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Adopt, don't shop!

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Do you ever wonder if your life might be lacking that certain something? That spark that makes you want to jump for joy?


Mother Gaia’s Home for Lost Souls is the place to be! We have children of all ages ready to add that spark back into your life! Each one of our children are unique and ready to be fit with the right home. Whether you need help in the kitchen, on the farm, or an apprentice, we have what you need.

Come visit us in Dougton!

List of available children:

Blairville children: 

 Peter – Age 12 – Blonde and amber eyed. He is a cautious, but brave young man who dislikes bullying.

 Lucy – Age 8 – Shy and slow to trust, a little bit bossy, as well. Lucy is definitely a kid who requires patience.

 Ruby – Age 6. Sweet and all too trusting, she’s got a sweet tooth like no other, however. Adopted by Rabbit.

Izral Children: 

Susan – Age 14 – An older, jaded girl who was rescued by Jericho from a brothel in Izral. She doesn’t have much hope for the world, but she’s learning that not everyone is bad.  Adopted by Danzilla3

Brinley – Age 8 – Young and cheerful, she takes joy in simple things.

Jessica – Age 6 – Another young and cheerful child. She likes butterflies and flowers, but we aren’t into the flavor red this week.

William – age 4. – This young boy loves to run in mud puddles and play with worms, as young boys tend to do.

Caitlyn – Age 6 months – Often influenced by William regarding bugs and mud. She particularly dislikes nap-time.

Derrick – Age 10 – Idolizes Peter and wants to protect the others from ever being treated poorly again. He’s often defensive on first meetings.

Jonathan – Age 1 – Babbles with attitude. Hates diapers.

Andromeda – Age 6 months – Sleeps a lot, when not screaming.

Daniella – Age 10 – Sullen and moody, prone to dramatics.

Kendra – Age 12 – Preteen. No more need be said. Adopted by Rabbit.





** Please note there is a 30 day return policy.

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1 minute ago, danzilla3 said:

So do I just write her in, or do I go pick her up somewhere?

You can choose to write her in, or pick her up in

 (If you pick her up, I will NPC her until you leave with her. Likely only one or two posts.) 


2 minutes ago, Thotification said:

Can I have one Lucy? 😊

You sure can! 

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