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Garden of Nede

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Will you be the one to walk these unknown lands and become the Demon King? The one who stands above all as the God of Nede? 

Or will you fail? Will you quiver in terror?

Are you brave enough to try?

Welcome to the Garden of Eden Nede

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-:- Geography -:-


Nede is a floating island divided into 5 sections with four of them making up the outer shores of the island, while the fifth is landlocked at its center. Each section maintains a separate environment that is dictated by the Demon Tower. The River of Eden flows throughout the entire island, dropping off in a waterfall fashion down to mix back into the ocean below. No one as of yet understand where the water in the river originates from, but myths of the island say it is from the well of eternal youth.

Section 1 - Desolation: The first second is a barren wasteland containing nothing but small mountains and burnt forests. When one arrives in the land of Desolation, all you see is sand for miles on end. It was once the home of Dazir, the god of destruction and creation. The one who rules the Demon Tower of Desolation will be able to use those powers to take and add to this divine desert. 

Section 2 - Oceania: The second section of Nede is a large lake with multiple small islands spanning it's length. Underneath is the lake is a maze of tunnels that lead to and around the section's Demon Lord Tower. Sea Monsters of varying strength live in the large lake, with increasing strength the closer you get to the Demon Lord Tower. 

Section 3 - Ice Nation: The third section is an arctic with no living creatures in its territory. The creatures that wander the land are all undead, corrupted by powerful ice magic. The closer you get to the section's Demon Lord Tower, the cold it becomes until finally hitting -80 degrees Celsius. It's rumored that roars can be heard from those who tempt the Ice Nation of extraordinarily strong Ice Demons that hunt, kill, and then eat any intruders. 

Section 4 - Draconia: The land of ancient demon dragons. Although the land itself is rather normal, maintaining environments you'd see in every day life, in this section it's the creatures themselves that try to kill you. At the top of the food chain is the Demon Dragon Lord, the one who rules and executes. Both of it's mountain ranges, the north and the south, are home to thousands of dragons, all waiting to feast upon the flesh of mortals trespassing on the divine lands. 

Section 5 - Avarice: The King's Land. While the other sections have a Demon Lord Tower, Avarice has the Demon King's Tower. Them who rules the King's Tower, becomes the Divine Land's Avarice; "the creator" in the language of the divine. It's unknown what lies in the King's Tower, but in order to enter it, one must have obtained control over at least one Demon Lord Tower. South of the Demon King's Tower is an old city, now ruins, that used to be the home of gods and goddesses long before Tellus Mater and Gaianism were thoughts. There many suspect lay the homes of equally ancient artifacts and weapons, though none of have been discovered as of yet. 

Nede is located a few hundred miles north of Nehalen, hovering above the oceans at approximately the same height as the country. Although it is roughly a fifth the size of Nehalen, it is completely empty of mortal life. The only signature coming off the island, is that of divinity and undead. 


*Disclaimer: The size of Nede is currently undefined, but is considered to be part of Renovatio. Also Nede is not to scale. Just general placement.


-:- Religion -:-

Avarism: The belief that the Avarice is the one true God and that the Avarice is somewhere among the populace of Nede. They simply must be found. 

Many prayers will also go to Abel, the one God thought to have survived the divine massacre eons ago. Some, though rarer, will still pray to Adam and Eve, believing them to still rule and watch over them in a world above even the upper worlds. 

Government -:-

Avarice: The Demon King or Queen. The Creator. The one who stands above all others. The one who controls the Demon King's Tower has override control of the Demon Lord Towers and has full control over Nede to do with it what they will. In other words, a God. 

Demon Lord: The second most powerful beings in Nede, Demon Lords are either generals to the Demon King or are candidate Demon Kings. A third is possible, though unlikely, where someone becomes a Demon Lord in order to destroy the other Demon Lords. This third option is only possible while the Avarice Seat is empty. 

Demon Seconds: The right hands of the active Demon Lords and the ones who inherit the Demon Lord throne under any circumstance in which the Demon Lord is no longer able to maintain their position. This can be a son, daughter, friend, stranger, anyone they choose. The Avarice does not get a Demon Second. 



-:- History -:-

In a time before recordings or memory, Nede was a continent millions of acres long. It stood in its own plane, Gods and Goddesses moving in and out of dimensions in order to manipulate and rule lesser beings as they pleased. It was considered Divine. Untainted and incorruptible. Two beings ruled above the rest; beings of power so mighty that their existence shaped the workings of billions of lower world faiths. The God was Adam and the Goddess was Eve. 

Adam and Eve had three children: Cain, Abel, and Lilith. One of the Gods, Michael, was jealous of Adam as he'd long since coveted Eve for her power of creation. In anger he attacked their children, but failed in his attempt to kill them. Instead Lilith and Cain were launched out of Nede and into a lower world, never to be seen from again. 

Abel, on the other hand, grew in the shadow of Michael's hatred. In the presence of a tainted, mortal emotion. As he grew into his immortal power, his mind was corrupted into that of a mortal and the distinction forced him into madness. The Gods and Goddesses of Nede were killed off one at a time by the hatred in Abel, until finally there was no one left in Nede except for Demons- malevolent entities which bore existence from the hatred of Abel and the terror of the dead divinity. 

Then, recently, the Grand Kommadant of Renovatio declared an evisceration of all their gods and goddesses. An ambitious goal. A difficult goal. But one that she accomplished nonetheless. 

However, the Universe must have a balance of good and evil. Of right and wrong. Of weak and powerful. 

So what happens when a world loses its gods and goddesses?

Something equally dangerous comes to town. 

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