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A dollar for your sword

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He was running hard, legs churning to get him away from the creature fast. In a fit of panic, Will looked back over his shoulder and was greeted with a view of a long tentacle slithering over the pipe floor after he and Luke. He sucked in a breath in shock and turned back to chase Luke. They needed to speed up goddamit. He felt the monster slide over the string that led straight to him. Felt the resistance as the beast's weight began to rest on it fully. He needed to drop it or-

The woman emerged from a bend in the pipe, sudden and terrifying. In truth, Will didn't register her immediately. No he saw the toothpick first, swinging toward Luke who was just ahead of him. Who the hell...?!

As Luke faced off with the madwoman, Will felt the rope around his chest tighten. He managed to release a strangled cry before being yanked back, his stride cut off and his entire body flying toward the creature. It had wound a tentacle around the string and simply pulled. 
And like a fish on a hook, Will soared toward a terrible demise. His vision lurched as he landed hard on his back, then skidded the rest of the way. He grunted upon impact and released his hold on all of the items he'd been carrying. The potion and device scattered, and more than a few bolts leapt from his quiver. Will gasped in pain, taking in a large gulp of air just in time to be yanked again. Off he went, racing backwards until a snap cracked through the pipe. The thread had broken.

He was suddenly at the edge of the gelatinous pool, and could only blink at the view above him. A sinuous weave of fleshy tubes wound themselves around each other and toward him. They were eager to reach his body, and the pool next to him bubbled with a true excitement. Will cursed and rolled over. Above him the tentacles accelerated their descent, but he had already dived away from the pool, landing hard on his chest and crossbow, but further from the beast's reach. 

He rose fully and turned to face the pool. Without hesitation, he fired a bolt into one of the tentacles and watched with pleasure as it spasmed in pain. His mind, however, was racing. A solution. Something better than running away. Something more permanent?

The acid. Realization struck him just as hard as the unseen tentacle that crashed into his legs. Will let out a shout. His body spun from the collision, then crashed into the ground with his head banging into the floor hard, and a loud dull pain radiating through it. As he pushed through the ache, he felt a tentacle prod his boot and panicked. "ACID!" he howled through the fog of his mind. He felt for a bolt in his quiver, pulled it out, and swung it blindly as he got to his feet and staggered toward the pool of acid. His body swayed. His vision swam. His thoughts came together and blew apart with each second. 
Still, Will Sharr moved. Luke had magic. Could he help? Or would Will die here? 


Gods, that would suck. 

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The heavy thumps their feet as they flew on their heels, curving along the the outer edge of the last pool. It filled with a white liquid of sorts. As Luke passed it the faint thought to examine scratched deep within his brain. The realization that it could be another pool of monstrosity erased the lingering thought almost completely from his mind as his feet traversed from the solid rock like to the rustic walls and mildew of the pipes floor. Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead grouping together and sliding down his cheeks and storing themselves in his eyebrows. Sure he was running from the creature but there was a deeper meaning to the exhaust. The fact that his powers run thin was an accompanying fact. What if the ooze caught up to them? To cling to their limbs and melt them away. He shook his head, sweat flinging from him one unlucky drop sliding down into his eye.  They only had to go deeper into the pipes, the up coming turn to their right sought to be salvation.  

In that moment Luke reached an hand up, his left, as if to sooth his stinging eye, the salt in his sweat setting his pupil a flame. A figure stepped from behind the curve into his field of vision . Out of his right eye he focused what looked like a large two by four swinging directly at him, a most pressing matter. At the same time as his adrenaline spiked and the world slowed as his senses peeked Luke noticed the absence of Wills footsteps and the sounds of shuffling back down the hall. Was this an ambush? Was Will gonna be okay?

A thousand thoughts passed threw his mind as his body was set on autopilot. 

Using the motion and the force from the sprint Luke pushed out a final dash closing within the weapons range, it was roughly a large staff swinging horizontally . Letting himself be carried forward by the momentum, leaning his upper body Luke slid under the weapon examining the person more closely. It was a woman, her attire of pink black and leather, she could have been another adventurer. Or a bounty hunter. 

Almost reversing the action, he stopped himself with his heels grinding off a good bit of the plastic heel  being inches away from the woman's back. In a bought of agility Luke twisted around his belly facing the ground as he took the stance of a sprinter for just a second making a second dash to the woman's back. She had a backpack and a sword hilt from her waist with the wooden weapon she swung earlier looking as a enlarged tooth pick. 

All of his weight and momentum was on her in an instant, since she had came around the curve Luke aimed to come at her slightly diagonally to force her into the wall. He would try to grab the back of her collar underhanded with his right hand, trying to bar his forearm across her back like a heavy shield bash and force her into the wall using the speed from the dash to bash her whilst pulling her shirt to choke her slightly hopefully resulting in not only knocking the air from her but making her recover harder. With his left he would go for the sword, ripping it from the hilts band if necessary. Even if she was a hunter getting a hold of her resources and information would be invaluable.

It was final Will was no where in sight. Luke applied pressure the woman's back trying to prevent her from moving, winding his right leg threw her lower calf and placing it over hers with light force. Just in case. 

Luke peered down the hall enough to see Will engaged with the monster. All alone. 

Luke kept the rush of adrenaline going attempting to slip the sword out of its hilt as he released her foot, taking a small step back but still putting light pressure on the woman before taking the weapon and turning back down the hall.

"I don't have time for this but since I have this nice little sword now I wont hesitate to cut you into bits and feed you to that monster if you interfere with me in this fight"

Luke talked loudly as he went running back down, glancing back to give the woman a impossibly cold stare, the blue in his eyes seeming like frost with no lie in them. He wasn't sure who she was or what she was doing but he needed her to not try to attack him while he helped Will or things would be much more difficulty. And by far Will was top priority, he didn't have enough time.

In his rush down the hall his mind continued to race, his memories forcing an old song to the surface his conciseness. 

Just because it hurts doesn't mean its impossible it only matter how much you care. Just because it hurts doesn't mean its impossible so tell me ..... DO YOU CAA-AR-RRRRR-RE-EEEEEE

He pushed even harder practically flying down the hallway. He could see Will, the limbs had wove themselves above him as more spilled out over the edges of the pool.

He breathes in deeply and exhales mist slowly jutting out of his frame in sporadically bouts. The pain was slow but vivid, filling his veins and numbing his limbs. Even so his grip tightened around the swords hilt as he approached the edge of the pool. He didn't stop, suddenly a small thin plate appeared over the lip of the pool it was frail looking thought clear it lingered on transparency. None the less Luke stepped on to it, exhaust filling his body slowly over coming his body as he flung himself into the air.

Strength, length, light, shatter, linger, burn. 


 Luke formulated his thoughts the mist around him swarming the sword he held coating its self over the blade tripling its size as Luke started to rotate in the air, slowly gathering speed as to not accidentally catch Willl massive amounts of blue mist blossomed from him spreading . Soon the elaborate slashes and rotations sliced threw the tentacles slicing the rising and current ones causing them to drop back down into the pool, the monster below turned all its attention to the aerial Luke. The pond shook violently as the jelly vibrated and molded forming even more massive tentacles pulling itself closer as it shot its limbs up leaving spots in the pool open where the jelly pulled itself from. Luke's rotations got less accurate as he sailed across the pond from its right and getting close to the left  limbs being slashed and severed bits of acidic slime spotting his clothes leaving holes in his shirt and gloves. Just below him the mist descended on the pool blanketing the ooze in small stars.

Luke could feel it, its core wait no multiple? Several nodes stirred with in the monster with each of them moving swiftly with each move the tentacles made. They where nerve points, disabling them would disable the ooze to move right? Hopefully kill it but even if they didn't then they could find away with the immobile foe. 

One should be on the side close to the exit, close to the last pool. Three clustered together near the center where the ooze ferociously shot limb after limb up at him and the others lingered at its edges. 

Luke rotation slowed and slowed, the exhaust finally taking him as he descended. Though he was only a yard or two above the pools surface he was too far from it. The idea stuck him as hard as a rock.


Luke yelled down, having attracted the creatures attention he turned the creature away from WIll. The mist concentrated over the cluster of the nodes the monster hid slowly, highlighting it threw a blue glass as more of the mist spread out highlighting the others. 

That should be enough right? Will could make the shot but even if he doesn't see it as long as maybe some kind of explosion... Can he do that?

Luke sailed over the rest of the pond, his rotating stopped as he sailed the lip and fell into the second pond.


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OOC Music



As the woman kapanga’d her toothpick through naught but air to whack it against the wall, she was all too terribly aware of the man who had dodged said toothpick to wind up behind her with heinous plans of can’t-be-good and please-sir-don’t. Unfortunately for her, by the time she regained control over her senses and her stick of truth, her attacker was already upon her. She was caught in a damning lock between his body and the wall, something strong pressing against her back, a leg around her own and even her own collar was attacking her as she tried to choke out for mercy. This mean man wasn’t being on his best behavior and she didn’t want a boyfriend. Please not like this don’t let it end like this please no I haven’t even bought a pet gecko yet!

A shwish! was the sound of steel scraping against leather and wood as the sword was unsheathed from its scabbard in an instant. She flexed her fingers, having enough freedom to do at least that much, but was surprised to find that neither hand was gripping a hilt. That bastard! He had taken her sword! “Nice little sword”, he dared to call it just before threatening to cut its only true owner into bits and feed her to a monster— what what? Monster? What monster? What fight? Our fight? Gup?


It was the only ‘word’ that she could choke out. Then the savage finally released his prisoner in the ceremony of taking off down the pipe. As he did so like a stand-up one-night-stand kind of guy who didn’t even buy dinner or say good bye, his long lost love of a first date just stood there blinking after him. Then she shook her toothpick with the fury of the Fates, gawking at the suspiciously familiar object in his grip.


With that, the woman ground her teeth and imagined the man being between them if he were shrunken down to an inch. Then she took off after him, squeezing her trusty toothpick. 

She arrived just in time to see that, though a thief and the kind of person who attacks another person for no good reason, the man was at least not a liar. There before her very guppy gaze was a monster, just as he had mentioned, but not just any monster. GOOZE! It was gooey and oozey and gross and made her stomach hurt. Oh I’m punching it with my fist that’s why. Now was not the time to pretend that her stomach was the man who had taken her sword, though he too was also present, dancing in the air like a drunken ninja as he quite bravely spiraled against the gooctopus’ tentacles, slicing away. She didn’t like admitting this but bravery could not be denied. My hero! SHUT UP.

Dropping her gaze, there was yet another man by one of the pools, and boy did he look like he had one too many falafels to eat. Maybe the gooze is making him sick, gup. The woman shook her head. Priorities. Priorities! Rolling her shoulders, she looked from the terminally ill man to the man who stole her sword to her sword and to the gooctopus. The sword thief had babbled something about a baseball the size of an apple core but all that nonsense was lost on her so she did the only thing that she knew how to do. The monster was being attacked by an idiot who had her sword, and if said monster devoured said idiot then there goes said sword. “G-Gup…”

At that, the woman dashed forth. As she ran, her lips moved a moment before she realized that she was singing, though she didn’t quite know where the song had come from. 

Unbelievable sights! Indescribable feeling! ” 

Gup..? She didn’t know why or how or whyzit-howzit but she was as sure as sugar that the guy who jacked her sword had this very song sung to him as a wee laddybuck. 

Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling! ” 

She darted around the edge of the pool, skirting toward an unchecked flank of the enemy away from where it faced its two-course meal of man-meat.

Through an endless diamond sky! “ 

...Gup? Nope, no endless diamond sky here, rather just the endless slime-sludge of a gooze whose 'back' was turned like her own had been. She licked her lips, lifted her toothpick and took aim. 


The stick of truth was hurled for the gooctopus bare moments after the sword thief had played his part in revealing the monster’s core baseball or something something. The woman hadn’t played baseball for twelveteen months going on thirty but she also hadn’t failed to notice the blue glow through misty madness that was the only logical target for her toothpick. The only good thing about gooze was that it didn’t really matter from which direction you targeted it. In the end, it was all just goo and ooze and goo from nonexistent head to inexistent toe, and now the monster was trapped in a triangle of two men and one woman who were in prime positions to give it a good gooping. 

Perhaps the toothpick would penetrate the core and end this whole shabanga in one single blow, or perhaps it would deal enough damage to render the next blow from someone else to be a fatal one. Perhaps, yet, the toothpick would miss, just like its wielder missed the sword that had been hanging beneath her hip some bare moments ago. 

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Was he crazy for this?

Would he be okay after it was over? 

Would they be? Luke and the woman? 

He didn't know. He just didn't know. 

The pool of acid came into view, normal in reality but, to his mind, a symbol of salvation. These creatures didn't do well in acid, right? Will certainly hadn't, but he recalled the fun fact faintly. Had it been in a book, or in some tavern tale? It didn't matter, he knew, but he found that he wanted to chase the thought. Pull on the memory and follow it back to something resembling sanity. His head was pounding now, with the dull ache overtaking most of his senses. He knew he needed to focus. Needed to come back from this. I'm not crazy. 

Not yet. 

Sound rushed toward him all at once, loud and jarring and stopping him in his staggering tracks. He hadn't even noticed that the noise had become muffled, but when the din of the chaos reached his ears he flinched, hard. Someone was yelling at him ("Will...NODES!'"). The creature was screeching at him. It all hurt so much. Will groaned and turned to look above, taking in Luke's diversion. The man flew on high, drawing the creature's aggression and suddenly it wasn't focusing on him anymore. That was good...who was that? 

Ah yes. The pipe dweller. She was fast. She moved with purpose, and her voice contributed to the thunderous sounds of battle. She approached quickly, suddenly in position. 

His eyes widened as the pieces fell into place. The sounds settled as his head settled for just a moment. Luke keeping the tentacles away, leaving a core weakness exposed. The madwoman attacking from one side, and Will...he could do the same. 

He fell to one knee and felt for the right bolt. His fingers found it with ease, feeling the different fletching. Would it work? He didn't know. He only knew that he could finally see through the fog of his mind. The aching fell to the background for just a moment as he slid the bolt into place and eyed the cluster of nodes. Aim away from her. Go. Now! She wouldn't get caught in the blast. Hopefully.. 

He pulled the trigger and the explosive bolt tore through the air, a totem of destruction and murderous intent. The madwoman lunged for her attack. For a moment, there was silence. 

In an instant, a wayward tentacle shot out of the gelatinous pool and wrapped itself around the woman's weapon. Will's bolt fired into the core, missed a node, yet nothing happened. His mouth dropped in shock, but he managed to pull himself together as a thick tentacle left Luke and slammed down toward him. It cut through the air and toward the spot he'd been kneeling, but he he was able to stumble out of the way. No. NO!

It crashed down into the ground, the tip of the tentacle splashing into the acidic pool and sending the contents splattering around the pipe. Will shouted and covered his face, but his own pain seemed to have nothing on the sensation that the monster felt. Its tentacle tensed, then shriveled almost immediately. The phenomenon carried through all the way to the core as a squealing noise began to emit from the pool. Will hesitated, then set his jaw. As the creature started to flail maniacally, Will knelt next to the pool and began to coat his bolts in acid. This was good. It was progress. He'd missed due to his condition, but he couldn't afford to do that again.

It wouldn't happen again. 


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Luke stared down into the water, it's surface reflecting his blue eyes back at him as if it was waiting, inches apart for him, for their collision. The noise of silence behind him alerted him to the failure of the explosive arrow. 

His thoughts slowed as his body reflexively tensed as the cold waters grip took him, the waters surface slamming against his shoulder as cold waves assaulted him to swallow him whole. In the in the midst of shock Luke hand let go of the hilt of the sword he had stolen earlier sending it flying off elsewhere into the water. As he sank Luke concentrated on his body mass imagining himself light on the waters surface, an old swimming trick. Surely enough in the passing seconds he began to rise. Slowly turning his body as he met the surface laying on his back Luke took geedy hastened breath filling his lungs with what felt like life itself. 

A part of him wanted to stay on the waters surface gasping in air but deeper within himself he knew he had to help fight off the ooze. But what could he do with limited ability use? His mind toyed over the possibilities, he had a sword, one he had 'carefully borrowed' from a strange woman that appeared in the pipes. He still couldn't pin point her reasoning for being there and even more so leaving Will with a stranger and a monster could be more dangerous and losing the only ally he had down here wasn't only a worse case scenario but even worse it would impact his grade. 

Luke calmed his breathing slowly as he began to move, fist on his list was to find the sword and the other was to brainstorm and met back up with Will. 

If only they had a powerful gas or elixtor. The thought caused Luke to wonder about the elixtor Will had acquired earlier. Could it be anything useful? 

Luke stirred, slowly getting to his feet as he allowed his lower half to sink. 

Maybe if they had something to drown the ooze out... maybe acid? The thought made Luke mentally double take, maybe acid! But how would they get it to the ooze? Pushing it into the acid pool would be reckless if they could get some of the acid over to the ooze.... the bottle! If he could get the bottle and use it to throw acid into the slime it could weaken it from the inside out. If they could activate the arrow to then both of the effect could be damn near killing right? 

Luke's feet set on the ponds bottom as his waist down sat in the water, he started to look for the sword only to find it a few feet away from him. 

If he angled himself correctly and threw the sword if it could strike the arrow... But could he do it? He'd have to. 

Luke pushed threw the water as his body fought against him. Even though his movements was slow and the water was cooling each of his movemtns spiked pain deep within his bones. Still he ventured on, leaning down and taking the swords hilt as he waded to the edge of the pond. 

Climbing out he could see Will and the woman fending off the ooze as it rose. Maybe she wasn't all too bad Luke thought to himself stepping on to the now familiar rock like floor. He'd remembered Will dropping the potion eariler just by the oozes pool. 

Luke starts off for the fist piece, trying to set a plan in motion. 

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She screamed in horror like in one of those horror films where the murder-man kills the girl’s boyfriend in front of her eyes by gouging his eyes out with a toothpick before cutting his head off with a toothbrush. Well, the gooze had done something not entirely too dissimilar when it grabbed a hold of her own half of a toothpick and broke it in half so that it became a quarter of a toothpick and toothpick. 


She received no answer, not from the gooze or the Fates or the two men who were too busy dancing in the air or waddling on the ground to worry about her stick of truth. One of them, for sure, had even since stolen her sword, so that kind of said something about the kind of people that she kept company with and weren’t no mistake. Of which, that man was no longer airborne but had decided to go for a swim, and her observer could only ogle in horror as she spotted her sword float and sink like in one of those Doby-Mick films about the oversized dolphin and the harpoon that pierced its belly and brought Doby-Mick into the water all wiggly-wiggly. Still my chap a silver ticket of a film if ever I saw one old boy I do so say OH MY GOSH

She couldn’t complete the thought, a thousand walnuts of worries plaguing her brain as the gooctopus’ tentacle sprang forth toward the sick man to slap some sense into his sluggish form. Well, it might have done him some good, alongside some much needed oatmeal to settle his stomach, but the dismay lay in the gooze’s own gooey brain as it received the sensations of acid eating away at its...gooze? The woman clapped her hands in glee. She didn’t know these pools, hadn’t bathed in them, didn’t see a lifeguard, packed no bikini, but it was evident that where that tentacle had splashed it had in turn splattered itself with the kind of liquid that would make a perfect prop for a horror movie. 

The sick man, meanwhile, appeared to be loading his crossbow with these-and-those and things in between. Suddenly, it all clicked! just like her stick of truth had cracked! That man was coating his bolts in the acid. The other man was...swimming or something but otherwise doing something useful. The crossbowman was on the other side from where the woman was standing, still a prime target for the gooctopus, and there that woman was, without sword and without stick. So, she resolved to do the only thing that she knew to do in this situation. Her phallic counterparts seemed to have more knowledge about their enemy and their environment than she did, and both of them were armed with crossbow and stolen sword where all she had was a makeshift lamp slung over her shoulder. Aghhhhh gaga-pa-dooda-gup


She exclaimed toward the gooze. If it had ears then “had” was the keyword because clearly they had long since melted away. So, she tightened one boot and pulled a knife from the other, brandishing its twinkling point toward the gooze.


With that, the woman dashed toward the very edge of the pool and lunged. A blindly flailing tentacle was moved away just in time. She stabbed again. Another miss. KAI-AY-PA! This sucked. Stabby-stabby-stabby— “FUMOFFU!” She sliced the air and a tentacle swinging within it.

The gooctopus shuddered. At last, its attacker had attention, for however long it might last. It shifted through its gooey water, shooting a tentacle for her face. She dodged. Another for her leg. She skipped. The third punched her stomach and she “Oof!”d before falling backwards. All in all, though, the distraction might have been all the time that the crossbowman would need to load his weapon of acidic destruction and for his best friend to do...whatever he was doing all this time. As for the woman, well, she was beginning to regret the squid that she had for elevenses. Fumoffu...

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His head thrummed, but his hands moved with purpose. Dipping in and out of the acidic pool, working bolts under the surface until they were dripping. Around him the pipe shook with each collision as the monster whipped and thrashed against the walls. Will cursed, but prayed that a wayward tentacle didn't slam into him again. When he checked, however, it seemed that the woman was taking care of it, keeping its attention away while he worked. 

I shouldn't wait too long. This'll have to do. 

He stared down at his hands. Stared down at four bolts that glistened with acid. His fingers were bright red, and burned intensely. Still, Will was human, and could survive the exposure. He slid a bolt into his crossbow, then put the rest in his quiver. A sound made him whip around. No...

The woman was on her ass, maybe biting off more than she could. A collection of tentacles were nearing. "GET UP!" he bellowed. 

Without mercy he unloaded one bolt into the beast's tentacle. He didn't miss. The creature's limb immediately shriveled, with the rest of the tentacles whirling around to signal its pain. "MOVE!"

In a fluid movement he added another acidic bolt and fired it at a yet another tentacle that loomed close to her. Two left. Can't waste them. Will shifted his attention and walked carefully toward the center of the beast, aiming carefully at the collection of nodes. HIs explosive bolt hadn't been triggered. One wrong move and there could be a large explosion. He didn't care, however. His goal here was to subdue to being and ensure a hasty escape. Even now he could feel the pipe tremble beneath his boots. Water was coming. It was on its way, and couldn't care less who beast and who was human. They needed to get moving. 

And so, Will loaded a third acidic bolt and fired it into a node. The effect was instant. As it the arrowhead pierced the skin of the monster and found its way home, A cluster of tentacles simply stopped. 

He stared with wide eyes as a group of flailing limbs simply stopped whipping around and crashed into the floor. Curious. This still left a good amount sweeping around the pool, which he had to deftly avoid despite his inherent impairment. One more, then. He saw Luke moving out of the corner of his eye and grunted.

"Get ready to leave," Will shouted. "I'm gonna take down one more set of limbs and then we're going. If any of you have a last ditch plan, go for it and start heading down the pipe. I don't intend to drown today." 

His head pounded, a drum of pain but bearable. He loaded the last bolt. Set his sights on a node that seemed larger than the rest. Would that correspond to a larger amount of tentacles? He hoped so. Aim. Breathe. 


The bolt soared into the node, and killed another set of violently thrashing tentacles. Will sighed in relief and skirted the pool, an easier task now that the beast had a smaller set to work with. He began to set off toward the woman, careful to make sure she wasn't in immediate danger. "Let's go," he murmured when he reached her. 

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Luke rushed, a few feet in front of him lay a clear bottle with a swirl of cloudy liquid in it. The strange potion had alluring affects thay neither of them had thought of testing but in that moment all Luke could think was Fuck the liquid. Although the exhaust sept deep with in his marrow, his will was restored after a small break allowing him to push himself along like a toy car running on fums. None the less he reached the bottle in second, its coating from their adventures ranging from a patch of mold to the creatures very slime created almost thick viscous layer around it. Luke swollowed and in a true sense, took one for the team as he brought the bottle up to his mouth tilting it sideways he pried the cork from its rim with no ease, fighting against it in a vicious pull his struggle only able to happen as the creatures hostility was drawn to the strange woman. He could hear her shouts and grunts clearly with the sound of Wills arrows flying threw the air. 

With a small pop the cork gave way, the motion spilling the strange brew all over Luke and in splotches across the natural stone floor. Luke grimaced as he tilted the bottle over to let the liquid pour out splashing it almost along everything in its small vicinity. Luke turned his head to spit the cork giving the bottle a small shake as the liquid hauled to a small drip. 

The bottle in hand Luke rushed over to the acid pool, gazing over his shoulder at the two others fighting off the monster. For a brief second Will and him made eye contact. Even with their novice, or we'll Luke's novice, in working together they seemed to translate thoughts threw that second and the next Will was fleeing the cave with the scarlet stone Luke had tossed him and the woman with a slightly rusted sword and Luke was bent over at the pond finishing filling the bottle with the acid. 

Though he was alone his efforts were not as he turned to the creature its limbs more than halfed and its nodes low in numbers. 

He breathed, letting the mana flow and reproduce as if his body was just catalyst for great power, wisps of deep blue mist quickly spread through the room. 

Luke took few steps forward, closer to the monster his eyes locked on the shapeless body of his foe. In his right had held a freely rotating spark of mist, his left a bottle shaking and brimming with acidic water. 

Raising his left hand Luke reared back then jutted forward letting the bottle fly from his hand soaring over the creature and smashing in to the ceiling. 

With in his right the energy burst to life in a hive like stide swarming the creature. 

Multiply, rise, spread, and finally flood. 

The blue sheets of mist spuratically changed into a mirrored solution of acidic water caughing the rain of glass and acid down onto the creature to turn into a shifting vortex. The creature it's self seeming to let out an guttural but submerged howl unlike any animal that roamed the land, it's cry bouncing threw the pipes its body contorted in painfully new shapes and sizes as it folded into its self. 

Luke watched as the creature was swollowed whole. Even more suddenly he felt light almost lethargic which changed with a sudden spike of nausea which treated to make his insides flow from his throat. He dissapered from the tunnels and reappeared in a familiar marble dome... 

The rest of the acid poured into the other pools mostly being neutralized the first pool was completely halfed and the very last pool seemed to not be affected at all as if it's material compound was much stronger than the acid, not a single thing being left being of the creature or Luke. 


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OOC Music [Recurring]



“Fumoooo…” She groaned on her back, her belly feeling something akin to flopping into a pool of goop from a diving board some twelveteen feet high. The gooze was a relentless sucker, that was for sure, and it slapped its tentacles like a woman did her husband after coming home from vacation to find that their house in Renovatio was undergoing the renovation of kicking her out to move his mistress in. 

She heard a shout. It wasn’t her husband. But it was a man’s. Was it one of the Fates again? They sucked too.

On 11/11/2019 at 5:42 PM, ticklefarte said:

 "GET UP!"


On 11/11/2019 at 5:42 PM, ticklefarte said:



She rolled. Roll roll roll out of the way of the spasming tentacles and the liquid-stuff that splashed with them. The woman wore clothing from head to toe, hat and gloves, but some spittle splashed upon her cheek and she cringed as a burn suddenly settled in. Fah fah fah fah fah! Bolting upright, feet scurried hither-thither as she danced away from sprawling arms to discover that the crossbowman was the culprit for the tentacles’ fury. The beast of great goo was suffering, clearly anguished and losing some of its life that only the Fates could understand when it came to giving life to goo but fumo. 

Dodging a wayward whirl, a number of tentacles froze in place, and the woman wondered if the pain was just so very fumoffing bad that the creature couldn’t move due to shock and anguish. She grit her teeth in anger at that. This was horrible. How could one man cause so much pain to so helpless a being? 

“FUMOFFUUUUUU!!” She stopped skipping and shook her fist at the crossbowman with the vengeance of a dojo master after being beaten by a hobbit. 


Something bendy and slimy caught her shoulder and spun her like a top and suddenly the woman’s world went spinny. She had no idea how she managed to maintain her balance but the next thing she knew was a familiar voice telling her to get ready to leave. With a bit of a sway to her beat as she struggled to regain balance, she gave him a dizzy thumbs-up and totally agreed about not wanting to drown. “Fuuu…” 


Another bolt bit into the gooctopus to cease the seizure of another tentacle cluster. Most indeed, this crossbowman was a marksman and a man of much mettle. He was quite the combatant. Something of a savior. A noble, gallant, valiant, brilliant man of men. My...hero. With guppy eyes, the woman clapped her hands and couldn’t help herself. 

MOFFUUUUUU! She exclaimed with the cheer and applause of a thousand stallions galloping across clouds. By the time the crossbowman reached her, she reached a hand out for him and snatched his forearm. “LET’S GUP!”

With that, they took off running, dashing toward a pipe. Water was rushing in toward the pools, threatening to flood the chamber and any souls caught within, but the woman was still sold on not drowning. As for the thief, she stole a look over her shoulder and watched him work. A cruel and barbarous thief who hit women as a hobby, it was true, but a noble thief no less. She didn’t look long enough to see what became of him but, as she ran, dragging her hero with her, she watched with wide eyes as a stick of metal flipped overhead and before her face. Her hand shot forward, fingers coiling around the hilt before the sword could strike the floor, and she howled in delight.


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Gods we're not safe. 

His boots thudded against the pipe floor. His arms windmilled against the air, with his eyes wide and searching. The pipe system shook with a thunderous promise of erasure. He could hear the rushing water crashing against the walls of the tunnels, eager to find him and his new friend. As he sprinted, Will's thoughts turned to the immediate past. An image flashed before his vision, heavy with emotional weight. 

He saw Luke, tossing the gem to him before calling on the oncoming water to put down that damned beast. The power that man had possessed...by the gods how was it possible? And how was it fair that someone so strong had to sacrifice themselves? Not strong enough, he thought bitterly. Indeed, the sheer amount of water surging through the pipe channel had eventually broken past Luke and consumed him. 

Will cursed fiercely and poured in more speed, ripping his arm out of the woman's grasp. The idea of such a terrible end for his peer broke his heart. Finish the quest then. For him. 

And kill Mone. For Luke. 

The last thought startled him, but he decided to shelve the impulse for later. No time. Sure, Luke had bought them some time but now what? The coming tide was inevitable. Ahead of them, the pipe forked, with one channel going straight and another going directly left. "You live here, right? Where?" he questioned through quick breaths. "Do we turn?"

In his hands he held the crystal and strange device that they'd found on the corpse. When had he picked the latter back up? His mind was still a dull blur, now meshed with feelings of guilt and frustration. He'd left so many bolts back there. If they ran into opposition he'd be hard pressed to defeat them with the remaining quarrels. Still, two enhanced bolts remained. That was promising. 

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OOC Music



With one hand holding the hilt of a sword, the woman’s other hand was suddenly free, her savior and saved running with all his might right alongside her. There was a boost of confidence that he kicked her way whether he knew it or not. I’m fleeing. And this hunk is fleeing beside me. And we might drown. Humph! Of which, a swirling sea of wrath and rage crashed and danced against the walls and across the floor, pouring in right behind them. It was no impressive feat to outrun water—it was madness. The last time that she had tried to escape from an ocean, the ocean had swallowed her whole, and she tasted saltwater, seaweed and seahorses for three weeks after four.

On 11/25/2019 at 10:11 PM, ticklefarte said:

"You live here, right? Where?" he questioned through quick breaths. "Do we turn?"

Live? Here? She spent a second recalling the plank of wood she had awoken on. It was planky and woody and plank but at least she had a blanket. Blanket. Planket. Blank blank, plank plank, wood wood, wid-wud, water water, kam-kam. Whatever or whoever had put the plank beneath her back for her to wake up on it, well, only the toothpaste could tell. “TURN!?” Pant-pant-pant. YESSSS! With that, she shot her free hand out again, clutching his shoulder to jerk him toward the left before releasing her grip. 

HAMATAAAAAAAAN!She cried before her lungs beat her up, dashing and darting and dancing with all her might down the left tunnel. Her arms went wild, flailing like a ballerina in a swimming pool, fiercely determined to not kick the bucket in this sewer beneath the tide behind her. For one thing, the bucket was too small and it wouldn’t be enough to hold all the water. Waw-wawwwwhh! 

“CAREFUL!” She barked. “YOU SLIP, YOU DIE. NO CARRY YOU.” Gesturing toward her hunk of man-meat to make sure that he understood the situation, she moved her arms like she was lifting weights, certainly not a person. “NO CARRY-CARRY.” huff-puff-huff-fuffffffff

At last, the pair of survivors reached a familiar place, at least for one of them. The woman’s boots thudded over a plank of wood, then skidded. It was one look, one glance, one perfect moment of clarity as she grounded herself to a halt. The sound of liquid mayhem was rushing just behind them, but she had to afford the pause. There, propped against the wall beside her makeshift bed, were two more toothpicks, whole and intact. Reserves! BACKUP! “KLEE KLEEEEEEEEE!” Quickly, she sheathed her sword, snatched two sticks of truth, tossed one to her friend for him to catch or dodge, and truly sprinted for dear life further down the tunnel.

Moments later and the tunnel ended. They reached an icky wall with green stuff slicked across the metal, but it was what dangled from the wall that most interested the woman. It was more blue than green, or maybe greenish blue, and whatever she gave the string of floss a tug, made to climb, and hesitated.

“Here!” She held the makeshift rope toward her companion. “You first, crossbow boy!” The rope would take the man upward, a fairly brief climb to another section of piping. It was high enough that the tide of water would not easily reach them, particularly since its cousin had since branched off down the tunnel that the pair had not continued down.

“AND HURRY IT UP!” A quivering frown plagued her lips as she shook her stick at him. “I DON’T WANNA DROWN DOWN HERE I HAVEN’T EVEN BOUGHT A SAFARI YET”

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She was certainly a character. Will followed the pipe-dweller dutifully, trying his best to place her accent or even to understand if she was even saying real words. When the toothpick came at him, he managed to catch it after a bit of fumbling. As he struggled, however, Will accidentally pressed the button on the device. His heart thudded in his chest, skin running cold as realization set in. He paused to listen for...something. Anything, really. 

Nothing triggered. Oh well, he thought, shrugging. After a second he dropped the device and gripped the toothpick. He placed the crystal in his pocket and looked up. Shit, she was gone. 

"Wait," he called. "Please wait?" 

His voice sounded so small. Hoarse from yelling and adrenaline, he doubted she could even hear him. From this little makeshift room he could hear the water further back and, after a heartbeat, decided that maybe hurrying wasn't a bad idea. Still, he had to take a moment to look around. A bed that looked slept in and a few objects that likely held some value to the strange woman. How does someone live like this?  

Will blinked and began to move, chasing after his new friend. He found her at the end of the tunnel in front of a rope which resembled the thread he'd dragged through the pipes since they'd entered. "Ah, I see," he said. "Guess I'm climbing?"

He set his new toothpick in his quiver, hoping it stayed secure amongst the far smaller quarrels that called the pouch home. 

On 11/28/2019 at 1:27 PM, Die Shize said:

“Here!” She held the makeshift rope toward her companion. “You first, crossbow boy!”

As he clutched the rope in one hand he shook his head and grinned. "My name is Will," he announced with a grunt. "I usually don't meet people in such dire circumstances, but I'm glad to know you." He began to climb, muscles straining from fatigue but still working to get the job done. "When we're settled," Will continued, "I'd like to hear about how someone like you ends up in a place like this. Then I'll tell you my story."

Curious how paths could converge in the most obscure locations. Curious how allies formed in the most dire situations. Curious how loss could reinforce a cause. With every pull, Will found his resolve growing. He reached the top and clutched the lip of the new pipe, pulling himself into the opening to view a new tunnel. With a sigh, he pulled out his toothpick and adjusted the sash that his crossbow hung from. That damn ring. Where was it? It was unlikely to be found here. The water's path wouldn't have brought it up the pipes. They needed to find a way down but that damn water flooded everything. 

"I'm stuck," Will realized aloud.

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