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[Cold Mountains] Life's Vision, a peek into what will be.

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As he leaned against the walls of the bath with his arms spread and bend by the elbow resting himself with a leaning backwards position, he certainly had a slight smile on his face as she stood up. Honest to God he really thought she was about to join him but didn't which somewhat surprised him.

There was very few little women who could resist his prince like charm and good looks and it seemed that Gwen here, was a woman of such style. She certainly had a very strong sense of dignity which he respected despite her turning him down.

He still gave her a slight smile nonetheless. "I can't say that I'm not disappointed." He said genuinely with a friendly tone. "But I respect a Woman's boundaries and so I will not make you dishonor your integrity and dignity." He gave her a slight bow of his head.

However while she walked away towards the door he couldn't help himself but look at her figure as she walked, his heated glare would stare down from her back, ass and then her beautiful legs but when she turned he came to his senses and blinked a few times before looking back at her.

Jack would return the slightest of head bows in respect from Gwen with a gentle smile and he out of respect would do the same thing and give her a slight head nod. "Have a good night, Gwen." He said softly before watching her close the door.

"Now that was interesting." He briefly chuckled before raising his hand up and suddenly the whiskey bottle, glass and the plate with fruits would come towards him and land on the end of the bath, where the floor was. 

He took his glass filled with whiskey and ice cubes and took a few sips, letting out a sigh of content as he felt warm and relaxed from the warm bath that he was in. "All things considered I think things have worked out just fine." He said. "I let her know I am bold, charming and not afraid to play seductive and romantic." He chuckled briefly as he leaned his head much more laid back as he stared at the ceiling.

While he proved all of that, he didn't want to make Gwen think he was desperate for her. She was a fine Demoness who had more character than any other Demon he had met before, truly she was someone who inspried to live a normal life despite her heritage. Something Jack himself is guilty of not trying at least thought what's done is done, can't come back now. Not that he even wanted to, of course.

"Though it does bug me she didn't want to tell me more about herself." He said as he took a few grapes and strawberries eating them. "But honestly, what does bother me?" He asked himself. "The fact that I didn't get her to bath with me...or that she didn't tell me more about herself? Honestly, a real man lets the woman talk and talk, always nodding his head to make her sure that he is listening.

He took another sip off of his drink. "But in this case scenario. I was the one that kept talking about his past and she shared very very little to no information at all. She is cautious...I like that." He smirked suddenly.  "Can't really blame her because after witnessing what kind of half breed I am and what I can do...if I was her. I don't think I would have done anything remotely different but the same.

He sighed as he drank his whole liquor and placed the empty glass down. "I better get to sleeping. It's late anyway for any mischievous adventures in bed." He laughed to himself as he continued to rest in the bath for a few more hours till he got out and dried himself.

Once he did so he put his underwear on and his pants, for the most part staying topless as he lay into the comfy bed, he let out a moan. "Mm, comfy." He said as he made himself comfortable with the pillow as he laid with his tummy against the bed and his face on the left side, closing his eyes and shortly after falling asleep...

The next day...

The Sun shined bright when it set itself high on the sky and morning arrived with no doubt that the town's volks got themselves busy with whatever they were doing but Jack hated mornings, he hated waking up early and he hated the feeling of it.

He groaned as he turned around and faced the ceiling, slowly opening his eyes as he lay his right forearm against his forehead, moaning slightly as he yawned. Till he eventually sat up and looked around, there was the empty bottle of whiskey with the empty plate of fruits and empty glass of liquor. 

Jack rubbed his face before standing up on his feet and doing a few workouts to warm him and do a few stretches while he was at it. He didn't know if they had any breakfast for him or at least for everyone who ordered a day at the bathhouse.

He couldn't also remember if they haid regular meals. I mean was this some kind of hotel or something? He honestly didn't know as he got his blach t-shirt on and his jacket and he made his way towards the door, his first thoughts were about Gwen and how she is been doing. 

That lack of information and the very little breif interaction let him craving for more. I mean was he wrong for doing so? In his eyes probably not and he was after all a curious being when someone peaked his interests. 

His hand reached out of the doorknob and turned it and opened the door, shortly after peaking his head through it and walked out of his room. He started to walk around most likely searching for someone, he was rather kinda feeling hungry from last night...




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That evening Gwen returned to her apartment with a slight smirk on her face, and the brief encounter with Jack in his private room had her amused. Having left the man disappointed in her, Gwen had her staff tend to any more of his needs as desired. 

Retiring for the night, Gwen slept a very restless night as she was plagued with the most vivid of dreams. Reliving the visions that had come to her the previous day, Gwen’s mind kept revolving around this grey eyed halfling. What was the intentions of him coming into her life? Was there a purpose to him being so bold with her, did the fates believe she was to be a partner to him in some way or another? 

With daybreak pushing through the sheer curtains that dressed the double doors to the balcony, she had woken up with a cool sweat upon her brow. Sitting up to wipe away the sweat and get her bearings, Gwen pulled back the heavy decorated covers.  “I am exhausted..” Speaking to no one but herself, Gwen slid to her feet making a quick path to her bathroom to clean up. 

Meanwhile the Bath House was busy with the staff moving to appease the guests, each serving up elaborate trays of breakfast. The smell of sizzling bacon with eggs touched the air, as sliced tangerines decorated the outside portions of plates. 

Jack would find himself greeted with a new girl in the halls, on her way to check on the guest who came in the night before. Nearly bumping into the man, she would take a quick step backwards with a slight bow. “Excuse me sir! I was just on my way to check in on you and fulfill any needs..” 

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It surely was an interesting outcome of events because Jack never really had women turn him down like that, then again this Gwen wasn't any kind of woman or Demoness to be exact. It did make him wonder why she choose a life such as this one but she could easily ask why would he chose one filled with murder for money, which would be a very interesting counter argument if they ever exchanged those words.

Though he could tell that she was behaving herself with him somewhat different, as if she knew something more than he did, which made him question that more. He didn't question her what kind of powers she had and that bothered him right now, he had strongly a magical build but she didn't look like the warrior type, maybe someone who could tell something that not everybody knows...maybe the future?

Jack shook his head at how absurd that was, no one can tell the future because it isn't set. The way he learned it and makes perfect sense is that our decisions affect our future and how it will turn out to be and certainly Jack was one of those people who didn't want to know what the future was holding in store for him, because he wouldn't know what to do with himself if it wasn't the ideal future he had hoped or god forbid he may do something stupid to prevent a perfect future by already knowing it. 

Noticing that the Bath House was already filled with the buy staff moving around and around to appease their guests, serving them up with elaborate trays of breakfast. And the smell of sizzling bacon with eggs that touched the air would find its way towards Jack's nose and god did it smell good, it was simply, nothing to turn your head about it but it is the small things that matter in life, right?

When he looked around he didn't even notice the new girl that literally bumped into him, him being stiff as a rock he wouldn't budge but he quickly grabbed her shoulders subconsciously when she did bump into him.
"Oh...sorry there." He apologized as the waitress stepped back.

The young girl quickly apologized to him and he shook his head. "It's alright, no need to apologize." He said as he continued to smell the aroma and right on time she said that she was here to check in on him to fulfill his wishful needs. "Well...I'm kind of hungry." He started. "So I will have breakfast...on what's on the menu?" He asked. "Because I can smell sizzled bacon with eggs...so that will do and maybe with a multivitamin juice?" He suggested. "If it's possible." He said.  


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The girl that ran into Jack smiled with a bow, he seemed to have a keen sense of smell. Smiling she moved around him, “Bacon, eggs and a multi-vitamin juice? “ Bowing once more to run towards the kitchen, she didn’t waste any time to prepare this guests breakfast tray. 


While Jack’s current needs were being fulfilled, Gwen had stirred from her nights rest. Lying in her massive king size bed surrounded by the throw pillows, she stared up at the sheer black and red canopy that decorated the massive carved bed posts. Her mind fell to yesterday’s vision, flashes come and gone as she recalled the dreamlike state. It was odd that fate would bring such a young halfling into her presence, but to show her that she may end up being with this person in some capacity or another left her questioning whether this was a true vision or not.  Pulling herself up out of the pool of red hair and pillows, sliding to the edge of the bed her hands caught the mattress. Leaning forward to gaze at her feet, she pulled her mind away from what could possibly be looming over her. Closing her eyes taking a deep breath, Gwen popped up on to her feet making a beeline to the bathroom. Not like many other royal women, Gwen preferred to take care of the close necessities of herself alone. Drawing a scorching bath in the massive tub, she pulled from her own personal supply of bath salts and herbs. With a handful of rose epsom salts being tossed in the water, she turned to the lillies and lavender she had on hand. Pulling petals from these flowers, she would release them to float over the water. 


Business was as usual in the Bath House, each of the tenants were getting their needs met as others departed. Many of the attendants scurried through the halls like rats in the walls, some carried trays of food, others with bathing items in need. The tub cleaners worked hard in recently left rooms draining the waters and scrubbing the massive tubs, each of them dressed in a red colored work clothes to stand out from the standard attendants. The girl Jack had met in the halls now place a tray full of hot breakfast foods such as bacon and eggs inside his room on the available table, in the meantime, she quickly cleaned up any of the dishes leftover from the evening before. She was quick to complete her chores, bowing and leaving in a haste to tend to other tenants under her charge for the day. 


Hands held onto the edge of the quartz tub, strands of dark red hair floated around the woman who bathed. Her eyes were held closed, her mind had fallen into a deep meditative state. Gwen found the steamy hot waters to her exact needs, her body felt completely weightless in the waters, a feeling she enjoyed so much it gave birth to her place of business. 

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Jack was once again surprised by their hospitality, or was he the one that was overthinking things? Probably he wasn't used to all of this and it was somewhat true. He was after all most of his life in hostile environments, rarely do you see so respectful people like this girl that ran into him. But he forgave her, she had already on her plate as is, and Jack nodded to her question. "Yeah, that would be it. Thank you." He mentioned as he watched the girl run into the kitchen.

The Half Demon would walk back in his room and glanced around the place, his bath was still warm from last night. He was a bit disappointed that lovely Gwen didn't join him that night, they could have had so much fun. But one thing was for sure, that Jack would make her his, it was his goal now and if something one should know about Jack, is that when he sets a goal, he will go to the end till he has it. So in other words, Gwen was his for the taking and he'll make sure she'll fall for him

He sat down on the couch and crossed his legs, he leaned against his knuckles that were being pressed on his right cheek. He was fiddling around with his hair as he was thinking. He was wondering what Gwen was doing right now, he then thought about how could he interact more with her and actually get close. Women loved subtlety that was for sure... but with a demon, he had to think about it, in many other ways it didn't require to persuade regular human women.

All of the sudden the girl that he met earlier in the hall, came with a tray full of hot breakfast foods, such as bacon and eggs inside his room and placed them down on the available coffee table in front of Jack. "Your breakfast, Mr. O'Neal." She said with a slight bow before she quickly cleaned up any of the dishes that were leftovers from the evening before. She quickly completed her chores and bowed down one more time before leaving in a haste to tend to other tenants under her charge for the day.

His hand took the knife and fork and began cutting the food and slowly but surely he started eating, he glanced around before he forgot something. He grabbed his bag and opened it, inside of it he took out a ball, a crystal ball at that. It contained one hundred thousands of souls in it. "Well, I forgot about my scythe's breakfast.." He chuckled to himself.

Jack remembers the quite a bit of trouble he went into getting this crystal ball, it was the bounty reward for killing a King that wanted to make peace with another kingdom by forcing his daughter to marry a man, who was an abusive one at that and didn't really have any connection with. But Jack was indifferent about the situation, once he heard the reward he swiftly used his scythe to decapitate the King's head with hesitation and thus he won his reward, of course the King wasn't alone and he had a few so called "Bounty Hunters" of his own that were supposed to protect him, they know each other, especially someone as Notorious as Jack O'Neal himself, also depicted as the Reaper himself.

His hand took his bag and placed the Crystal Ball inside of it and closed it up, he had it close around him. Though he didn't suspect any of the maidens would dare to try and steal for him, thankfully the Ball wasn't radiating too much frequency to let its location be known so easily. Jack went back to eating and after few more minutes he finished as he leaned against the couch and crossed his head, tapping his chin lightly, thinking about doing something even more bold than he did yesterday.

Suddenly there door was a knock on the door. "Come in." Jack said as he saw who that person was, it was that Lady again, who he bumped into him early on and then gave him his breakfast. She smiled and bowed to him and then walked towards him, taking the empty plate. "You enjoyed your meal, Mr. O'Neal?" She asked.

Will nods. "Say...I have a small favor to ask of you..." He mentioned, his Light Grey Eyes glowing in a manipulative way, perhaps he was using his magic on her. 

"What would this favor be?" She asked, raising an eyebrow, noticing the slight glowing tint his unusual eye color had.

"Could you go...and request me a meeting with Gwen herself?" He asked, tilting his head back as he switched his legs as he crossed them. "We have some unfinished...business if one could call, that has been left unfinished." He mentions, grinning slightly. 

"Actually, she is taking a bath at the moment and~

"Perfect!!" Jack said, standing up. "Lead the way." He motioned with his hand for her to lead the way.

She sighed but she didn't want to be rude to the costumer plus if Gwen was annoyed by it, she could simply kick him out of the establishment. After all she was the boss around here so...so she reluctantly lead him towards Gwen's so called room, while she was walking there she placed the empty plate down so that the others who were responsible for cleaning the dishes, will already have it to be sent to clean up. As they walked they would see a door and the maiden would sigh again before she knocked on Gwen's, waiting for a moment and opening it slightly.

"Ms. Gwendolyn...I apologize for the disturbance but there is a man, Jack O'Neal who wants to talk with you?" She said. "He said that there are some matters that you haven't finished yet...if you would allow it. He will step inside of your room to talk." She mentioned.

"Unless you are not up for it..." Jack spoke out, with a slight challenging tease that should get her going to accept his so called offering to 'talk.'



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Gwen had to admit that it was quite bold of the girl who was helping Jack in her bath house, bold and very stupid of her to think she could just escort a stranger up into the penthouse apartment of the owner of such a lavish establishment. The movement of those in her establishment didn’t go unknown to the demoness in charge, she felt their energies moving from here to there. With her insight to the intruders of her sacred sanctum, Gwen had time to leave the quartz bathtub to wrap her delicate feminine features in a robe of silk. No anger would leak into her voice, but the pure energy that rolled through the room to greet her guests was dark, the type of feeling that would put a heavy pit in a person's stomach. 

Stepping through the open door of her bathroom, she stared at the girl long enough for the girl to get the unspoken order. The girl’s face paled as she gulped and turned to quickly leave and descend the stairs that lead up to her mistresses quarters. Turning her dark eyes to the young man who so daringly walked into her sanctum, she pulled her arm across her body holding the already tied robe tightly to her damp body. “Rather, do I have much choice?” 

Walking away from the steaming threshold, Gwen moved across the room passing by the four poster bed and the armour that held her clothing of choice. “What do you want Jack?” Crossing his path to the door that was left open by the frightened worker, Gwen pushed with the tips of her fingers sending the heavy door to slam shut behind him. 

It was hard for her to believe just how irritating this halfling truly was to her, and yet they didn’t know anything much about one another. Just the few tidbits shared here and there, and the eagerness he had to be alone with her in such intimate times. 

With the force of the door closing, Gwen was satisfied enough that what was about to be said would be left to the privacy of the two who stood in her place of rest. Having finished crossing the room to a wet bar set up with liquors and wines, her attentions were quickly drawn to the deep colored rum that sat on the corner of the bar. It was obvious this drink was quite favored by the demoness, as there was already a glass partially filled from the last time she poured a drink for herself. 

Tipping the open end of the glass to her nose, she relaxed to the spiced scented liquid. Taking to large gulps to finish what had last been poured, she slammed down the glass on the bar top turning to face the grey eyed man who had last haunted one of her visions. 

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The Half-Demon watched the Maiden, that brought him into Gwen's room, turn pale and shake with fear with just a simple death glare from Gwen. Perhaps it wasn't the best of decisions to simply come into her sanctum without letting her know first and having her permission to do so. Three thousand years have passed and Jack couldn't simply keep his eagerness at bay. Always so impatient and always making decisions with little regard of their consequences when it came down to fulfilling his desires. 

Even to his surprise, he lifted an eyebrow that arched around slightly. His grey hues tracking her every movie as she pulled her arm across her body. It seemed unnecessarily, due to the fact that she already wore a silk robe over her. As the case may be, the reasoning behind her hate might have been just that. The man that she let inside her Bathhouse and showed him nothing but great hospitality. Was barging in on her intimacy. Her trust betrayed by the young girl who disobeyed her. In that moment, the feeling of guilt passed through his emotions. It has been for so long since he felt that. The correlation of gilt. At that he would smirk to himself, finding this sudden unexpected feeling to be nothing but amusing. To think that he has gone for millennials without feeling any emotion...One may think it gave him hope. Hope of feeling any kind of emotion once again.

Nevertheless, the Maiden left as fast as Gwen glared her to death. And now, Gwen wasn't alone in her intimate sanctum as he was invading her. There was a moment of silence as he gave the room a run over. His eyes scanning his surroundings, to get a better feel of the area. To see what kind of furniture she had, what sense of style that determined her personality. After all, style and art are some things that come from the person's soul. This is why everyone is unique. The inevitable unpredictability that Jack is so fond of.

"Everyone has a choice, my dear." Jack O'Neal replied to her rhetorical question with his soft tone. That would insinuate she always had a choice with him. Although it didn't really seem like it. Due to him not asking her permission to enter her room. His grey hues glanced at her. Much to her surprise he wasn't examining her form from top to bottom. Rather he had his eyes stare deeply into her own. His glare would intensify as she crossed his path towards the door, which was unfortunately left opened by the Maiden.

To his surprise, Gwen closed it. Jack tilted his head slightly towards his right, as seconds passed, he felt more interested and excited about the outcome of this situation. Gwen could see a slight gesture in his face. His lips slightly agape, his teeth shining through as a right sharptooth overlapped his under teeth. He smirked at her with a mischievous mug on his face. It seemed the two would have all the intimacy they could desire. Nevertheless, the silent moment would not last forever. Gwen began to ask questions, questions about what he wanted. To which, Jack chuckled for more than just a brief moment. His head leaned forward slightly as he stopped chuckling. And then, they were. His intense hues glanced right back at her, just like in her vision. She couldn't really place what it was about him. He had this radiating dominance. His aura much different than what she've seen in her life so far.

Even to Demons he was more than just Supernatural. "There are certainly many things that I desire, Gwen." He spoke, his tone holding great mystery in it. "However. . ." He paused before he sighed softly. "The more I desire and achieve. Once I obtain it. I can't help but feel unsatisfied." He said in a displeasing tone. "One might say that us Demons can never achieve the ultimate satisfaction." He scoffed in spite of that. "But I say to hell with that." He grinned, his teeth more visible to her. 

Once Gwen began to move, his intense glare never left her for one moment. He noticed her barset. At that point, he realized she was much of a drinker. It certainly was surprising as it made a whole lot more sense when it didn't last night. Jack was a very perceptive person, so he immediately cached onto her eyes glancing at the colored rum. Which sat on the corner of the bar. The way her eyes desired that drink, made it obvious to him that it was her favored, or well at least one of her favorite beverages. 

"A neat little barset you have going on, Gwen." He would mention in a complementing tone. "It really describes you as a person who enjoys drinking alcohol." He tilted his head towards his left while he said that. It would become very noticeable to her that he was studying her. It could have been for multiple reasons, though, they were all mysterious to her. "Still, before we get down to nuts and bolts." He said as he looked at her. "The first thing I wish from my infinitely long wishing list. Is to have your time to chat." He shrugged as he emphasized the chat a lot more. 

After that, he made his way towards her barset. He casually walked towards it as if he felt just like home. However, the most intriguing part of it was, that he didn't radiate a disrespectful demeanor towards anybody. Maybe it was because of his aura and charisma that he gave off. "If you don't mind me. I'd help myself with something to drink. While we get on with the next thing I desire." He mentioned as he took a bottle of liquor, it was whiskey to be percises and popped it open. He then proceeded to take a glass and took two ice cubes, before he poured the two together with the strong liquor. "You don't mind if I'm feeling myself at home, right?" He glanced at her, as he asked her. 

Once the glass was full. He closed the bottle and placed it down on the bar counter as he sat down on the bar stool. He gripped the glass with a gentle hold as he brought it up towards Gwen's direction. "Cheers!" He cheerfully would say, as he brought the tip of the glass towards his bottom lip and had a long satisfying sip out of it. Once he had enough, he placed the glass down. If Gwen potentially agreed with him helping himself out, and shared the same cheerful tone with him while saying cheers. She may notice that certain feeling that would radiate from his eyes, as if they were smirking. Working well with his overall confidence and charm. As if he had not a worry in the world, as everything will work out well in his favor in the end. "I've come to a conclusion, dearest Gwen." His tone softened even more. "The conclusion that I've come up with. Is simply that you and me." To emphasize his point, Jack would point with his right handed index finger, at her and then himself while talking. "Don't really know a lot about each other." He shrugged unenthusiastically. "So I thought I'd give you a visit and change that." He commented, as he smirked once again before he brought his glass back on his lips and had another sip.

Once he was done, he placed it back down. "Of course, I didn't know my sudden decision and unexpected visit.-" He cut himself off for a bit. As his lips curled in amusement, while he was struggling to keep his sudden laughter in check. "Would be at such worst possible timing." He curled his right hand into a fist, and pressed it against his lips as he suppressed the chuckle into a fake cough. There was a moment where he paused before speaking right out of the blue. "Besides. I suppose it's karma that has come to bite you in the back." He said.

"Because last night my dearest." He teased her. "You left me hanging." He declared, his tone filled with disappointment of the move she pulled on him that night.


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Gwen knew very well that everyone had a choice, but not many exercises that right. She knew deep into her bones that it didn’t matter if she tried to stop him from entering, Jack would continue to try and meet with her one way or another. Gwen had seen it. 

Taking another sip of the dark liquid allowing it to roll around on her tongue, she moved around the barside to sit on one of the red wood carved stools. It was apparent to Jack that Gwen liked the oriental style of decor, with many of her walls depicting great battles with oriental style demons and dragons. Listening to her uninvited guest go on about desires and feeling unsatisfied in the end, she just smirked. Gwen couldn’t say that she felt that way with her desires having been met, but then again she just kept silent. Reaching to fill her glass once more, her hand stopped short of the crystal decanter. 

“Thank you, it has come to great use in entertaining the men I’ve invited to my bed.” The smirk grew on her face, as her fingers slipped around the cool crystal decanter pouring another drink. It wasn’t that Gwen loved to drink alcohol, but it was a necessary go to in situations that gave a little stress. Who was to say that it wasn’t becoming a favorite past time. 

“Well by all means, pour a drink and have a seat.. I will give you this time to chat.” I mean he had already started, what was stopping him? Not Gwen. 

“No, you’re not the first to feel at home in my personal chambers..” Her remark held a little fire in it, as she lifted the short glass to her lips for a slow sip of rum. Feeling quite feisty with her guest, she wasn’t going to make things easy for him. 

Lifting her glass as he said cheers, she took another sip of the spiced rum. Pulling her right leg to rest over her left knee as her foot braced itself on the bottom of the stool, part of her robe slid to reveal the white flesh of her right leg.  It didn’t take Jack long to get to the point, a very bold point. “Karma you say?” Laughter spilled from her lips, as her hand sat the glass down on the counter top of the bar. She was quite tickled by what he said to her, all because she wouldn’t indulge his boldness the night before. Catching her breath, her right hand came to rest on the center of her chest as she turned to face him. “Indeed I left you hanging.. I didn’t realize you would be so hurt by me doing so..” Stifling another bout of laughter, Gwen leaned forward on the bartop with both elbows, her left hand balancing her head as the right braced it. 

“Well dearest Jack, go on and get to know me.. If you can..” Gwen giggled a bit, her dark gaze never leaving her guest. 

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53688ef76f5529ff5f6d41da94be37a3.jpgThe Sky began to snow ever so spontaneously, the Cold Mountains clouded by snow clouds that were dropping snowflakes all over the land. The cold blizzard would ignite without warning, the Mountains filled with nothing but the snow and the sound of the cold icy blizzard. Then there was a stump into a pile of snow, the snow crushing under the person's heavy and big boot. It seemed that Jack wasn't the only visitor the Bath House would receive. After all, the place was essentially made to protect and house everyone across all places. No matter their backgrounds, but it seems that through time.

People have lost the meaning of the place and now see it as a place to go to relax. However, this man, he wasn't planning on resting or relaxing in the soothing baths the place had to offer. It was, on the contrary, this man was on a mission and he came from a far far away land across this region of the area, into the Cold Mountains. His bulky and giant figure stood still like a rook as the blizzard violently moved in every direction, his cape that was made out of an animal's fur would swing drastically towards his right, as it was taken by the current that didn't affect the man. His brutish and tall form stood about six feet and nine inches. He was indeed a very tall and muscular man, his complexion is pale in comparison with the snow with his black short locks and trimmed beard, his eyes as hot as the sun in that amber-like color.  

The fellow Viking didn't seem to flinch due to the extreme cold. It virtually didn't bother him, as his armor plates hugged his body incredibly well. Designed to take the form and shape of his extremely tough and muscular body. His greatsword sheathed on his back, as he vaguely walked around towards the feeling he was sensing from afar. His name was Osvif Thorvaldsson, the Truth. He is one of the Ten Commandments. They were known as incredibly powerful individuals, Legends of Old myths to be specific, as they were thought to be extinct or disbanded, even so, it seems that Fate has brought Osvif on a path that would intertwine with Jack's again.

The Warrior Viking stopped in his tracks, his amber hues gazed at the village in the distance. He sets his course and eventually enters the village. Some people gave him strange looks of shock, disbelief and even fear. Some knew who this was, most of them were elders and the others simply didn't care and neither did Osvif. It didn't take long for him to find himself standing before the Village's famous place called Sakure Onsen Bathhouse. His left eyebrow lifted slightly as he brought his hand and pushed open the door as the blizzard would open it shut. The people inside the establishment would see a tall and intimidating man. His aura was much different than Jack’s, his dominance inspired fear and dread as the snowy blizzard brushed through him. 

Osvif took a step inside the establishment and once he was in, his hand gripped the door and slammed the door shut. The expression on his face, he appeared to be an angry man, not someone you'd want to be on his bad side. His hues examined the place thoroughly, taking in bits of photographic information about the place before he walked towards the receptionist's counter. "I'm Osvif Thorvaldsson, the Truth. One of the Ten Commandments. I request that you show me the list of your recent costumres. I'm searching for someone and I believe that someone is here." He stated.

Meanwhile, inside Gwen's Bedroom

Upon Jack inspecting the room, it was apparent to him that Gwen had an oriental style of decor. Her walls depict great battles with oriental style demons and dragons. At the epiphany he smirked lightly, it reminded him of those stories he used to listen to when he was a child. Demons riding Dragons into battle with Angels fighting. Little did he know then that those stories were true in some way. Once you realize the world you live in, the line between what was essentially fantasy and fiction blurs together with the world's harsh reality. 

When she thanked him, he slightly reverted his gaze back at her, before she mentioned that it served a great use in entertaining the men she invited to her bed. His eyebrow lifted more just like her smirk grew, was she insisting that she had sexual contact and pleasure with these men? Most likely, however, he couldn't depict if she was a succubus or not. No, she couldn't be. She was different but didn't know what exactly. He never met a Demon like her, and much unbeknownst to her. Jack was on a mission, the fact that he was here, may have been by coincidence or fate who gave her the vision about him, was essentially important to Jack's journey. Even so, he played it casual and smirked back. "My oh my, do we have a naughty one." He mentioned before he briefly chuckled for a moment. 

"I do so wonder what these men could have given you in return, for a..." He paused for a moment as he clicked his tongue. "...pleasures one night stand." He dreamingly brought his eyes up, before shrugging at the idea of fantasizing, due to the fact, that it didn't interest him in a specific way. He could sense something troubling inside of her, it was clearly an annoyance that she felt. It didn't take long for Jack to realize as to why, due to him, barging into her room like that. While also making himself at home as she didn't have much saying there. Just like him, she was going with his chaotic flow. 

Gwen seemed to give Jack the time he wanted with her, to have a simple 'chat'. Even so, with Jack it wasn't just a simple chat, this much she would know because of his flirtatious personality. As he learned that Jack wasn't the first to feel at home in her personal chambers, he did wonder how many egotistic or prideful men she had encountered. Possibly many, while he couldn't depict her age quite accurately, she was old. Probably even older than Jack was, which entailed that she had experience and much knowledge. "Well, I surely don't feel like I'll be the last, but who knows." He shrugged indifferently, her feisty tone grew more and more and it was bluntly obvious that she was in such a mood. "Someone's feisty." He flatly remarked before he took a swig out of his drink. 

While the conversation progressed, Gwen found herself to be laughing at him boldly pointing out that karma was the thing that hit her in the back. Her laughter brought a playfulness on his lips. "Well, I suppose it is much better than being poked with a shtick." He winked teasingly, letting her have the imagination for that low-key comeback he came up with all of the sudden. Once she was back to her normal self or wasn't at least laughing anymore as she calmed down. She did recognize that she left him hanging last night, however, Jack wasn't particularly hurt by her leaving him hanging, no.

Jack lifted his right hand and brought it behind his head, he rubbed the back of his head as he slightly laughed. "I'm not hurt by that." He said casually. "Sure, it would have been a wild night. Either way, I did use the sleep I had. Any further requirements of my body, would have tired me out greatly." He spoke, already thinking that Gwen would understand him and by this point, how wouldn't she understand him? After that, Jack reached with his hand towards his glass and took it in his grip, as he stood up while she challenged him to get to know her, if he could that was. 

He suddenly began to step around her room, it was spacious enough for him to do so. "C'mon, Gwen, you also have to work with me here." He mentioned as he gestured with his hands. "You can play hard to get all you want. However, even you will realize that it'll get boring very fast if you simply don't have fun." He said, as he brought his glass towards his mouth and had a sip, before he moved it out of the way as he gave her a mischievous smirk. "And from what I can tell, dear Gwen." He walked slowly towards her, upon being in close proximity with her. He placed the glass down and leaned slightly forward, he noticed how she put her leg over the other, thus revealing her beautiful soft skin, his eyes looked at her with some innate desire of her. "You are a person that likes to have fun." He stated.

Behind him there was a stool that was in front of Gwen, as he sat down. She would notice that his radiating presence was more intense up close. "Otherwise, why play so hard to get?" He asked as he spread his arms slightly away from his body. "Why have this beautiful barset, if you are not going to indulge in such pleasures acts." He mentioned, he certainly had that devil-ish familiar vibe to him. Was he really not the son of Satan? Nah, he couldn't be, even so he did had quite the fantastic looks to him. If someone asked, he'd normally respond with that he had them from his mother. 

"Alas..." He rested his left hand on his left thigh, while his grey-ish eyes never left her heated gaze. "Just by looking at you, I can tell you are someone who is much older than I am." He said. "If you're interested. I'm about three thousand years old. I have been through quite a lot." He nodded his head lightly, his eyes reverting towards his drink as he caught it. His hand brought it towards his view, he slowly jerked it in circle, letting the ice cubes tap the bottom of the glass ever so slightly. "But, I feel like you have much more experience and knowledge than I." He looked at her for a moment, before he brought the drink towards his soft lips and had a graceful sip. "As you know from yesterday's little chat. I'm a Half-Demon, a incredible rare breed. Due to how unoften Demons fall in love with Humans.

Jack placed the glass back down, his eyes passionately stared at it. That moment, when he was staring at the alcoholic liquid. It reminded him of water, much like his emotions which were all over the place. "Still..." His eyes reverted back at her, they had a totally different feel and look to them. "I'm not just any Half-Demon. I'm the son of Donorath. The Demon Lord of Hell." He said. "I'm sure you are quite familiar with him, every demon is essentially." He mentioned. "The paintings you have on your wall." He pointed with his thumb at them. "The Demons riding Dragons and whatnot. They aren't just for decor purposes. They mean something, they're probably stories of the old days." He glanced at them. "When Donorath was still a fighter and much more a conquer." He chuckled slightly.

"Even so, something changed his mind and then a few years later. I came into the world." He stated. "So tell me, Gwen." He called out to her. "What are you, be honest." He rested his elbow on the counter, as he looked at her. "What kind of...abilities do you have?" He asked. "What is initially your story? Because, of course, I could talk about myself for countless hours." He smirked as he shook his head. "But, I wasn't raised that way. My Human Mother made sure I was raised a fine gentleman." He said, as he smiled slightly while looking at her. "So do tell." He nodded his head, shifting the circle of attention on her. 


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