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[Cold Mountains] Life's Vision, a peek into what will be.

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As he leaned against the walls of the bath with his arms spread and bend by the elbow resting himself with a leaning backwards position, he certainly had a slight smile on his face as she stood up. Honest to God he really thought she was about to join him but didn't which somewhat surprised him.

There was very few little women who could resist his prince like charm and good looks and it seemed that Gwen here, was a woman of such style. She certainly had a very strong sense of dignity which he respected despite her turning him down.

He still gave her a slight smile nonetheless. "I can't say that I'm not disappointed." He said genuinely with a friendly tone. "But I respect a Woman's boundaries and so I will not make you dishonor your integrity and dignity." He gave her a slight bow of his head.

However while she walked away towards the door he couldn't help himself but look at her figure as she walked, his heated glare would stare down from her back, ass and then her beautiful legs but when she turned he came to his senses and blinked a few times before looking back at her.

Jack would return the slightest of head bows in respect from Gwen with a gentle smile and he out of respect would do the same thing and give her a slight head nod. "Have a good night, Gwen." He said softly before watching her close the door.

"Now that was interesting." He briefly chuckled before raising his hand up and suddenly the whiskey bottle, glass and the plate with fruits would come towards him and land on the end of the bath, where the floor was. 

He took his glass filled with whiskey and ice cubes and took a few sips, letting out a sigh of content as he felt warm and relaxed from the warm bath that he was in. "All things considered I think things have worked out just fine." He said. "I let her know I am bold, charming and not afraid to play seductive and romantic." He chuckled briefly as he leaned his head much more laid back as he stared at the ceiling.

While he proved all of that, he didn't want to make Gwen think he was desperate for her. She was a fine Demoness who had more character than any other Demon he had met before, truly she was someone who inspried to live a normal life despite her heritage. Something Jack himself is guilty of not trying at least thought what's done is done, can't come back now. Not that he even wanted to, of course.

"Though it does bug me she didn't want to tell me more about herself." He said as he took a few grapes and strawberries eating them. "But honestly, what does bother me?" He asked himself. "The fact that I didn't get her to bath with me...or that she didn't tell me more about herself? Honestly, a real man lets the woman talk and talk, always nodding his head to make her sure that he is listening.

He took another sip off of his drink. "But in this case scenario. I was the one that kept talking about his past and she shared very very little to no information at all. She is cautious...I like that." He smirked suddenly.  "Can't really blame her because after witnessing what kind of half breed I am and what I can do...if I was her. I don't think I would have done anything remotely different but the same.

He sighed as he drank his whole liquor and placed the empty glass down. "I better get to sleeping. It's late anyway for any mischievous adventures in bed." He laughed to himself as he continued to rest in the bath for a few more hours till he got out and dried himself.

Once he did so he put his underwear on and his pants, for the most part staying topless as he lay into the comfy bed, he let out a moan. "Mm, comfy." He said as he made himself comfortable with the pillow as he laid with his tummy against the bed and his face on the left side, closing his eyes and shortly after falling asleep...

The next day...

The Sun shined bright when it set itself high on the sky and morning arrived with no doubt that the town's volks got themselves busy with whatever they were doing but Jack hated mornings, he hated waking up early and he hated the feeling of it.

He groaned as he turned around and faced the ceiling, slowly opening his eyes as he lay his right forearm against his forehead, moaning slightly as he yawned. Till he eventually sat up and looked around, there was the empty bottle of whiskey with the empty plate of fruits and empty glass of liquor. 

Jack rubbed his face before standing up on his feet and doing a few workouts to warm him and do a few stretches while he was at it. He didn't know if they had any breakfast for him or at least for everyone who ordered a day at the bathhouse.

He couldn't also remember if they haid regular meals. I mean was this some kind of hotel or something? He honestly didn't know as he got his blach t-shirt on and his jacket and he made his way towards the door, his first thoughts were about Gwen and how she is been doing. 

That lack of information and the very little breif interaction let him craving for more. I mean was he wrong for doing so? In his eyes probably not and he was after all a curious being when someone peaked his interests. 

His hand reached out of the doorknob and turned it and opened the door, shortly after peaking his head through it and walked out of his room. He started to walk around most likely searching for someone, he was rather kinda feeling hungry from last night...




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That evening Gwen returned to her apartment with a slight smirk on her face, and the brief encounter with Jack in his private room had her amused. Having left the man disappointed in her, Gwen had her staff tend to any more of his needs as desired. 

Retiring for the night, Gwen slept a very restless night as she was plagued with the most vivid of dreams. Reliving the visions that had come to her the previous day, Gwen’s mind kept revolving around this grey eyed halfling. What was the intentions of him coming into her life? Was there a purpose to him being so bold with her, did the fates believe she was to be a partner to him in some way or another? 

With daybreak pushing through the sheer curtains that dressed the double doors to the balcony, she had woken up with a cool sweat upon her brow. Sitting up to wipe away the sweat and get her bearings, Gwen pulled back the heavy decorated covers.  “I am exhausted..” Speaking to no one but herself, Gwen slid to her feet making a quick path to her bathroom to clean up. 

Meanwhile the Bath House was busy with the staff moving to appease the guests, each serving up elaborate trays of breakfast. The smell of sizzling bacon with eggs touched the air, as sliced tangerines decorated the outside portions of plates. 

Jack would find himself greeted with a new girl in the halls, on her way to check on the guest who came in the night before. Nearly bumping into the man, she would take a quick step backwards with a slight bow. “Excuse me sir! I was just on my way to check in on you and fulfill any needs..” 

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It surely was an interesting outcome of events because Jack never really had women turn him down like that, then again this Gwen wasn't any kind of woman or Demoness to be exact. It did make him wonder why she choose a life such as this one but she could easily ask why would he chose one filled with murder for money, which would be a very interesting counter argument if they ever exchanged those words.

Though he could tell that she was behaving herself with him somewhat different, as if she knew something more than he did, which made him question that more. He didn't question her what kind of powers she had and that bothered him right now, he had strongly a magical build but she didn't look like the warrior type, maybe someone who could tell something that not everybody knows...maybe the future?

Jack shook his head at how absurd that was, no one can tell the future because it isn't set. The way he learned it and makes perfect sense is that our decisions affect our future and how it will turn out to be and certainly Jack was one of those people who didn't want to know what the future was holding in store for him, because he wouldn't know what to do with himself if it wasn't the ideal future he had hoped or god forbid he may do something stupid to prevent a perfect future by already knowing it. 

Noticing that the Bath House was already filled with the buy staff moving around and around to appease their guests, serving them up with elaborate trays of breakfast. And the smell of sizzling bacon with eggs that touched the air would find its way towards Jack's nose and god did it smell good, it was simply, nothing to turn your head about it but it is the small things that matter in life, right?

When he looked around he didn't even notice the new girl that literally bumped into him, him being stiff as a rock he wouldn't budge but he quickly grabbed her shoulders subconsciously when she did bump into him.
"Oh...sorry there." He apologized as the waitress stepped back.

The young girl quickly apologized to him and he shook his head. "It's alright, no need to apologize." He said as he continued to smell the aroma and right on time she said that she was here to check in on him to fulfill his wishful needs. "Well...I'm kind of hungry." He started. "So I will have breakfast...on what's on the menu?" He asked. "Because I can smell sizzled bacon with eggs...so that will do and maybe with a multivitamin juice?" He suggested. "If it's possible." He said.  


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The girl that ran into Jack smiled with a bow, he seemed to have a keen sense of smell. Smiling she moved around him, “Bacon, eggs and a multi-vitamin juice? “ Bowing once more to run towards the kitchen, she didn’t waste any time to prepare this guests breakfast tray. 


While Jack’s current needs were being fulfilled, Gwen had stirred from her nights rest. Lying in her massive king size bed surrounded by the throw pillows, she stared up at the sheer black and red canopy that decorated the massive carved bed posts. Her mind fell to yesterday’s vision, flashes come and gone as she recalled the dreamlike state. It was odd that fate would bring such a young halfling into her presence, but to show her that she may end up being with this person in some capacity or another left her questioning whether this was a true vision or not.  Pulling herself up out of the pool of red hair and pillows, sliding to the edge of the bed her hands caught the mattress. Leaning forward to gaze at her feet, she pulled her mind away from what could possibly be looming over her. Closing her eyes taking a deep breath, Gwen popped up on to her feet making a beeline to the bathroom. Not like many other royal women, Gwen preferred to take care of the close necessities of herself alone. Drawing a scorching bath in the massive tub, she pulled from her own personal supply of bath salts and herbs. With a handful of rose epsom salts being tossed in the water, she turned to the lillies and lavender she had on hand. Pulling petals from these flowers, she would release them to float over the water. 


Business was as usual in the Bath House, each of the tenants were getting their needs met as others departed. Many of the attendants scurried through the halls like rats in the walls, some carried trays of food, others with bathing items in need. The tub cleaners worked hard in recently left rooms draining the waters and scrubbing the massive tubs, each of them dressed in a red colored work clothes to stand out from the standard attendants. The girl Jack had met in the halls now place a tray full of hot breakfast foods such as bacon and eggs inside his room on the available table, in the meantime, she quickly cleaned up any of the dishes leftover from the evening before. She was quick to complete her chores, bowing and leaving in a haste to tend to other tenants under her charge for the day. 


Hands held onto the edge of the quartz tub, strands of dark red hair floated around the woman who bathed. Her eyes were held closed, her mind had fallen into a deep meditative state. Gwen found the steamy hot waters to her exact needs, her body felt completely weightless in the waters, a feeling she enjoyed so much it gave birth to her place of business. 

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