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Uldwars Last Supper

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"Can you feel it? Can you feel the pain and the suffering wrought upon the land?" Godric sighed, looking outwards through a window where the sprawling Port Mars was humming with life. They would survive, they would grow, and they would be fine without them.

"Brother, I know it feels difficult, but we can still try to rebuild." Godric always felt that Illyana was too soft, and he realized it was this softness that was yet another product of the curse. There is nothing that we do that is not influenced by it, Godric thought, even if it is something as noble as being a priestess.

Night had come upon their forlorn household, the moon shining brightly as they gathered together for their meal. Everyone was here, Cassandra, Illyana, Luis, Erica, little Eric, even Mia was allowed to return, a sign of peace and unity in the family. All except for their father Oscar, and their dead brother Henry, every Uldwar was now under one roof to enjoy the fire of the hearth and the nourishment of a simple meal. What they didn't know was that this was all according to Godric's plan to once and for all, save Ursa Madeum from their cursed bloodline.

"Thank you all for coming here tonight." Godric said. "Let us all raise a toast, for the future of House Uldwar."

They agreed, raised their glasses and drank deeply before going in to their food. Godric waited to drink from his cup, wanting to see and make certain it worked as intended.

First his mother dropped, then came Erica. Luis attempted to use his magic, but found his throat closing up too quickly for such things, falling out of his seat before expiring on the floor in a heap. Eric passed on shortly afterwards, Mia attempted to call for help, but Godric had already sent everyone away for the night, to give them privacy. She died with a look of anger upon her face that Godric found true to who she was as a person. Angry and filled with rage.

"Brother..." Illyana somehow clung on, perhaps a product of her faith. "Why...?

"We should have died a long time ago, sweet sister. I'm simply letting nature take its course and removing us from existence. Just let go, Illyana, it'll be easier that way." He sighed and watched her breathe her last, falling upon the ground.

"One last life..." Godric sighed, closed his eyes, and drank deeply of his cup. He died before he put the glass down, it shattered upon the stone floor, marking the end of the Uldwar line for good.

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