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Before We Die, Let Us Part With Our Troubles

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"Our time is finished, my sweet Illyana. Father is locked up, our coffers are barren, and the people's scorn for us has grown to greater heights than we have ever imagined possible. It appears the curse upon our family has finally done us in." Godric was in another one of his melancholic moods, sitting upon his wheel chair, his older sister standing by his side, looking down as she felt the sting of his words.

"Dispel those thoughts, brother. Our guests will not want to hear us complaining about our circumstances. We are here for a simple transaction, and nothing more. Once it's done, then we can focus on trying to rebuild." Dressed humbly in the robes of a Gaian priestess, hoping to get through this business as quickly as possible. 

"Oh Illyana, always the optimist." He sighed, knowing that they must already be at the city, making their way to the keep, where they would purchase their prize. "Perhaps one day, you will see just how doomed our family has been."

"The sun is shining, Godric, as it will shine every day from now until the end of everything. A new day is a new opportunity, so try to see things that way, and perhaps that way, we can find some peace." If only she knew what was brewing in her brothers tortured mind, she would have found something else to say, or maybe at least, run away as fast as she could.


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House Uldwar's decline had been noticeable for some months, but it had truly not been brought to a head until the disastrous events on Mount Egon. Now, even if Godric Uldwar held a seat of power in the new government, it was clear that House Uldwar would be hard-pressed to hold its former rank and position for much longer. As a result, the vultures had begun to gather.

It was known to House Karradeen that House Uldwar possessed an artifact, an item of great historic value, and more than a little value in terms of power. The True Crown of Ursa Madeum, recovered by knights of the warrior house, had sat in the Uldwar vaults for some time now. Rather than leave it to chance that something undesirable may become of it, Abigail Karradeen decided it was best to act now. A more than reasonable sum of gold was offered for the crown, which would put the artifact and its powers in the more stable hands of the merchant house, while (hopefully) infusing a bit more coin back into the Uldwar-Port Mars economy. It was a routine transaction, much as the sale of Uldwar's old oil fields to BlackBlood Energy some weeks earlier had been. BlackBlood was already funneling people into the islands, mostly on Karradeen ships, arriving at what was left of the Port Mars harbor, and even more had arrived alongside Abigail. 

But they didn't accompany her to the Uldwar castle, instead she was accompanied only by a couple guards and her long-time friend and aid, Squire Geb Josanne. The Uldwar guards escorted her to the front door and through the stone halls, until at least she stood before the unnaturally aged Godric Uldwar and his younger sister, Illyana. They had both been there for the nobility meeting nine days ago, where Godric's attempts to push his father's earlier constitution proposal had unintentionally spurred an idea for compromise to be proposed by Duchess Karradeen. That compromise was ultimately accepted by all, save for House Hildebrand, which rather shocked many by announcing its independence from the rest of the nation.

And that along was more reason to always expect the unexpected. Abigail did not doubt that there were many more just around the corner, and rather than accept the government that she herself had inadvertently created, as though it would solve all the nation's ills, she instead chose to remain proactive. The True Crown of Ursa Madeum was something that couldn't be trusted to a failing house like Uldwar, nor to the arrogant Dalis or shady Kholins. And while it would seem appropriate to gift it to Milorian Mythal, the new "king" of the islands, she also realized that it sort of flew in the spirit of her own proposal of a limited monarchy. No, no, the crown was more than a status symbol; it was a magical tool, one which might cause controversy in the hands of the new king.

It would be better to keep it in the hands of someone with a practical use for such a tool. 

"Lord Uldwar, Lady Uldwar," Abigail curtsied before the siblings, "It is a pleasure to see you again. I fear the circumstances at the meeting left me unable to properly convey my feelings at the time, but let me be clear that your family has my sympathies and those of my house for all that has transpired of late. I hope our business today will help get things back on an more desirable path."

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