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Child's Play [Nightmare Descends 2:3B]

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The group managed to starve off despair for a few minutes more, but weariness settled in, and their actions became much less effective. Challara tripped over her own shells, Junia broke down to plaguing nightmares, and even Gormaric, who had seen through battle after battle with dark creatures, had been crippled by anxiety. This was Yh’mi’s modus operandi - to break their mental defences and consume them from within. 

Even a machine could be corrupted, its programming overwritten. When the turret started speaking in a possessed voice, Fidelitas’ head snapped around at it. It had been a mistake to allow Vlad to bring this war machine into Yh'mi, and now they would pay for it. An orb dropped from the machine. A bomb? Fidelitas stumbled towards it even as Frederick cast his defensive spell on him. The paladin extended his sword to fling the orb away from them. Too late, he stared in horror when the orb exploded. However, instead of being hit by a wave of pain, liquid splashed across the naked flesh on his face, then spread out smoothly to form a shimmery surface. Running a gauntleted hand across it, it didn't seem to harm, only protect. 

The mother shrieked when Challara's bullet tore through her chest. The impact knocked her back and into Barristan's blows. The knight's polearm gorged into her thigh, and the next blow cleaved through her shoulder, dismembering her arm. When the Mistress came over for a slapping contest, the Mother was a hand short. The consecutive bitch slaps sent her onto the ground, where she shuddered then went still, her dead eyes boring hate into Middy.

With the defeat of the Mother, it was as if a fog had been lifted, and the group could feel a slight lightening in their spirits. Even the little boy smiled at Celene's show; while Sera's body shielded him from the gory end of his Mother. With the child's mental state gaining stability, the Dark Child's powers weakened, and he came into the view of those who could not see him before.

There was, however, one entity who did not rejoice. The dark child laughed maniacally, sending the Dark Whispers into a frenzy. Two of them haunted Gormaric and Frederick, draining them of their motivation to fight. [1] [2] The last one hovered near Challara, only to find that it could not get close to the reflective material from the turret's orb explosion. [3]

The dark child went up to the boy and shoved his face up against him. "Do you think you are safe now? Remember what happened to your last friends?" The little boy turned white as a sheet, and the dark child screeched hysterically. [4] The shadow boy turned around and delivered a vicious kick to Celene, then attempted to punch Tim the turret. Both times, his attacks were to no avail, absorbed by the strange reflective material. Lastly, he rushed Fidelitas. [5] [6] [7] The paladin raised his arms to protect himself, only to find it unnecessary when the blows landed harmlessly upon the barrier. Shaking with adrenaline, Fidelitas called upon Gaia's healing prowess again, and was relieved when Her warmth embraced him. [A] The paladin thrust his sword forward to cut the dark child, but he dodged it easily with his supernatural speed. [B.]


House of Torment effect has ended with the defeat of Mother!
Child's Ending Sanity is above 8, Dark Child is now visible to everyone regardless of Sanity!

Key Character: Child | Ending Sanity 9/20


Starting: 5 Sanity
+5 Sanity Reassure from PC actions
-1 Dark Child attack


Enemies: Dark Whispers (3 enemies)


HP: 2 each
Actions taken (1 per Dark Whisper)
[1] -1 Sanity to Gormaric @EpicRome23
[2] -1 Sanity to Frederick @EpicRome23
[3] -1 Sanity to Challara (blocked by Area Defence)  @notmuch_23
Note: Dark Whisper's target is randomized using dice rolling thread.

Enemy: Dark Child


HP:  20/20
- HP Regeneration: Variable, depending on Child's sanity
- Quick Reflexes: Dark Child counters attacks (max once for each character per turn). The counter chance is based on a die roll, and the dice used depends on Child's sanity.
- Insanity: Can only be seen and attacked if character's Sanity is 3 or below at the start of their turn. Negated by Child's high Sanity.
- Cruelty: Prioritizes attack on those who had attacked him, and then those who have the lowest HP.
Actions available:
- Malicious Attack: -1 HP, -1 Sanity to 1 character
- Terrorize: -1 Sanity to Child
Actions taken (4 per turn):
[4] -1 Sanity to child
[5] -1 HP, -1 Sanity to Celene (blocked by Area Defence)  @Dolor Aeternum
[6] -1 HP, -1 Sanity to Tim (blocked by Area Defence) @P.N.See
[7] 1 HP, -1 Sanity to Fidelitas (blocked by Area Defence) @jaistlyn




Ending HP & Sanity: 3 & 1.
Starting HP & Sanity: 2 & 1

[A] Heal self, Success! HP 2- > 3
[B.] Attack Dark Child, Miss.
Special Skills left: Mass Rally (1 use), Passive Defence (2 uses), Advanced Buff (1 use) 


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The surge of healing that Gormaric received, and the cessation of the oppressive aura of the area along with the psychic buzz in his head... the ebon knight was finally spurred into action. There were only a few enemies left to destroy, this was not the time to hold back any more. Though his thoughts were still jumbled, he pushed those aside and turned to his instincts. He whistled at Eri, who slashed at one of the Dark Whispers with her claws after pouncing at it. Gormaric, meanwhile, threw Shadowfang forward on a rope of shadow, slashing through the remaining two Dark Whispers and even the Dark Child himself. This attack caused the Dark Child to charged forward at Gormaric and throw a punch at him... only for the ebon knight to deftly sidestep the blow, and retaliate with a devastating downward slash from Shadowfang, the dark blade blazing merrily with black flames. The Ebon Knight did not relent, however, as he pulled back for another blow. He delivered another powerful blow, a sideways slash that would have assuredly bisected your average person. It may not have been enough to slay this dark entity, but it would assuredly HURT.


Gormaric Warmoon (& Eri)

HP: Starting: 5/5 - YEET

Sanity: Starting: 2/5 - wooooooo

Normal Skills: Attack, Meditate, Buff

Special Skills: Area Attack (1/3 uses), Counter-Attack (2/3 uses), Advanced Buff (0/3 uses) 


  1. Area Attack (Dark Whispers x3, Dark Child. d10 = 10; -1 HP to each.)
  2. Dark Child counterattack (d3= 2. Get dunked on, kid.)
  3. Advanced Buff Attacked Dark Child (d10 attack = 10; d10 Advanced Buff = 9; -3 HP to Dark Child.)
  4. ^ 2 Electric Boogaloo (d10 attack = 9; d10 Advanced Buff = 5; -3 HP to Dark Child.)

Ending HP: 5/5; Ending Sanity: 2/5

Frederick, Bors, and Oswin maintained their shield wall in front of the child, as much good as that had been doing throughout this encounter. The Subversor leader, for his part, focused his mind after the Dark Whisper had tried to drain his motivation... and recovered it, to the point that there was only a slight jumbling at the edge of his mind. Frederick then pointed his sword toward the Dark Child... but he found himself quietly fumbling over his words, and then giving up on the endeavor entirely. He then tried to move back into a defensive position... but then, he felt a wave of nausea welling up, and he dropped to one knee before emptying the contents of his stomach onto the floor. Bors and Oswin looked down toward their leader with grimaces, but offered him sympathetic murmurings nonetheless.


Frederick York (and Subversors)

HP: Starting: 4/5 - yeet

Sanity: Starting: 3/5 - okay boomer

Normal Skills: Defend, Meditate, Taunt

Special Skills: Passive Defense (1/3 uses), Area Defense (1/3 uses)


  1. Calm (d10 = 8; d2 = 1, +1 Sanity)
  2. Taunt (d10 = 3; Miss)
  3. Defend (d10 = 1; Backfire, -1 HP)

Ending HP: 3/5; Ending Sanity: 4/5


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With Mother's demise the psychic tension reigning over the room had vanished. The entity suddenly felt that its connection with whatever abyss it came from had been severed, and only a tiny fracture of its essence had stayed and manifested in that half-broken semi-sentient metal carcass... which, needless to say, did not heed the entity's call to cease any activity.

< N N N O   W W A Y > - the vessel buzzed annoyingly. - < T I M M   M U S T > < P P R O   T E C T >. After these words, the entity had sensed again the current movement from inside. Its grasp over vessel's mechanical parts started to slip away. The spirit responded with psychic impulse that suppressed the flowing energy, thus disrupting vessel's reboot sequence [1].

"ENOUGH!" - it yelled with a threatening tone. - "WE WILL. CONSUME. YOU. ONE DAY." Suddenly all of the spirit's attention had been drawn toward Dark Child approaching it. Once again, the turret slightly tilted down before it.


Dark Child did not say a word to the entity. Instead, he simply punched the vessel with full force. The metal plating was expected to bend under such pressure, but the protective coating from the turret's orb seemed to completely absorb the damage [2]

"MASTER..." - the spirit whispered angrily. - "WHY. DENY US?!". Even though its vessel remained intact, it was irritated by the gesture itself. Moreover, without the influence from without the entity started questioning its allegiance toward the Dark Child. It took less than a second to rise the guns... and then another one to set them in spinning motion.


After a long pause, the room got filled with sounds of rotating barrels, muzzle flashes and clanking shells. Dark Child avoided most of shots and was about to make a preventive strike, but a couple of stray bullets ripped through his shadowy body, causing him to back down for an opening [3,4].

Enraged and fixated solely on Dark Child, the entity hadn't noticed the rotating mechanism was already under vessel's control. The turret suddenly yanked and turned 90-100 degrees to the right, spreading the bullets like a peacock spreads its tail feathers. As a result, all Dark Whispers, before wounded by Gormaric's devastating attack, had been struck down and vanished instantly in a puff of black smoke [3]. The turret stopped shooting.

"WHY. DISTURB?" - the entity called upon its vessel that interrupted its vendetta.

< T T I M   H E L P > - the contraption responded shyly. - < T H E Y   G O O D >

The nameless spirit did not answer. It was busy with assessing the situation. Now that the hostile spirits are gone, the fleshlings could hold back no more against Dark Child - the one that was truly "impure" and "unchosen". Though the ethereal entity had no sympathy toward them, they were more than able to carry out the will - its will alone - against the only adversary remained.

The turret's speakers rumbled once again: "MORTALS. FINISH. WHAT WE. STARTED."


=== Turret Tim ===

Severly Damaged / Officially Gone Rogue 

DP: █ █    | 3/5
SP:      | 0/5 | !!!WARNING!!! ZERO STABILITY!
AP:  █      | 2/3


- None


Area Attack:   █   | 2-1/3
Area Defense:  █ █  | 2/3

Actions and notes:

[1] Calibration | +1 to Stability | 1 AP 
    (a.k.a Calm)└───── Rolling D3 for friendly check, D10 for action check...
                       D3: 3, D10: 4               Failed...

[2] FLAIR: Reflecting on damage being absorbed by Area Defense's effect

[3] AREA ATTACK | Deal 1 dmg to up to 5 enemies | 1 AP + 1 stack                  
└───── Rolling D3 for friendly check, D10 for action check...
                       D3: 3, D10: 10             DOUBLE FLAWLESS!

[4] Rolling d3 for Dark Child's counter check...
    Rolled 3, counter not triggered, hit confirmed.

- - - - -   - - - - -   - - - - -   - - - - -   - - - - -

1: Dark Whisper 1 - Killed
2: Dark Whisper 2 - Killed
3: Dark Whisper 3 - Killed
4: Dark Child - 13-1 = 12/20 HP



Edited by P.N.See
Fixed DC's remaining HP

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The "incubator's" fall lifted this realm's mental oppression, and now Challara thinks she might get her focus back, but then there it is: an inky black rendition of the child those horrible abusers terrorized. Challara takes a moment to regain her focus, because she needs to hit this thing!

Well, most of her focus came back, not like it does any good here.

Challara lines up for a longer burst on the dark figure, but that burn again causes her eye to water as the dark child darts closer, and the bullets wouldn't even hit the floor if it wasn't for gravity. One wipe, and another burst, same story...

...except one of the screaming-hot shells manages to eject in a weird trajectory, bouncing off her inner arm, and landing between her armored vest and her neck.


Painful as it was, the burn got her head out of the way of the dark child's blade right at the last second. Small favors huh?


Challara Arabett

HP: 3/5 (backfired attack)

Sanity: 4/5 (meditate)

Normal Skills: Atack, Meditate, Taunt

Special Skills: Area Attack 3/3, Limited Heal 1/1, Sustained Fire 1/4

Status effects: Area Defense

Actions Attempted: Meditate, successfor two! Attack, sustained fire, failed, of course... Attack, regular, backfire! (Area Defense does not protect against a backfire)

Dark child counter-attack, missed, even though Area Defense would protect her if it hit...


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Celene P.U.D.

The hovering device assesses that the threat level has significantly diminished so takes some time to optimize its efficiency while switching the holographic scene to a medley of such hits as Gaia's Reverie and the Ulway Shuffle. The melodic output was catchy and attempted to entertain the child even further.

With the background processes terminated, the output of the speakers was so crisp that the sound quality was enough to inspire yet another smile for the child that only widened as the drone began swaying and moving along with the music.


Soryn Savedo & P.U.D 

P.U.D. Status: Operational (physical damage taken)

Start of Round Stats:

DP: ♥ ♥ ♥ | 3/5
SP: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦  | 4/5
AP: ⌂ ⌂ ⌂     | 3/3

P.U.D. Actions:

- [1] Calm self (Success)

- [2] Attempt to reassure child

- [3] Attempt to reassure child 

End of Round Stats:

DP: ♥ ♥ ♥   | 3/5
SP: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦   | 5/5
AP: ⌂ ⌂ ⌂     | 3/3


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With the threat of the other enemies gone, it seems that there's only one enemy left. The bad child. A child that needs spanking. The three ladies turned their attention to the prepubescent monster. Their lips peeled back to reveal sinister smiles. As one, they sashayed towards the little kid in a rather menacing manner.

"We are proponents of true equality," the trio spoke in unison.

Once they are within a feet or two of the child, Sera was the first to lunge. 

"Just because you are a child does not mean that you get a free pass for being a little bitch!" the mad woman breathed into the child's ear as she drove a mean fist into the child's gut lifting the poor kid's body off the ground.

Then it was Khaki's turn. "You're such an adorable little bitch. I wish I could eat you," the little girl giggled as she caught the poor kid's body in mid-air and choke slammed it into the ground with excessive force that the impact left crack on the ground. 

Finally the Mistress appeared, her yellow eyes looking down at the broken child. "Oh you poor thing," the woman spoke, her voice filled with sadness. She might have pitied the child but her body did not as her shapely leg moved of its own accord and stepped on the kid's head. "Sorry, my foot slipped."

Satisfied with her handiwork, the Mistress would then face the other members of the group. "Rejoice, my dears! Enjoy whatever little life you all have left before the next venture begins." With her words came the soft gentle energy that radiated out her body which affect those that have been injured and healing them in the process.


(Action: Meditate - Success/ 2nd Action: Advance Buff Attack - Action Success / 3rd Action- Attack)

Name: Khakina "Khaki" Khatun (The Pretty Paragon)

Starting HP: 5 HP - 1 (last action backfired) = 4 (total)

Starting Sanity:  4 + 1(meditate) = 5

Normal Skills: Attack, Meditate, Heal 

Special Skills: Counter-attack (3 uses), Advanced Buff (2 uses), Passive Defense (3 uses)


(Action 1: Attack-Success / Action 2: Uses Advance Buff to Attack Child-Success / Action 3:  Attack Child )

Name: Serraida "Sera" Mavajo

Starting HP: 5-1 (dark child) = 4

Starting Sanity:  5 sanity

Normal Skills: Meditate, Taunt, Attack

Special Skills: Counter Attack (3 uses), Advanced Buff (1 use), Passive Defense (3 uses)


(1st Action: Meditate, 2nd Action Advance Buff to Attack Child = Success / 3rd Action: Mass Heal - (no  targets yet) 

Name: The Mistress Black Head (Middy)

Starting HP: 5-1(dark child) = 4

Starting Sanity: 4 + 1(meditated) = 5

Normal Skills: Meditate, Heal, Attack

Special Skills: Mass Heal (1 uses), Advanced Buff (1 uses), Passive Defense (3 uses)


Edited by Thotification

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(Placeholder, Barristan attempts to calm Junial)

(Barristan failed horribly to calm Junia. She lashed out violently and hurt herself and others in her confusion. She hurt Barristan, her comrade and the Mistress when the other woman came to try and help Barristan restrain her.)




Name: OFM Guardian Barristan & OFM Seeker Junia

HP: 3/6

(Heal please!)

Sanity: Start 0

(Thats bad)

Normal skills: Attack, Defend, Heal, Meditate (No uses)

Special Skills: None






Action 1: Calm (Backfire) -1 hp to self

Action 2: Calm (Fail)

Action 3: Calm (Backfire) - 1 hp to the Mistress @Thotification



Edited by Fierach

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Seemingly bolstered by the Mother's defeat, the dark knight Gormaric regained his senses, and dealt devastating blows to the Dark Child. The black flames that enveloped his blade flared hungrily, as if consuming the very essence of its enemy. Behind Gormaric, the Dark Whispers he had ran his blade through exploded into nothingness when the turret's bullets hit them. Whether by luck or by meticulous programming, Tim's impressive auto-targeting barrel landed shots on the Dark Child but swept past Gormaric, leaving the knight unharmed.

The trio of ladies surrounded the Dark Child. "You are nothing!" he cried. "I will destroy you! All of you!" He backed away when Sera approached, the confidence of the trio unnerving even him. He tried to dodge when Sera's punch came, but somehow he could not. He let out a pitiful mewl when his body was lifted into midair, then slammed down by Khaki. The last thing he saw was the sharp end of Middy's heels when it came down on his head. The Dark Child's body shuddered once, then dissipated like smoke. 

A tether from the Dark Child connecting him and the little boy became visible momentarily, then shattered and wisped away. The boy climbed onto his feet, then tottered towards the group. "T-thank you." The ordeal was over for the child. He went over and hugged Khaki, an innocent, affectionate squeeze. "Stay with me! Play with me!" He proclaimed, looking around at all of them. As if on cue,  a bright light filled the room, and the group found themselves lifted off the ground, away from the room and from the boy. The little boy grabbed on to Khaki as she floated, but gradually his grip slipped downwards, until he was grasping at her ankle, and then at nothing. Tears welled up in his eyes. " Nooo! Don't go!" 

An empty feeling settled into the pit of Fidelitas' stomach. They had helped the boy, yes, but they had promised him protection, and now, so soon, they were breaking that promise. 

You think they can protect you? The Dark Child's previous words rang in the paladin's mind. Would that dark entity have been a better protector? Fidelitas shook his head. No, it would only have consumed the child from within, and cause him to grow up as a detriment to others. What they had done was for the best, and there was little choice but to wish that the little boy would be resilient enough to seek his peace and happiness.

The light engulfed them from all sides, and when it subsided, they would find themselves in another nightmare..

[End of Child's Play realm]
[Bonus for saving the child: Restore 2 sanity or gain any 1 special action of your choice (1 use).]

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