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Adventuring 102 - intermediate questing

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3 minutes ago, LukeRipstine said:

Hm, there is no response from him at all? Well I'll see if I can. 

I haven’t PMd him but just from the tags here in the thread 

Also no need to search for a new partner just yet. I don’t think tickle is totally up in smoke just yet. But if we get to that point I wanted to know your thoughts 

We’ll circle back around next week if anything 

BUT if you wanted to find a new partner anyway that’d be totally fine. I can accommodate three players as easily as two for this 

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6 minutes ago, ticklefarte said:

There! I'll edit the post after you GM

There's no object at the bottom of the pool so you can improvise a random mundane object or edit his submerging to be a thorough cleanse of the previous acid

The pool directly after this one is purple in color and the one directly after that is white. They appear at least somewhat viscous

Beyond that is one final pool (and then flat "land") but it is just at the edge of the light your glowing bodies produce, so it's difficult to tell its makeup

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It's fine, I'm still getting use to doing this all on my phone! So sorry for the mild waits, I don't get direct notifications. With that said I'll start on my post right now! Glad to hear for ya. 

Also Luke will test the pool like the rest! 


Edited by LukeRipstine

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With my post Luke can edit his post or just include his reaction here and tickle can incorporate it into their post

On that note introducing @Die Shize as a new player! He will figure out a way to integrate himself and there is no reason to wait on him, tickle, as he is not yet in the post order but when he intros he will be 

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