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The Demons Beneath Dougton

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Argi's vision was as if he was Peldun himself, which meant he could not see the people that went beyond the range of the automaton's sight. Where he turned his and its head left, he omitted those approaching from the right, and vice versa. He could only faintly feel them, which make the task of estimating their number even greater than it was already was. When his awareness of their presence grew, it was because the possessed were pulling at the cracks and seams in Peldun's hide, trying to pry open a hatch that they were unaware did not exist. Each side was a force that knew not the nature nor abilities of the other, and that made trying to deal with this... frustrating.

After all, what if these people could be freed from their possession? That would make the simplest solution into equally simple murder.

"Get... OFF!" Argi could only try to toss and turn about then, and paw at those about Peldun's form without squeezing too tightly - enough to catch them, but not to crush them - to attempt throwing them aside. There were thankfully not too many to deal with, but they recovered - or ignored the injuries of the host form - quickly, to try and renew the assault.


"Come quickly! It's the Lovely Giant!" Someone yelled above the clamour, and that brought a pause to both sides. A pause, Argi realised, meant that the grip of the Enrele here could not be total, or in full agreement with itself, lest it would not be caught uncertain by a call for assistance. He also realised that it was a chance, leaping back with all the might he could summon for the automaton, landing into the street behind him. It left the less secure possessed in amongst the wreckage of the inn, which in this instance all but one of them. Seeking to get away quickly, Argi reached for the remaining individual, acting more than he was thinking...

And he felt something go squish as he threw.

"...No." Was all he could utter at the thought. Despite having only moments ago believed he had to flee, he stood there, frozen in place, save for the turning of his arm, to reveal the remains of...




Was this what one of those things looked like?!


Argi was absolutely at the sheer size of this thing! It had to run the full length of a person's spine! How he had not noticed these things at all?!

The shock of the revelation shook Argi from his stupor, in time to realise that the possessed were no longer making move towards him. Instead, their hands were raised, their fingers curled in a point; some towards Peldun, and others to the body that lay prone - and sans parasite - upon the ground.

"MURDERER!" They yelled, and all at once Argi's understanding of the insidious nature of the Enrele and what they could do grew, from his unfolding experience. As officers of the law descended upon the scene, calling for the automaton to halt, the only option left to the young man behind it was to turn and run; run towards the hills that had not yet been levelled in the name of the city. Run until he had exhausted the will of his pursuers to follow. Then run further, because he was not sure how truly safe he would be, even if he would be exhausted in the morning for it. Whether or not the men he drawn the parasite from was truly dead, he could not say; but he could not return to this place unless he was prepared to rid of it of the demons that lurked beneath it.


He was committed now: The battle against Aleth was one that had to be fought! For his reputation as an innocent man, and for the children of Dougton!

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Summary: After overhearing conversation about the matter, Argi of the Cloven Hoof, and one Jennifer Mollins, set out to investigate the disappearances of children within Dougton. Those they find are so desperate to escape the mind controlling parasite that have claimed their families - the Enrele, in particular the Hivemind Aleth - that they willingly offer themselves to an 'angel' of the goddess Meryam, that they have unwittingly call via an old superstition. After a scuffle, and with Jennifer's disapproval, Argi strikes up an agreement with the angel, to keep it from taking the children by instead having it serve as their protector, at the potential cost of his life if he should not remove the threat to the children of his own accord. Before he can even sleep on the matter, he is accosted by several of the Enrele-possessed purveyors of the Lovely Giant, who drive him from the city, and have him wanted for murder after some framing of a mishandled attacker.

Minor Summary: Argi discovers the children in Dougton have been offering themselves to an angel to escape the Enrele; while getting the angel to withhold from taking them for now, he is now wanted for 'murder' in Dougton.

Consequences and Opportunities:

[C] Children will no longer be disappearing off the streets of Dougton (not for this reason, at least), even if the exact reasons as to why are not publicly known.

[C] Talk of a 'shadow' stalking the night has the people of Dougton spooked, though the children seem more assured for it.

[C] The apparent foreigner 'Argi of the Cloven Hoof' is now wanted by Dougton Police on suspicion of murder.

[O] Argi will be hoping to gather allies for a hastily scraped together assault on Aleth. This clearly cannot go badly.

[O] The people of Dougton are perturbed by the presence of this 'shadow' that stalks the streets at night, and would be prepared to reward someone for its forcible removal; the police currently pay it little mind. 

[O] The Lovely Giant has been damaged by wanton use of an automaton on the premises. The proprietor is likely to seek aid in acquiring materials for the repairs, if not a renovation, given the venerable age of the building.

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