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Bloodsport (Nightmare Descends 2:3A)

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One of the centaurs flung from Alvumaar's mouth was flung into the vicinity of Ilene and her Shadow Guards... and it landed perfectly, squashing the two remaining Shadow Guards beneath it before they had the chance to react. This sudden and embarrassing loss of her subordinates stole Ilene's attention at a pivotal moment. She wasn't paying enough attention to the remaining centaur before her, the one that would have fallen to one more good blow. But he aimed his arrow, and it hit true to strike Ilene's heart. The Shadow Guard leader stumbled backward, letting go of her blade and clutching the projectile in her heart with her hand.

A red haze came over the Shadow Guard leader's vision. Her breathing slowed. She knew her time was rapidly coming, her only chance of survival a healer immediately tending to her, or divine intervention. But unfortunately, most of those with healing capabilities in the group were mysteriously unmoving, like they were being some controlled by some entity who had gone mysteriously absent all of a sudden. Furthermore, those who remained wouldn't reach her in time due to the mechanics of this realm. And well, there didn't seem to be any god out there who was willing to intervene and save her life. ...

So be it. Gathering the last of her power into a bolt, Ilene raised her armbow and pointed it toward the centaur. But then, she rapidly moved it upwards towards the stands,, releasing a rapidly sped-up and invisible bolt toward the purple-haired son of a bitch in the stands, the one who had egged the master of this arena into releasing the rest of his creatures held in the arena at once. With no interference, the bolt would pierce through his throat, and he would be none the wiser about what had hit him. Her petty revenge enacted, Ilene let loose one last, painful smile as blackness crept in at the edges of her vision. She collapsed to one knee, and spoke in a prideful tone.

"A slight... against... the Shadow Guard... never... unpunished..."

With that, she fell down toward the ground, face-forward. She breathed her last ragged breaths. Ilene, commander of the Shadow Guard division stationed in Yh'mi, and adjutant to General Alexios of Aligoria... was dead.


Ilene Cantu (and Shadow Guards)

HP(starting): 3/5

Sanity(starting): 4/5

Normal skills: Attack, Defend, Meditate

Special Skills: Distract (3/4 uses), Advanced Buff (1/3 uses)

Distract- When used, draws an enemy's attention away so that its first action has to be used to respond to the distraction.


  1. Dodge (against Kill Shot. Nat 1 fail, -3 HP)
  2. (Not a real action) Attack against Purple-Haired Bastard.

Ending HP: 0/5; Ending Sanity: 3/5


The two centaurs fired their arrows at Surus, one striking into a vital area and the second following up to deliver the finishing blow. The elephant collapsed to the ground in anguished, bellowing trumpeting, before falling silent. The archer crew was thrown all around upon impact, easy pickings for the two centaurs that had felled the elephant, and possibly the three Furies and Alvumaar as well. 3-13, however, quickly rose to his feet, before looking around the arena and letting out a deep, tired sigh. The Arrow of the Gods could not die here. He fired an arrow into the sky, rending a hole in the clouds before ascending in the beam of light that fell upon him.

... No, wait, that narrative entirely ignored how one of the centaurs had been trampled underfoot, and would have had to take the time to get back up instead of firing its arrow. Let's try again then, shall we?

One centaur slowly rose back to its feet after being trampled by a charging war elephant. A testament to his durability, no doubt. The other centaur carefully aimed his arrow, striking a vital area but not delivering a fatal blow. Surus let out an angry bellow and charged around the arena once more, before Captain Jeorge brought him back under control, and the archer crew could begin to pick out their targets.

But... no. No, that doesn't seem right either. Something else happened here, like the author expended power to force a tie of dice rolls, and then the dice rolled in his favor on the re-roll. The strings of fate re-arranged themselves. Yes, of course, the above was not how it went done. Let's take it from the top once more, then?

One centaur slowly rose back to its feet after being trampled by a charging war elephant. A testament to his durability, no doubt. The other centaur carefully aimed his arrow, and released... but alas, once more, he had misjudged the durability of the war elephant's armor. The arrow snapped upon impact, and Captain Jeorge grinned down at the centaurs before turning toward his archer crew.

"Boys! Fire the last of the arrows, we kill everything we can or we die here!"

The archer crew nodded, before picking out their targets. Two arrows sunk into the flesh of the centaurs before the elephant. They both looked to be on the verge of death, like one good blow would finish them off. And indeed one did. Sheryl's crushing power fell upon the centaur duo, pressing down on them from all directions. When they couldn't take it any more, their heads exploded, and their bodies crumpled in a heap to the sands below. Gordin, who made his way back on top of the elephant, nocked an explosive arrow that struck the centaur that had killed Ilene where the horse and human half met. It then exploded. A shower of red blanketed the area, and when it had all cleared, the centaur lied slain there, its human and horse halves separated, both heavily blooded and scattered into bits. Norne and Shinon turned towards the other parts of the area, firing their arrows to help relive the pressure on their fellow combatants.

3-13, meanwhile, nocked a rather peculiar arrow and faced where two of the Furies were attacking Ed, intent on bringing about the end of him. He had seen his tactic of trying to throw their opponents into the mouth of the dragon. Although it had failed, 3-13 still respected his gumption. So, he nocked his arrow, and fired. It struck Alecto's wing, and, rapidly, turned it into stone. The rapid change in weight would send the Fury falling onto the ground. The enchantment would not last long, but while it did... 3-13 gestured to Captain Jeorge. The veteran archer read his intentions, and sent Surus charging forward. The elephant trampled over the currently ground-bound Alecto. Then, Jeorge brought Surus to a stop once more, examining the situation of the arena and seeing if there was anything more they could do.


Surus (war elephant)

HP: 4/5

Sanity: 5/5

Normal skills: Attack, Buff, Meditate

Special Skills: Trample (1/4 uses), Area Attack (0/3 uses)

Trample- An attack that deals 1 damage and knocks the enemy to the ground. Any one who is knocked down needs to take 1 action to stand up. Can only be used on non-bosses and anything that has a physical body. 


(+3 buff held in reserve, carried over from Acrophobia) Used.

  1. Dodge (Against Kill Shot. 4 vs. 7; +3 buff. 7 vs 7. 19 vs 3, Kill Shot dodged yeet)
  2. Area Attack (Surus Centaurs 1 & 2, Ilene Centaur 1 (Killed), Sheryl Centaur 2 @Fierach, 1 slot remaining.)
  3. Taken two Area Attack slots (from Sheryl @Fierach, killing Surus Centaurs 1 & 2)
  4. Trampled Alecto (-1 HP, knocked down. Good luck @Akiris)

Ending HP: 4/5; Ending Sanity: 5/5


Edited by EpicRome23
Taken 2 of Fie's area attack slots

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Despite a momentary victory over the centaurs threatening the squad leader, the remnants of the Norkotian forces were in little position to be able to fight the next wave of attacks. Jack was just getting to his feet when the charging centaurs loosed their arrows toward him. He was about to try and move out of the way on his own, when a sudden impact hurled him out of the way, while the sound of the arrows striking something thick and soft could be heard. Even as he was falling to the dust, Murray turned to look, finding that the young engineer that was tagging along with Chief had dove into him at the last moment. The action pushed Murray out of the line-of-fire, but as a result, the poor kid took all the arrows himself.

Time seemed to slow for a moment as both men hit the ground, while Chief, standing just off to the side with his mouth gaping open in shock, finally stirred himself enough to run over. Murray likewise got up and tried to quickly load and fire some shorts at the Centaurs, driving them away at least momentarily. He then joined Chief in crouching over the youth.

"Damn it son, whadd'ya do that for?" Chief asked.

"Was... out of bullets..." the young engineer coughed, blood running from his lip, "Sorry chief, I..."

He stopped, his eyes remaining wide open while his mouth seemed to freeze mid-sentence. There he lie, silent and still, death having come relatively quickly thanks to the four well-aimed shafts penetrating his vital organs in his chest.

"This is starting to piss me off," Murray growled, rising to his feet and reloading his revolvers, "Reload your weapons, engineer, we're not out of this yet."


Name: Jack Murray

Health: (5 - 3) = 2

Sanity: 5

Action 1 - Dodge = success

Action 2 - Dodge = failure

Action 3 - Dodge = failure


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The centaurs had better be ready for more of Sheryl's brokenness because she rolled a natural 20 was a Knight of the Order of Force Majeure, a warrior with far more ability and skill then that of the average adventurer who dared venture into Yh'mi. With a slightly psychotic smirk under her cowl, she flew down at the centaurs, blurring through their barrage of arrows with an experienced ease, and slapped each of them on the neck as she passed.

The next moment would see them all but decapitated as another blur flowed past, a nearly invisible blade of air following her hands. It was effective against bare skin and soft materials, the honed magic carving bloody, fatal gouges into the centaurs. One of them would die outright, and the other took only while longer, choking to death on its own blood as arrows from one of her allies added to its woes. As quick as the gust of wind she was, the aeromancer turned and exerted her will over the battlefield with one hand, sweeping the same crushing influence she had shown earlier to bear on newer targets, crushing them with the focused atmosphere again.

"Not good enough!" she snapped.



Name: Sheryl Wainwright

HP: 5/5

Sanity: 5/5

Normal skills: Attack (Replaced Taunt), Meditate, Defend

Special Skills: Mass Healing (3 uses), Counter-Attack (3 uses), Area Attack (1 use left)





Action 1: Dodge Doubleshot 1 (Success, Nat 20 beats 17 baby!)

Action 2: Dodge Doubleshot 2 (Success, 16 beats 11)

Action 3: Area Attack (No more left after this!)

Sheryl's Centaur 1 (Dead), Sheryl's Centaur 2 (Dead), Three Open Slots for anybody to take, like EpicRome's. Taking one slot of his to finish my centaur 2.



Edited by Fierach

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As expected, the lancer centaur rushed straight toward Vlad, Aware of his running speed, the engineer was waiting for a moment to dodge and fire back as intended. But suddenly the lancer pick up the pace and reached out Vlad before he could react.

"What the- GAHHRKKKH!!!" [1]

The spear tip sank just under Vlad's chest cavity. He dropped the gun, as a sharp pain jolted his entire body. Then he felt himself getting elevated above the ground. The centaur, greeted by cheers and applause, has raised his spear - and its victim along with it - and started galloping across the arena, outright demonstrating his dominance. Vlad could feel the steel getting deeper inside his flesh with each step. He instinctively grabbed the pommel and tried hard to detach himself. Much to his surprise, that wasn't as hard as he imagined for a split second. The moments later, he had been on the ground, crawling away from the centaur and squeezing the bleeding wound. [2]

The injury was indeed nasty, yet Vlad was still able to stand firm on his feet. As he stood up, he pulled out his own onyx spear from his back - not as impressive as centaur's one, yet deadly in its own way. The spear veins instantly dived under his skin, yet not so deep. Vlad hadn't noticed that, though - his senses were solely concentrated on two things - on a bloody hole in upper body and that quadrupedal son of a --


Sharp pain in the neck and the sensation of something heavy on the back. The engineer instinctively grabbed something (someone?) and shoved it over his head. But suddenly he had lost the grip, and all he could hear were flapping of wings and feminine giggle. He noticed a winged creature above him, then slid across the neck in the place that was strangely stinging. A smear of his own blood had been left on its palm. And then...

He was shaking. His heart throbbed faster. His entire psyche was filled with an uncontrollable rage. [3] He thrust his spear at the fury and shouted: "Is that the best you've got?! You backstabbing tw-". While he was spitting curses at the winged monster, he noticed the giant beast getting suspiciously close to Vlad. As it raised its massive palm above the ground, Vlad realized he should stop cussing for a moment and get his butt away from that stomp that was meant particularly for him.

And so he ran, struggling to maintain his breath. Each his step responded with pain under his chest, yet he kept moving until the quake behind him had knocked him down. The dragon's palm had landed just a few feet away from the engineer. The plan of making a meat pancake out of Vlad had been foiled, Gaia be praised. [4]

Vlad slowly got himself on his feet and looked around. Then he saw something... peculiar.

A person encased in black armor lied down before him. Among other similar bodies he instantly recognized Shadow Guard knight, the one that threatened him before, mocking him, towering above him. And yet... there she was, lying face down, with an arrow stuck in her chest, breathless. And there he was, severely wounded, psychically unstable, yet alive and breathing.

Vlad let out a hideous chuckle. Somehow, his twisted wish was granted, and he was the one who laughed in the end. [5]

"Too much of a spectacle for you, huh?" - he whispered. - "S-serves you right, b- *cough* *cough*

Vlad's bragging had been abruptly interrupted by blood reaching out his throat. The wound was still reminding of itself. Leaving it without an instant treatment would be a grave mistake.

"Shhhhhhoot, that hurts." - he thought. - "I need to find someone who would fix that hole..."

A familiar roar and a clatter of hoofs rang out behind him.

"And fast."


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Moderately Injured Angered

HP: █ █ █   | 3/5
SP: █ █ █   | 3/5
AP:  █      | 3/3


Counter-Attack:    | 0/3  DEPLETED
Adv. Buff:      █ █ █ | 3/3
Mass Healing:   █ █ █ | 3/3


[1] Dodge      | Negate spear thrust attack from Centaur "The Lancer" | 1 AP
               └───── Sanity full, rolling D20 against GM...
                      Me:2 vs GM:17    
Fail, 2 dmg and Impaled status received

[2] Detach     | Pull oneself from the spear (remove Impaled status)  | 1 AP
    Yourself   └───── Sanity full, action is successful

[3] Passing 2 sanity damage from Fury, performing sanity checks from this moment

[4] Dodge      | Negate Play Rough attack from Alvumaar itself       | 1 AP
               └───── Rolling D10 for sanity check...

                      Rolled 9... Success, rolling D20 against GM for dodge check...
                      Me:16 vs GM:3    
Dodged! (phew...)

[5] [FLAIR]    | Have a brief moment of triumph while standing        Priceless
    Last Laugh |      near Ilene's corpse (@EpicRome23)
               └───── No sanity check needed



Edited by P.N.See

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Whilst Charlie was busy showboating and admiring Melanie’s appreciation for his sick gift, the game master was growing rather impatient. He’d noticed that the hounds hadn’t put up much of a fight at all. If anything, these contestants were just showing off to him and angering those in the audience who were proud supporters of P.E.T.A. No, not the kid from the Hunger Games.

So, without the slightest bit of restraint or notion that he was about to do something that was WAY over the top, he opened the gates and let loose everything his vile coliseum had to offer. Centaurs wielding bow’s and arrows. Furious harpies who’s wails scraped at the minds of those hearing them like nails on a chalkboard. And a literal dragon-thing who looked more than strong enough on it’s own to take on every contestant there at least three times over.

But Charlie cared little for the humungous beast or the centaurs. His eyes were mainly focused on the harpies. Specifically their breasts and hips. These were not like the one’s he’d seen earlier. These ones appeared to be fully grown. Even as they screeched at him like a pack of unaware animals intent on his violent death, he couldn’t help but marvel at their voluptuous curves.

“So you three must be the momma’s!” Charlie shouted out to them as they flew around him. “What’dya say you three take off that armor and-”

Charlie noticed that two of the centaurs were running directly at him, one of them readying his bow with the intent to kill on his face. Charlie smirked and briefly dashed to the side in a brief transfiguration of fire to avoid it, but he’d underestimated the centaur’s skill and patience. As soon as Charlie phased back into view seven yards to the left, he felt an arrow pierce right through his shoulder. He yelled out in pain and instinctively reached a hand up to the wound only to nudge the arrow in deeper. 

Due to his confusion and pain, he didn’t notice the second centaur picking up in speed. It slammed into the young mercenary, sending him flying through the air and into one of the walls of the coliseum. Like a few of his bones, the wall cracked and split from his impact, shaking the seats of the spectators above it. Charlie fell to the ground face-first, his fading consciousness only being brought back by the sensation of him breaking his nose on the hard, dirt floor. As he shakily began to push himself up onto his knees, he looked up to see one of the harpy’s, who looked especially disgruntled at the sight of him, flying towards him. In his dazed state, he imagined that she was coming over to cradle him and offer sexual support. Of course he was wrong.

The harpy let out a shrill cry that made Charlie instantly grit his teeth and scramble to cover his already ringing ears. It felt like they were rupturing on the inside, the wail of the vile creature piercing deeper into his mind rattling his bones. He closed his eyes and curled up into a fetal position, waiting for the screaming to stop. It eventually did, but things were different when he opened his eyes.


Like exposition? Want to know more about Charlie beyond the sexual innuendo and macho complex? Got some extra time on your hands? Read the spoiler. OR If it's none of those things and you don't care bout' much else other than the game, skip it and keep reading.


Now he was no longer in the coliseum. He lying in down in the middle of street covered in ashes and blackened, skeletal remains. The buildings on either side of him were aflame and burning with such intense heat that they appeared to be walls of fire. They bathed the are in a sinister red-orange, lighting up the human remains in the street in minute detail. This was not a scene he was unfamiliar to given his line of work and general disregard for life, but something about this felt different. It felt heavier.

He let out grunts and abrupt yelps of pain as he attempted to stand, his legs, back, and upper body feeling like they’d been crushed by a steam roller. Still, because he was too stubborn, angry, and rebellious to let the pain keep him down, he got to his feet. He noticed that the street seemed to be as endless as the walls of fire on either side of him. He could see no end to it both in front of him and behind him. He only saw a bright light at the end that seemed to be light-years away, but also within walking distance. Ashes fell from the sky to add to the blackness he stood upon. He noticed that despite the fires, he felt cold. Unbearably cold and vulnerable.

He wanted out, so he chose a direction and started walking. Once he did, he started to hear something. It’d sounded like…music. Not the typical death metal and rage he usually listened to, but a different sort of tune he hadn’t bothered to hear for many years. His mouth opened slightly as the music got louder to the point where he could hear the lyrics. He recognized an old mans voice.


The buildin’ of a shrine~


Only just to burn~



That's the way it is~



That's the way it is~



Charlie began to feel afraid. It didn’t feel like he was dreaming. In fact he felt unusually awake, as if he were experiencing the world for the first time. So how was he hearing a dead man’s voice so clearly? How was someone singing a song that no one but him could know the lyrics to? He didn’t understand what was happening. As the music got louder he noticed two other things. First, although he recognized the song, it sounded different. The instruments sounded…wrong. As if they were struggling to reverberate through an ethereal, noisy, haze. Even the man’s voice sounded wrong, as if each word were carrying out a mournful judgement.


The second thing he noticed was that the sounds around him were slowly fading away as the music became clearer. Eventually, he couldn’t hear the flames or his shoes stepping upon someones blackened remains. He couldn’t even hear his heartbeat. He felt sick, as if he could fall out at moment due to exhaustion. But something forced him to keep going. Something wanted him walk.


You….you’re a BAD person!




Charlie turned his head to the ethereal voice. The wall of fire was like a blinding, sinister canvas, and in it he could see the silhouette of two people. One was a man on his knees. The other was a boy. He knew who both of them were. The man tried to speak again, but fell forward to the ground, dead from wound’s Charlie could not see in the blackness but remembered in vivid detail.






Charlie turned to the opposite side of the street. He could see more silhouettes in the fire. This time it was a young man standing in front of two other people. One was a man on the ground and the other seemed to be a woman tending to him. Of course, there was also a boy, standing before the man who was pleading with him. Charlie recognized them all.


You don’t have to DO this kid! It doesn’t have to-




The boy flung out his arm and the other shadowy forms dissolved as if consumed by the wall of flame itself. Scenes continued to play out on both sides of him as he walked. All of them he remembered.










Y-you killed my daddy! YOU KILLED MY MOMMY!








You ain’t no warrior. You ain’t nothin’ more than a KILLER, boy.




I gave you all I had. An' now I’ve got NOTHING.




Killing me won’t-




I tried to HELP you!




You…you could’ve DONE SOMETHING!




You ever think about eternity?





The voices and shadowy visions continued, reality getting heavier and time seeming to slow. The voices over lapped each other now, and a lot of them were just people…screaming. Wailing. Pleading. Crying. He didn’t want to hear any of it. The voices sounded like they were right next to him no matter how far he got from them. His insides felt claustrophobic, like he couldn’t breathe anymore. There was no escape. No release. No relief.

He only stopped walking when he saw someone further up the road. Someone who wasn’t a shadowy figure in the fire. It was a woman, and she was wearing an old, beat-up, leather jacket. Her favorite jacket. Her curly black hair was done up in a long, scraggly ponytail that reached halfway down her back. She was looking around her at all the horrible scenes that were playing out, shaking her head and sobbing.

“No…” breathed Charlie, also shaking his head. “Auntie….I…”

His words died in his throat when she suddenly looked at him. He’d never seen her look this hurt before.

“Why?” she sobbed. Charlie stepped back, as if hit by something. He tried to speak, but the knot that was forming in his throat choked the words before they could come out. This couldn’t be real.

“No.” he choked, turning to run away. He got less than a step before stopping again. There was another person in front of him now. A tom-boyish little girl with a old, wooden crutch. She too was looking around her at the scenes of unrestrained cruelty, betrayal, and death. Unlike the woman however, she wasn’t crying. Her expression was that of sad acceptance.

Charlie could say nothing…as the little girl turned to look at him.


For one of the first times in his life, his eyes opened wide with fear. The fiery rage in his bones that fueled him had run dead cold, leaving him feeling utterly alone and weak as he lay curled up on the ground. He was back in the coliseum now, just like that. But he no longer felt as fearless as he once did.


He noticed the area rapidly being engulfed in an orange glow and hoisted himself off the ground to see the cause. A massive ball of flame was hurtling towards him, and he had barely any time to react. He lunged to the side and tried to flame shift out of the way, but something was wrong. His body started to sprout a few plumes of fire, but they went out just as fast. His body didn’t transfigure into flames.


While he was able to avoid getting hit by the massive ball of magical fire directly, the explosion that erupted when it hit the wall sent him flying into the air. He yelled out in fear as his flailing body passed over Vlad, trying to flame-shift to avoid the impact. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t feel the heat anymore.


He landed just a few yards away from Sergeant Murray, skidding and rolling until he came to a stop at the Norkotian’s feet. The impact compounded the pain he was already feeling from his prior wounds, but he managed to get to his feet quickly. His breathing was rapid as he looked around him at the chaos. The nightmarish creatures, the death, the blood…it was as if he were seeing it all for the first time.

He balled his fist and tried to conjure up some heat, but little to nothing would come up. It was as if something kept dousing it the moment it started.

“Wh-…what’s going on?!” he shouted, straining as hard as he could to channel some heat. “Where’s my got-damned fire!?”

An approaching light from above him made him look up and instinctively step back. A large, flaming, stone boulder that Alvumaar had blasted free from the coliseum wall plummeted to the ground where Charlie was standing and smashed apart on impact. A second boulder had been flung towards Alvumar, smashing apart directly in his open eye.

Desperate, Charlie got to his knees and placed his hands in the burning pile of smashed sediment. His hands glowed as he felt the heat being siphoned into his body, healing his broken bones and internal bleeding. The arrow in his shoulder burned up, the now glowing-hot steel tip falling to the ground behind him.

His wounds had been healed, but it had taken every ounce of flame he had. The fire in the debris was now extinguished, and he couldn’t muster up any of what he already had in his body to strengthen himself. Something was wrong. Horribly wrong.



Charlie Smith

STARTING HP: -----    2/5

ENDING HP: -----    5/5 (Not for long mind you)


(Very Possible) ENDING SANITY: -----  3/5

2 PLANNED Actions:  (Because 2HP before heal and not sure if I have to roll for sanity yet.) 

- Counterattack Alvumaar's fireball (Free Action)

Action #1 - Get up from Centaur's Trample

Action #2 - Heal with Advanced Buff (+ 3 HP)

- Also, he's near Jack Murray


- Attack

- Heal

- Meditate

Special Skills

- Area Attack 3/3

- Counter Attack 1/3

-Advanced Buff 1/3

(Had to use two special skills just to not die. ?This is going great.)


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At this point Ed could only come to the conclusion that at least two of the furies were hopelessly retarded. Overly critical? Nah. You really have to fuck up if you get ambushed by a goddamn elephant. Or, decide to wait your turn when the one who is supposed to be suppressing your soon to be victim gets ambushed by the goddamn elephant. Surus on the other hand, is a very good boy.

Ed tossed Meg Griffin by her shadow onto the awareness challenged Alecto in a vicious downsmash and then would keep it up with the end goal of literally murdering the two on the ground without allowing them to rise.

It may have been a bit late to turn things around, but Ed would be damned if he was going to go out quietly like THE ASSHOLES WHO PUT THEM IN THIS SITUATION BY GIVING UP. Spiking his magic, Ed prepared to pull off one last doozy of a trick. Hopefully he wouldn't regret not having it later, but he regretted not being able to save the one person that went down actually fighting now. It would be a near thing, as should his physical condition drop any lower he doubted he'd have the spare focus left over to also suppress the furies.


Ed meant it. The furies were as strong as they were stupid. Unfortunately, they were very stupid and he honestly didn't like his odds in a head to head slugfest without some sort of edge to lever the scales. Thanks to the Shadow Guard and Surus, Ed was given the opportunity to turn what should have been a frantic series of hopeful evasions into a definitive retaliation.



HP: 4

San: 5


Action 1: Dodge (likely fail)

CounterAttack Meg Griffin (Grab into downsmash on the trample parade) KD (last)

Action 2: Attack Alecto bodily with Meg Griffin

1 damage to Alecto and Meg Griffin. Actions 1+2 are continuous, if Ed has at least 2 actions next round he'll continue suppressing the two on the ground.

Action 3: Area Defense (Next turn up to 5 in Ed's sightlines are fair game.) (last use)

1 Adv Buff remaining

+2 buff held


Edited by Akiris
-insert middle finger here-

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Normally the reporter would analyze and assess the situation, coming to the conclusion that it was better for him to go on the defensive and somehow get lost in all of the chaos and survive to report the truth another day. If anything was clear about him now, however, it was that he was not acting normally whatsoever. With silvery hazel eyes widened and burning with fury, he practically bore through the centaur that readied his bow to shoot another arrow that he could feel aimed to pierce through one of his vital organs. With his senses slightly augmented by the intelligence embedded into his right eye, rapid fire calculations had the target of that arrow that pierced through the air along his abdomen but it was that same accelerated thinking that merged with his honed senses to allow him to let out a burst of wind that emanated outward from his sword with enough force that it caused the arrow's trajectory to deviate.

The wind burst sliced along the centaur's chest, inspiring a grimace out of his foe and forcing his eyes shut as the dust along the coliseum floor moved into his eyes. [1] The centaur tried to keep his eyes on his target but soon lost sight until he felt the sting of a blade along his side and right leg. [2][3] Before he had a chance to react, he felt a sharp pain along his neck and his gaze fall down to ground level before darkness overtook him and death embraced him. [4]

Soryn then lost himself in the frenzy of the battles around him, searching once again for his next victim.


Soryn Savedo & P.U.D 

Status: Healthy/Sane?

Normal Skills: Attack, Heal, Meditate

Special Skills: Mass Rally (Aura of Leadership) (3), Counter-attack (Analytical Boon) (2) , Passive Defense (Barrier) (3)

Start of Round Stats:

HP: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ | 5/5
SP: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦  | 5/5
AP: ⌂ ⌂ ⌂ ⌂    | 3/3


[1]  -  Counter-Attack on Centaur B (-1 hp) (1 use left)

[2]  -  Scimitar slice on Centaur B (-1 hp)

[3]  -  Scimitar pierce on Centaur B (-1 hp)

[4]  -  Wind Burst on Centaur B (-1 hp, Centaur B dead)

End of Round Stats:

HP: ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥  | 4/5
SP: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦  | 5/5
AP: ⌂ ⌂ ⌂     | 3/3

Special Skills: Mass Rally (Aura of Leadership) (3), Counter-attack (Analytical Boon) (1) , Passive Defense (Barrier) (3)


Edited by Dolor Aeternum

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Dan deftly dodged one arrow, and let loose a gust of wind, blowing the other arrow away, while shredding the centaur that shot it. 

He had to focus himself. Calm himself. The Furies' aura was beginning to wear on him. He found himself unable to do this, however. Why that was was anyone's guess.
Dan had very little awareness of what was happening to the others around him, as he was now fully consumed by the trauma and flashbacks he was having, and now fully convinced he was in the Coliseum from his past. Therefore, he was concerned with only his own survival, and the enjoyment of the crowd.
So, he had to make this interesting. So, since apparently no one else was going to, Dan ceased aiming at the centaurs, and aimed his finger gun at the dragon. Clearly taking advantage of the mechanics in this dimension, sudden perfect aim, he loosed a laser blast from his finger, which shot across the entire arena, and nailed the dragon in the eye. The dragon roared, less because it was hurt, and more because it was simply pissed.

A lovely spectacle, to be sure. And the roar of the crowd confirmed it.


HP: 4/5
Sanity: 4/5

Counter attack the cyclops centaur. 1/3 remaining. Free action.
1: Dodge the kill shot, roll was successful.
2: Meditate. Failed. Go to hell, D10.
3. Attack on Alvumaar. 48/50 HP.


Edited by HollowCipher

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The competitors were doing quite well. Well, most of them, anyway. There had been several deaths already, which the crowd had openly cheered for whenever they happened.
However, not all was well this time.
There were audible boos from the crowd at certain points. Vlad, for instance, while he was impaled, and got off of it, all he had done was dodge and gloat about it. The impaling was cool, but Vlad himself was honestly not that interesting this time.
Another round of booing came in the direction of Jack Murray. All he had done was dodge. He did nothing interesting except be hit. And that was more due to his opponents than him. Utterly boring to watch.
The third set of booing was even louder than the other two, and directed at Ed. Not because it wasn't interesting, but because he seemed to think so little of his opponents. A cocky, and arrogant little thing. And not even to show off to the audience, just to be a knob.

Obviously, the Emperor was not about to stand for boring contestants. So, he snapped his fingers, and brought judgement upon Vlad and Jack.


Alright everyone, welcome to Wheel of Torture! The game show where we punish the naughty children for being boring in our Death Games! Everyone give a round of applause for our first contestant, @P.N.See, playing as Vladimir Putin! Good to see ya!

Let's spin the Punishment Wheel!
Round and round and round she goes, where she stops, only I know!

Roll: 1. Health Damage.
OOOOH! Vlad's losing some health! Let's see what you're losing!
Roll: 2. AAAAAAND Vlad loses 2 HP! That's GOTTA hurt! No really, its definitely going to hurt.


And everyone welcome Contestant #2, it's @Tyler, playing as Jack Murray! Ready to spin the wheel? No? Too bad! =D

Let's spin the Punishment Wheel!
Wheel of Punishment, turn, turn, turn. Give us a punishment for this worm.

Roll: 2. Sanity Damage.
Well look at THAT. First health, and now sanity! We are on a ROLL, ladies and gentlemen! Lets see how batshit crazy we can drive you!!

Roll: 3. That's a big one! Jack Murray is losing THREE sanity points! How much longer until he is a babbling basket case?! Find out in our main show! That's all the time we have today, thanks for watching, everyone! And remember,

Be Entertaining, OOOOOORRR ELSE!!!

All of a sudden, Vlad would feel a searing pain in his insides, as if someone had lit his organs on fire. They hadn't of course, but it sure felt like it. At roughly the same time, Jack Murray would feel as if he'd seen a Lovecraftian god. His mental control started fraying heavily, and he may begin hearing whispers and voices.

Ed, on the other hand, had something very odd happen. He countered the attack on him, and threw Megaera into Alecto, launching them with perfect accuracy into the elephant's attack. But then, when he tried to pin them, they were able to somehow leap out of the way of it. Megaera and Alecto let out an earsplitting screech that only Ed seemed to be able to hear. How this was possible was anyone's guess, but it might be because the gods were upset with Ed, over attempting to use mechanics that did not exist, such as 'continuous' attacks, and keeping an opponent pinned to the ground.


Both of these screeches deal 1 health damage, and 1 sanity damage. Ed now has 2 hp and 3 sanity.

Insert middle finger here.

Right as the monsters were about to attempt to launch more attacks, the air crackled. Electric bolts filled the air in the center of the arena, and hole opened in the air. A hole that led out of the desolate, horrible, madness inducing Coliseum, into the desolate, horrible, madness inducing plains of Yh'mi.
Doubtless, everyone would scramble for this portal.

The monsters however, weren't all willing to let them leave. As a last ditch move, the three Furies took to the air, and screeched as loud as they could. The triple screech would deal 3 sanity damage to those affected by it.

Alvumaar also decided to jump on the final attack train. He opened his mouth and unleashed a sea of fire, engulfing everything on the ground without prejudice. It instantly killed every centaur still alive but would only end up doing 3 damage to those hit by it.


Alrighty, final attack!
I rolled in the Dice Rolling Thread who would get through the portal in time, and who would be nailed with something before going through themselves. The ones who got hit, I also rolled to see which one hit them.

The ones who got off scot free and took no damage from either attack are:
Dan Palmer @HollowCipher
Vlad Nassar @P.N.See
and Soryn Savedo @Dolor Aeternum!

The ones who did not make it scot free, and took the 3 Sanity damage are:
Surus the Elephant @EpicRome23
Jack Murray @Tyler
and Charlie Smith @zackrobbman!

And the ones who did not make it out scot free and took the 3 health damage are:
Sheryl Wainwright @Fierach
and Ed @Akiris

Now, the original intention was not to kill anyone with this attack, but since Ed-boy had the wrath of the gods forced upon him, it happened. But I'm a bullheaded little boy, and if my intention was to only cripple those unlucky enough to get it and not kill them, then that is what its going to do.


Ed-boy will go through the portal, but will have 0 hp. HOWEVER. If someone has heal, and uses it on him as their first action, Ed will be revived with 1 hp. Multiple heals can of course be used to heal further.
Thank you all for playing Bloodsport, and I'll see ya in whatever hellscape Jaistlyn's made for us.


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