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Assassins of Kings (Nede)

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Ankou nodded to his departing companions before turning his attention back to the now empty throne of the Demon Lord. The obsidian throne practically hummed with power now that its previous owner had been slain. With no fanfare, the lich sat on the throne, and he instantly felt the power flow through him. Suddenly he could feel every grain of sand, every blade of grass within his territory. All with the knowledge that he could reshape it to his will.

Which he did. Finally, after a millennia of effort, he had found his necropolis. 

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SUMMARY: Ankou Lethe arrives on Nede with three companions with the aim of usurping the throne of the current Demon Lord of the Sector. Immediately they are attacked by what seem to be mere foot soldiers; but prove to be a much greater threat. The lich quickly realizes that the Lord can sense them anywhere and everywhere on the island. The group press on and are confronted by the Demon Second, who is quickly dispatched. In desperation, the Lord sends waves of his minions to stamp out the threat. Ankou pinpoints the location of the Demon Lord, and warps the group there. Finally the group come face to face with the Demon Lord, a battle ensues during which the Lord is dispatched. Victorious, Ankou assumes the throne, and becomes the Sectors new Demon Lord.

SHORT SUMMARY: Ankou Lethe leads an expedition to dethrone the current Demon Lord of the Desolation sector of Nede

CONSEQUENCES: Ankou Lethe becomes the new Demon Lord of the Desolation Sector.

OPPORTUNITIES: A necropolios is established that welcomes all Undead so long as they accept Ankou as ruler, Ankou may now be challenged for his throne.

@Aleksei @Ataraxy

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