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The Salamander Zweifer

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Retrieval of An Important Canon Item. Canon RP

12, January 1679AY 

Yugat-Ji Yugalla, Talia

10:00a.m Tuesday

31 Days After the Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Sun

The rain had cleared up as Esben made her way down the cobblestone street. The whispers got to her ears, making them burn. She had heard rumors of her brother's exploits yet she didn't believe the gossip. But now as she walked toward the heart of the city these whispers and rumors didn't make her feel any better. 

The cloak she wore disguised her missing left arm quite well. And she had gotten used to it not being there all this time. Underneath the cloak she wore a long-sleeve shirt and black plaid skirt. She had dyed her hair to a rainbow color and it covered her golden yellow eyes well. 

Esben was here for a specific purpose and that was for finding the sword called The Salamander Zweifer. She wanted to aid the heroes in finding weapons to stop the spread of the Black Heart Mirror and her grasp on the citizens. It seemed her brother's influence had swept onto the Talian princess and it wasn't for the good either. 

She sighed. 

What on earth has my brother gotten into? How did he get his claws into Seldeth? Esben asked herself as she entered the city marketplace. I wonder if any of the resistance or heroes find the swords and have a plan. I sure as hell don't.

Esben said nothing as she eyed a figure walking down the cobblestone street. The figure looked like a demon but could actually be an elf. But it could be a step closer to finding the sword and so she followed the figure. She tried to be as not noticed as possible but it didn't work. The figure turned around and shook the braided platinum hair from his face. 

If you're going to try and rob me you're doing a terrible job. I have no valuables upon me. The man said as his platinum eyes peered at the elf. Why are you following me anyways? I mean you'll find things you're looking for is in the marketplace.

You seem to know a lot about Talia and it's relics or legendary items to stop the mirror from spreading more. Esben replied honestly as she looked down. She didn't like those eyes. I am not going to rob you either, I just figured you knew where the Salamander Zweifer would be--

The man raised an eyebrow at Esben. So she was seeking a lost legendary item of Talia. It was a brave notion but a foolish one. No one had ever returned from looking for the sword and shield. Well, it was not assured it was a sword and shield but it could also be a bow. It had been so long since last seen that no one really knew. 

You shouldn't go looking for it my dear elf. The man said as Esben sighed in annoyance. No one has ever come back from that expedition. And the few that came back were not the same as when they left. It's a foolish...

I don't care. I need to know where it is. Lives are at stake. More will be consumed if I cannot help the heroes find the legendary weapons. Please understand I am in a dire situation and I will do anything. Esben pleaded as the woman nodded. Thank you. 

You won't be thanking me for long. Especially if you don't come back. The man replied. You can call me Platinum. I am the fifth seed but Garnet doesn't know I plan to overthrow his little organization. You are?

Esben Djinn Valentina. The twin to the notorious elf, Esben Eden. She said softly. Platinum hm? Didn't think a seed would be helping me stop the mirror it's supporting heavily. Interesting.

Let's just say I like interfering with people's plans to see their reactions.

Esben chuckled as the two walked. Platinum wanted to see how things would be shaken up by finding these swords. Sayndar was busy in the wind with planning an upscale war, so it was up to the small fries to try and stop this new threat. Platinum didn't like the organization being heavily supported by the mirror nor did he like Seldeth. It was mostly because it took time away from Garnet. 

And he hated that. Platinum was an oddball, with emotions never known would seen or happen at any moment. Esben followed as they headed into the city. The two would definitely shake things up.

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Platinum said nothing as they walked. He had been quiet for a while as he wondered about the Red Blood Moon Organization. Garnet had been acting funny as of late, first changing the name then sending him off to missions in far off lands. Now the island of Talia was involved with changing up the floating islands. Esben watched him, never asking a question as his reactions showed he was in thought. Thought about things she knew nothing about. 

You know, this means the Crowned Hearth has returned. Legends say one appears once they become the Black Heart Mirror Sun and are tied to Talia's life. Platinum spoke as they reached the inner heart of Yugat-Ji Yugalla city. Depending on whom becomes it, the island becomes tainted and corrupted or prosperious and a utopia. But seeing it was Virga's bloodline who can say--

It's all my brother's fault. Esben replied through gritted teeth trying not to spit at the mention of him. Nor show her true hatred of the elf. He had to go and create the mirror, allow it to grow in his corruptious nature and hate. He allow it to consume and experiment even on himself. I doubt he's the same since then. 

Platinum listened as he read the map he brought along. Seems that things were changing indeed. But to what extreme? Esben eyed the map as the man looked up at her, moving a bit for her to see it. Her lithe right index finger pointed at the spot called Scarab Zweifer. It seemed out of place. 

We should go there. That looks suspiciously attached to Yugat-Ji Yugalla. Esben replied as his platinum eyes peered at her, looking her over to notice that--that she was missing a limb. I mean unless you have a better idea Platinum.

Think you could handle that place? Platinum asked pointing to her left side. You could lose more than just an arm.

I'll be fine…

Esben muttered as she didn't address her missing arm and stormed down the dirt path to Scarab Zweifer, the hub port within Yugat-Ji Yugalla. Platinum went after her shaking his head as he knew that this wouldn't be easy. And the two would have to get everything out if they wanted it to go smoothly. 

Yet Platinum never did things smoothly. 

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