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Bloodsport OOC

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14 hours ago, HollowCipher said:

Alright. Its up

Hollow is now actively trying to kill you all. Lets see who lasts until the realm time is up!

How much hp do these things have?

Gotta see if we can ignore the small fry and focus down the boss or if its not worth it.

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It's in some of the spoilers.

Centaurs: 4 hp each.
Ability: Gallop. Passive ability. Able to close distance without using an action.

Furies. 20 hp each.
Flight. Passive Ability. Melee attacks cannot hit them except for the moment they are attacking you. Unless you can fly, or are really tall, or have some means of getting up to them.

Wrath of the Furies. Passive Ability. As long as a Fury is alive, they each emit a wave of madness each turn, affecting a single person. That person will lose 1 sanity. This ability cannot be blocked, dodged, or prevented in any way, except by killing the Furies.

Alvumaar: 50 hp.
Abilities: Huge. Cannot be knocked down. All melee attacks knock down opponents.
Fireproof: Alvumaar is immune to fire damage and explosions.


Good.. luck guys XD

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