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Child's Play [Nightmare Descends] OOC

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Gonna prepare an eulogy for Frederick in advance

Dark Child goes for the weakest and nobody whacked him to redirect his attention from Freddy

Mother is still active, doesn't have particular targeting quirks but mah boi is totally valid

And he could very well be a target rolled by one or more of the Dark Whispers

Looks like that's all for them courageous Subversors, folks. Full tanking turned out to be an unsustainable idea without Sanity and/or healing to back it up.


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@Dolor Aeternum I just noticed you left your area defence targets open but no one actually said they would take them up.. so I gave it to people who were at lower HP, plus yourself. So that's Celene, Frederick, Gormaric, Barristan & Junia and Tim. 

That actually gives Frederick a good chance to survive, even though I havent rolled for the enemies yet!

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