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Sir Nathaniel

Gale Hawk (Revised version)

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Name: Gale Hawk.
Gender: Male.
Race: Human-Fairy Hybrid.
Current Age: 25.

Hair Color: Red.
Eye Color: Blue.
Build: Lean.
Height: 6'4.
Weight: 185 lbs.

Profession: Knight. Fighter. Adventurer.


Armored. d2xhqwv-2b3163c9-675f-4485-bc56-ae437b81

Unmasked. gouka_by_omupied_d5ol9gw-fullview.jpg?to


Appearance: Gale is the both the tallest and leanest member of the Watchers - with long limbs and slim physique. He has shoulder length red hair and dark blue eyes - and unlike Nathan or the Morn twins, he is always clean shaven. In battle, he wears an ornate suit of blue armor with white trimmings made to resemble the moon. In plainclothes, he is known for being something of a fashionista. He is often seen wearing a variety of different outfits, mostly suits and smart casual attire - blazers, coats, jeans, dress shirts and shoes of all kinds.


Personality: Gale, for lack of better term is complicated. He has struggled his entire life with his ego and with his temper. Born and raised among the Fairy Folk, he was brought up with the mentality that he and his people were superior to all races on Valucre. However, the fact he was half human by his father's side meant he was seen as a second class citizen and treated as an exile by his peers. This created a great amount of anger and insecurity in him - which he has tried to conceal with a razor sharp wit and biting sarcasm. He is quick to make wise cracks and jokes often, though as Nathan notes, he rarely ever laughs himself and almost never smiles. He dislikes socializing and would much rather be in his gardens, tending to the plants and trees - as he feels most at home in nature rather than urban environments. 

Though it need not be said Gale dislikes people, there are individuals he is truly fond of - his teammates in the Watchers especially, he regards them as family. He looks up to Nathan as a father-figure and Max as his younger brother figure, even though they are not blood related. Arthur and Elias he is on good terms with, the younger Morn twin in particular he considers a close friend and has an unrequited infatuation with. Given he is half-Fairy, he holds a loose, laissez-fair attitude towards sexuality and relationships - being quick to connect to others who are like him, showing he has great compassion and care for the disenfranchised and outcasts of society. 

Having lost his homeland and his people with the Doom of Iselyr, Gale has tried to keep his team's spirits up and has further retreated into himself as an effort to mask his pain. As per Nathan's suggestion however, he has recently been attempting to contact any other Fairy Folk as an attempt to find some closure, showing he has not totally lost hope.

Also to note, Gale enjoys looking at the Moon and has a deep, lasting love of the Seas and Oceans and has remarked the mere sight of such is enough to cheer him when he is depressed. 


History: Born out of wedlock in E'Kraun Forest to the Fairy, Asana and a human knight, Gale was brought up among the Undine people of Iselyr. He learned etiquette and received a proper education from his mother, but never knew his father, as Fairy-Human relations were cold at this time. Rumor quickly spread of his parentage and from an early age, he was treated as an outcast by the other children in his home - finding he much preferred the company of animals. He became quite skilled as an animal breeder, herbology and in botany as a result. As was normal for his people, he developed use and control of Magic by the time he had reached 5 years of age. By the time he reached his adolescent years, he had developed an intellect rivaling the Fair Folk's greatest minds. 

When he had reached his teen years, he met the man who would become his greatest mentor and ally - Nathaniel Jameson. The Golden Paladin had earned the trust of the Fairy people and had good relations with Asana. The two became fast friends, with Nathan offering to train the young fairy in the arts of swordplay and unarmed combat. Gale accepted and became a skilled fighter - with his particular brand of Magic making him a unique, unpredictable combatant. Also during this time, Gale became the best of friends, rivals and training partner to Max. Together, they became an unstoppable trio in the war for their homeland - with the three of them destroying hundreds of demons. Gale became known as the group's greatest tactician; his intimate knowledge of strategy and the landscape proving invaluable time after time. 

In the end, the three would never achieve their goal of liberating Iselyr, as the continent was ultimately destroyed during an event known as the Doom, in which the entire continent sank beneath the waves. Gale and his compatriots were away from the continent at the time as they were on a mission at sea, attempting to capture a Kraken. When they saw their home gone, Gale was distraught - but joined his comrades in journeying to Genesaris to contact his cousin, Maxwell in finding a new home.

With that, the three made landfall in the Cold Mountains where they met the Dragon, Mladris, recruited the Fallen Angel, Jophiel and set off to Mageside City. Upon reaching the great city, Gale became a founding member of the Watchers. To this day, he remains one of Nathan's most steadfast allies.


Weapon: Sword.

Moonlit Night is the name of Gale's sword. An ornate Ninjato, it has a single edged blade that measures at 35 inches long and 4 inches thick. Made from Iselyrian steel, it is virtually indestructible and especially potent against demons.

Powers and Abilities: Given that he is half-Fairy, Gale has a natural affinity for Magic. Nathan believes that were he to focus exclusively on the mystical arts, he would become an immensely powerful mage. As of the present, Gale focuses on a mix of swordplay, hand-to-hand-combat and the use of a limited form of Magical prowess - giving him a unique blend of offense and defense.

Master Swordsman: Trained by Nathan and sparring partner to Max, Gale is a masterful sword-fighter with a specialty in a unique form of fencing he dubs "Blade Dancing" - using fluid footwork, extremely agile movements and graceful slashing arcs. His movements on the battlefield are akin to that of an ice-skater or a professional dancer. He is superbly skilled at avoiding damage, even with the weight of his armor. Noted to be the second most skilled swordsman of the group (after Nathan himself) Gale frequently duels his mentor to a standstill - and has twice managed to defeat even the highly skilled Garun Dugall with Max's assistance. 

Master Combatant: Gale's prowess in hand-to-hand combat is top-notch as well - the equal of Elias and a shade more skillful than Max. Specializing in spin kicks, swift elbow and knee strikes - Gale's style of fighting greatly resembles a combination of Capoeira, Muay Thai and the Monkey, Crane and Snake styles of Wushu. His prowess is great enough to allow him to best his friend in a sparring match and very nearly defeat Sir Arthur.

Water Manipulation: Like all Fairies, Gale was born with affinity for a particular brand of Magic - his is based around manipulation of all forms of the element of water; be it liquid, vapor or solid forms such as ice. He can pull in moisture from any source - be it the air or even in the human body. He can control the density and temperature of water - enabling him to solidify it into ice or make it as fluid and shapeless as mist. At full power, he can create tsunamis, on-land whirpools and grueling rainstorms or hailstorms that can batter opponents. In his own words, though mountains may stand tall and proud, waves will eventually reduce them to pebbles. In controlling temperature he can create ice-spikes, walls or even solid constructs - or he can alternately make pressurized water hot enough to boil and cause third degree burns. 

Lastly, though he never actually uses it, Gale does possess the ability to manipulate the water in the human body - in doing so, he could theoretically control body movement, or more insidiously, remove all moisture from a body and cause death by instantaneous dehydration. As per Jameson's advice, he never uses his power in this way, viewing it a unethical to the extreme.

Genius Intellect: Gale is regarded as the most tactically sound, most intelligent member of the Watchers' team. Described by Isaac Crane as "cunning, innovative, intuitive, observant and strategically brilliant". His memory, thought processing, information storage and deductive reasoning allow him to not only piece together solid conclusions but also come up with complex strategies, even in the heat of battle. Moreover, his intuition combined with his logical thinking make it exceptionally difficult to catch him off guard. Whether commanding a single unit team or a large army of hundreds of thousands of troops, Gale is the one that Nathan turns to when it comes to logistics, tactical thinking (when Arthur does not fulfill this role) and data analysis. 

Magically Enhanced Condition: Gale's half-Fairy physiology and flair for Magic enable him to perform at an Olympic physical level. His flawless mix of strength, speed, agility, balance, flexibility and bodily coordination make him a formidable combatant.

Enhanced Strength: Though uninterested in raw might, Gale's strength is still noted as well above normal. Through Magic enhancement and frequent weightlifting exercises, (especially Olympic lifting) he has achieved a level of strength that surpasses Arthur and rivals Elias. His total lifting records stand at a bench-press of 720 pounds, squat of 970 and a deadlift of 950. Through use of his strength, he has staggered Max with his kicks, smashed through solid wood and thin metal doors and nearly match Nathan in a contest of strength.

Enhanced Speed: Noted as the fastest member of the Watchers' team, Gale has exceptionally powerful legs that allow him to reach a top running speed of 40 miles per hour. He has surpassed a professional sprinter in a contest, outrun a charging warhorse and moved with such speed that even the assassin Dugall had difficulty keeping up. Gale's reaction time and reflexes are similarly enhanced - enabling him to snatch arrows out of the air, avoid attacks coming at him from every direction and disarm and knock out four armed opponents in 3.2 seconds.

Enhanced Agility: Using his amazing reflexes, bodily coordination and considerable flexibility, Gale can perform any number of acrobatic feats. He can climb to the highest building and mountain peaks with few handholds, perform high jumps, backflips, cartwheels, handstands and other athletic movements with almost no effort or difficulty.

Enhanced Stamina: Through high intensity aerobics and cardiovascular training, Gale's body produces far less fatigue toxins than normal, enabling him to perform at peak function for 24 hours before the buildup impairs him. As such, he can perform all kinds of acrobatic feats, fight for hours on end without stopping or run for several marathon length distances, all without displaying any tiredness at all.


Weaknesses: Though he is rightly regarded as an immensely powerful fighter on par with Jameson, Gale does have a few glaring weaknesses.

Insecurity: Gale's own doubts and fears can be used against him by a manipulative opponent and those who know him well enough. Given enough time and persuasion, he could succumb to despair and be rendered less effective in combat.

Attraction: As he is a noted homosexual, Gale displays a weakness for attractive male figures - something Isaac notes in his files about the Watchers. He believes that the perfect way to distract him and neutralize his intelligence is to confront him with a man that meets his standards.

Urban Environment: Because he feels more comfortable in natural areas, Gale dislikes being in large cities and becomes notably disgruntled and disoriented in heavily industrialized areas where he feels cut off from nature.

Electricity: Because he manipulates water, Gale's primary weakness is electrical currents. As water is highly conductible, he will take additional damage from lightning and other electrical based attacks.

Cold Iron: Being half-human, Gale has some resistance to cold iron but is by no means immune to its effects. His half-fairy physiology means that if he is exposed to cold iron in its raw form, he will significantly weaken. Furthermore, his magical powers are all but useless against it - and so Isaac speculates the best way to defeat Gale is to trap him in an iron cage - cutting him off from his primary source of power.

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