ! So I have about six weeks left and I wanted to let you guys know that every chance I'll have  I'll be reading along! Stay good and make a lot for me to come back to read.


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