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Adventuring 102 - intermediate questing

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1) Now that you've both thoroughly washed, the glowing effect that at least one of you likely had from earlier in the thread is gone

2) After a brief period walking along (in the dark or by their own light source) there is another vertical drop straight down. There's a piton here, so you can loop the thread/rope, suggesting you are on the right path (FORWARD seems to be the way, as the system is not overly complicated)

2a) Next to the piton, scratched into the metal and fading: THE MAGE LIES

3) After reaching bottom of this next vertical drop the bioluminescence returns but is in streaks along the upper reaches of the pipes, where water usually does not reach when moving through the pipe. There's enough light to see by here, but it is dim. And up ahead there is a curious glint, and visible movement

I can give more detail on anything even in the OOC as long as there is commitment. You don't need to write a post that says "goes up ladder" if you tell me here, as long as you are now committed to whatever happens going up the ladder (just in case I haven't made that clear)

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