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Research the Valley of Elemental Stone - OOC

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56 minutes ago, Vilhardt said:

Posted. Had a bit of an issue digging up my old sheets. I'm running some backup to retrieve them, but I won't be able to get the sheet up until morning.

No problem, as long as everyone is aboard then all is good.

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So given the time of year most people are pretty busy with life (Including myself). However, I consider this story pretty important to Hydra's Havens progression as a settlement and would like to keep it moving. By no means do I want people to think I'm blaming anyone or annoyed, as real life should always come first and I fully expect people to do so. But the pacing should be once every three days. So rather than me repeatedly tagging people and being an annoyance in general, I'll be posting once every Sunday instead and people can post in any order.  If you post within that time then that's awesome, if not then don't worry. If anyone has any questions or suggestions then feel free to tag or message me.

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