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folie a deux

Murdok, Esme H.

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you are no myth unless i choose to speak.
i breathed those ashes secretly.
heroes alone destroy, as i destroy you.
know now that i am the roses
and it is of them i choose to speak.

-- frank o’hara, from the collected poems; “how roses get black"


Oakpeak, July 1870
Randolph Bluford, former postmaster of Oakpeak, stands under three indictments for forgery. Prior to his life in Oakpeak, he had been arrested three times in Cincinnati, Ohio for getting money under false pretenses, once in Texas for robbery, and twice in Kentucky for theft. In Oakpeak, he stole a money order and abstracted letters from the mail before he had been in office a year. His crimes in Ohio, Texas, and Kentucky also leave him indebted. It is estimated that Bluford also owes debts of $30,000 on various promissory notes to individuals in Kentucky. Bluford is now awaiting trial in his hometown of Cincinnati. Esme Murdok, post clerk has been appointed to take his place as postmaster. 


full name: Esme Hyacinth Murdok         
alias: n/a
nicknames: Essie (close friends and relatives)
location (place of birth): Oakpeak
location (current): Oatpeak

date of birth: August 18
age: 30
blood type: A+
species: Human
sexual orientation: Heterosexual

- Postmaster (July 1870-present)
- Post Clerk (January 1865 - July 1870)


eye color: Brown
hair: Black, long, natural curl
height: 5'3"
weight: 130 pounds


Raymond Murdok, father (living)
Elsie Murdok, mother (living)
Ada Yates nee Murdok, sister (living)
Clara Haas Murdok, sister (living)
Archibald "Archie" Murdok, brother (living)
Percival "Percy" Murdok, brother (living)

Randolph Buford, former boss on trial for fraud (living)

Other relationships forthcomingpending threads. 


personality type: ISFP, the adventurer 
personality strengths: charming, sensitive to others, imaginative, passionate, curious, artistic 
personality weaknesses: fiercely independent, unpredictable, easily stressed, overly competitive, fluctuating self-esteem
personality (expanded):
- romantic relationships: while esme may be difficult to get to know, she will spend a lot of time focusing on her partner. once she is accepted for who she is, she can prove to be a warm, enthusiastic significant other. 
- friendships: comfortable to be around and easy to talk to, esme is also quite laid back and spontaneous. she is fascinated by the present day, be it the news of the day or the talk of tomorrow. she loves spending time with friends and acquaintances. always happy to return favors, once esme finds friends she trusts, she favors simply enjoying herself and their company. 
- enemies: those who wish to lecture on how esme is living her life or those who may see her unfit for her unconventional job as postmaster will not get along with esme. 
- parenthood: esme's natural warmth, practicality, and relaxed nature may help her settle in and appreciate the happiness and challenges that comes with raising children.
- work: creative freedom is at the core of esme's work-life. with her new job as postmaster, she is keen on carving her own path and experimenting in a role traditionally occupied by a man.


creation date: august 2019
genre: historical/realism (western)
character sheet design: shannon



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