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Kill Them With Kindness (open)

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The west of Genesaris past the Cold Mountains was truly beautiful. Lush green fields underneath a bright blue sky that seemed to go on forever. Forests so green and gorgeous that they seemed as if they were always there, planted by the gods themselves to make the world just little bit brighter. All of it sickened a part of Dredge. The Dark Lord of Legion stared down at its splendor from atop a descending mountain pass. He had been growing soft, enjoying the sight of beaches, caring about the people he had taken under his protection and leadership. In the back of his mind, everything he had, every instinct, urge, and impulse told him to reduce it to ash and slay its inhabitants until they were nothing but steaming and rotting meat under the sun. And honestly? The mere thought of such acts made Dredge smile under his darkened helmet. Just how easy it would all be, a snap of his fingers and the slaughter would commence. 


However, Dredge had given his word to not act in such a way. The Dark Lord was many things. A murderer, a butcher, a monster, and a fiend who delighted in the suffering of others. But if there was one thing he wasn’t, it was a liar. If he didn’t have his integrity, then he was no better than the trash this world churned up on a daily basis. The so called heroes and privileged who never had to climb their way off of planet’s made of garbage and filth. Who lied and cheated at every turn to get ahead in their pathetic rat race. No, he was more than that. He would keep his word to Lady Akako. 


”Me Lord.” A rather lanky yet lean blue troll with an orange Mohawk bowed behind his unholy visage. 


”We be approachin da settlement Alverton. Orders?” The Troll said with his head and eyes staring firmly into the earth. 


A soft chuckle left Dredge’s lips. A chuckle that built into a small but steady laugh. Truly this situation was absurd to him. With the clapping of his iron covered hands he let out a soft sigh when the laughter began to die down. 


”Oh how I miss you Michael. You’re laughing at me right now, aren’t you?” Dredge said as he stared up at the sky. 


”Me Lord?” The now rather confused troll lieutenant said in a befuddled tone. 


Turning back his head his still face was replaced with a malicious smile that gleamed through the darkness of his helmet. Somewhat taken back by the expression the Troll kept his head to the floor. Dredge had a few ideas and if he couldn’t spill blood and have this settlement’s compliance through said violence. Well he’d still do this his way. 


”The shamans. Bring them forward with me, we have some persuading to do.” Dredge said with another chuckle. 


Coming down from the mountain pass was not the hordes of violent troops Legion was accustomed to sending but rather the Dark Lord followed by a posse of twenty or so troll shamans, all decked out with their various trinkets and totems. An ethereal green and red energy wafted from their aura with a faint hint of malevolence. Following behind them were a few ogres that pulled massive carts filled with gifts, informational pamphlets, and other presents for this farming community. If you couldn’t kill them in the traditional way, well Dredge would just have to kill them with kindness.

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By the time the entourage had shown up, the Royal Nurse, or the former Royal Nurse, had already had her claws within the citizens of the village. The atmosphere was peaceful and bucolic. Titles didn't matter to her in the long run. She only desired to have fun. Alverton was remote enough, quiet enough, out of the way enough for her to open her small medical practice. 

For all the knowledge she pretended to possess, she was easily able to convince the elders that they needed a medical practice. They gave that to her. Her days were usually busy, filled with visits for minor ailments and check ups. Gisela certainly did a good job of looking and acting the part of the nurse. The nights were when she had the most fun. 

Gisela Valance stood in front of her small cottage as she heard the approach of an entourage. From inside of the cottage, a muffled groan could be heard, which slowly died down to a soft whimper. Her violet eyes moved toward the side, as she smirked and walked into the cottage. Her eyes set upon her patient, the village leader's eldest son. 

The young man calmed down when Gisela pressed a finger to her crimson lips. "The village has a visitor. We don't get very many of those. Now, I am going to give you this medicine..." She lifted a syringe of glowing blue liquid. "Now tell me how this feels. I hate administering this. It pains me more than you will ever know." She injected the substance into the man's arm and unbound him. "But you wanted to be stronger, faster, and longer lasting." She added the last part with a wink. Gisela's back turned to him and she walked out of the cottage. 

"Too bad my appetite is insatiable." As two of the shamans, older and probably wiser than she was, wandered out of their homes in a befuddled state, Gisela found herself among them. She was not confused and didn't feel the need to flex her authority. The only thing that drew her out aside from the crazy haired troll was curiosity which was often her downfall. 



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The Cold Mountains were Rin’s least favorite part of this blasted land. Of all the things she had wished for, crossing them again was not on that list. AT least she was not alone this time, though the strange creatures of Dredge’s army did little to provide her with stimulating conversation, they were interesting in their own way. Fascinating, really. Rin found herself drawn to inspecting them when she thought none were looking. Perhaps an arm here, a leg there….they were strong and hardy. Were they that way from birth or was it years of battle-hardening that gave them that edge? Perhaps if one of them died, Dredge would allow her to inspect the body. To satiate her curiosity, of course…but there were more sinister reasons for wanting access to monstrous body parts.

“I hate the cold.” Rin murmurs as she approaches the edge of the pass, next to Dredge. Though the man…creature?, if he could be called such, towered over her, Rin did not seem to mind, nor was she bothered by standing in his shadow except that he was blocking the only available sunlight.

AS they descended into Alverton, there were many murmurs and a few screams. They were a strange group, afterall, and few had seen creatures like they in a casual lighting. The Whispernight brought about many monsters, were these simply leftovers? Abberations that had come to kill them in their beds? The fact that no weapons were released or threats made gave the people pause enough to consider what they might have to say.

Rin’s eyes narrowed a bit as she considered the group that had come to marvel at them, as though in a zoo.

“Well, this should be easy…provided none of you accidentally step on someone.” She made a head motion to the Ogres specifically.  

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It wasn't until their party had stepped foot into Alverton that the white serpent familiar uncoiled herself from around the bastard's throat. She had half a mind to squeeze until Dredge's eyes popped out of his skull, as revolted as she had been at his suggestion. However, the mountains were far too cold for her, and the heat was incredibly necessary for her to survive. Had she known Rin would be along for the trip, the snake might have asked to hitch a ride on her. Unfortunately, that little tidbit had been kept from her. She was convinced that Dredge did so on purpose to get under her scales. 

Aiyoku had learned very early on in their venture that she should refrain from tasting the air while trapped in her claustrophobic hell. It was a reflexive habit, and the first time she allowed her forked tongue slip out, she was greeted with the musk that was Dredge. It nearly made her go limp and pass out. Only twice more did she make that error for the duration of the trip; however, it was enough to sour her mood considerably. 

By the time she felt the vibration of Dredge's voice against her scaled belly, the serpentine yokai stirred then perked her head to listen to what was said actively. It seemed like they had arrived, praise be to any god and all gods that may or may not exist. She slithered out from under his helm until she was perched dangerously against the end. 

Then, she purposefully slid down the plate of metal and fell towards the ground. Before she could land, the familiar transformed with an audible pop. She was facing Legion's leader, glowering up at him, paler than usual. From her proximity, the scales high on her cheekbones shimmered an iridescent kaleidoscope of colors. "You're an asssssshole," she hissed at him before turning on her heel and stalking towards Rin. 

"Sssso help me if anyone issss ssstepped on." 

Usually, Aiyoku did well to tame her speech; however, hours in her true form and the overwhelming irritation made it difficult to reign in her less than human discourse. 

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A coy yet sinister smile creeped itself onto Dredge’s face and was firmly directed at the slithering familiar Aiyoku. A grin that contained a message that could best be described as “if I didn’t pledge my loyalty to your master, I’d have you for diner.” Something along those lines. He was still Dredge and for someone to speak to him in such a manner, well let’s just say they would learn their place in the pecking order in a very swift manner. She would learn hers in time, for now they had bigger and more entertaining tasks at hand. 


”You know you love me.” Dredge said with a chuckle. Taking a few steps past the familiar Dredge didn’t even bother to look back at the creature. As if her presence and mere existence meant less than nothing to him. 


”Maybe when I see Akako again I’ll recommend a familiar with a less delicate and fatal constitution to something as simple as the cold.” And with that Dredge left the woman to stew in her shortcomings. 


Stepping forward he passed Rin and as he did he spoke with her for the briefest of moments. 


”Oh you haven’t even seen easy.” With that last remark he was about done addressing the B team of this mission until they had further comments. He had come here with everything he needed and most importantly a plan. 


Extending his talon of a finger, the Dark overlord pointed to one of his trolls who had a rather stuffed and bulky looking robe on. The dark lord’s eyes lit up with glee as he uttered what was to be the doom of this settlement. 


”Play my motha fuckin theme song!” Dredge commanded to his subordinate. 



In a flash of movement and what would come to a surprise to most, the troll dropped to a single knee, flicked on a pair of sunglasses and from his robes produced just a full straight forward boombox that he held firmly over his head that began to play a song with a booming clear bass. 


”Halt!” A word of power spilled forth from Dredge’s mouth and the weak minded peasants who decided to run found themselves standing still in the fields outside of Alverton. 


”Return!” Another word and just like clockwork the farmers turned around and began to slowly walk back and gather in the crowd with the others who had the stones to see what this was all about. 


And what was this all about? That was simple to answer. It was all about community outreach and honoring the pillars of the community. So rather than approaching these local yahoos with the formidable and terrifying visage that was his normal way of greeting defenseless villagers, Dredge decided to let his trolls fan out and go door to door handing out pamphlets of Taiyōmichi empire while had slowly and methodically danced his way up to the crowd with the ogres behind him. 



And by dance, he really meant dance. As if he weren’t wearing massively heavy plate armor, the evil overlord grooved his towards the gathered crowd. At the end of his little number, the man lifted his arms up in the air as if he were a savior on a cross. Behind him floating in the air were the gifts that Legion had prepared for these people. New farming equipment, gold, various potions, and other trinkets and gizmos of the monstrous races for a bit of a cultural exchange. 


”Bring me the Village Chief if you can. The Taiyōmichi Empire brings gifts and good tidings.” If anything, Dredge was good at what he did. 


Yet in the back of his mind he sensed something. Nothing overly dangerous, but a presence, and a dark one at that. Something that could potentially throw a wrench into his plans. Perhaps the B team could handle it.


@Akako Akari @Lacernella Rubra @PandaHat

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Rin only stared at Dredge as though he had potentially grown a second head. She had no reason to say anything else, for the time being she would simply observe and watch. However, she noted something quite peculiar…

The poor farmers and cropholders were healthier than they should be. Was it an anomaly from their goods, or was there foul work at play here? Er…was it foul if it helped them? Rin scrunched her nose briefly, the albino taking Dredge’s attempted dance into consideration.

Maybe she should not have volunteered for this job. When Akako had mentioned sending someone with Aiyoku, Rin had been the first to answer the call, now, however, she was not too sure. Aiyoku did not seem eager to be present either, so at least they were in the same boat there.

“At least it’s not freezing on this side. The last time I was in the mountains I nearly froze.” Rin sighs, dismounting from the wagon she had perched upon as she looked to Aiyoku.

“Shall we watch for now? Or intervene? Or….What in the devil is he doing?” Rin gestures vaguely to the music and all. “Ah, well. I am curious to get a closer look.” The medic murmurs as she begins her descent into the villagers below. She carefully slips through them like a breeze as she examines them with passing glances.

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@Lacernella Rubra

There was something going to happen.. Something that will come from the sky. Nobody knew exactly why but.. There in the sky was something coming in quick.. Like it was some extra terrestrial being's space-ship..Their assumptions were probabaly correct.

There was an alien space-craft approaching the ground at hypersonic speeds as the aerodynamic effects really started to gradually ramp up on the heatsheild of the space-craft but luckily it didn't break or explode due to "alien technologies". But it began slowing down gradually and basically slowed its way down until it was sub-sonic. Anyway, the space-craft was black and metallic and it was approaching their location.. It looked like a shooting star in the sky. Something unpredictable will happen when they will encounter this being.. Who was it? What was behind the shooting star effect?

Looks like they are going to be finding out very soon.


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" So...M'Lady. I know that... you ain't the chief and all... And... ahhh... The chief is out of town.... so we was wonderin'.... since yer all smart..."  Two men approached her. Jones seemed nervous as he stood next to her. "Plus, yer good...with the whole... sorcery thing." He wiggled his fingers in the air in front of him to denote what he thought were the motions needed to cast a spell. Gisela folded her arms across her chest, stepping forward as the rest of the village seemed to cower. 

The trolls that were handing out pamphlets were able to do so without much of a hassle. Normally, there was a slight hustle and bustle during the daytime in the village, but this day, the village was silent. The atmosphere was tense as the visitors were able to easily distribute their materials. The music flooded the entire area. The silent villagers were witness to Gisela's approach to the one dancing. Her eyes caught the new farming equipment. These villagers needed that. It took time, but she was sympathetic to their cause. Everyone had a place in the entire world. This wasn't exactly her place, but this was a good vacation.

The wildly unpredictable nurse walked over to the floating gifts and examined everything. "It's your lucky day. I've been nominated as the chief because I know the whole sorcery thing." Her voice lacked emotion. Her face lit up as she began to realize what just happened to her. The tall blonde woman wearing a pristine nurse's uniform grinned from ear to ear. "Was that a mating dance?" She asked with a giggle. "You shouldn't have." A wave of her perfectly manicured hand and she spun around on one heel. 

The delight she felt was quashed as someone pointed to the sky and let out a scream of terror. 

The villagers are superstitious. What kind of game is this?

Predictably, the villagers scattered, running away and into their homes to hide. From several of the homes, there were sobs of terror. The words "bad harvest" and "misfortune" and "famine" all were screamed at the sight of the black ship. Gisela couldn't hide her fury. She turned to Dredge, violet eyes glowing slightly. "What was that?" It was the most tactful thing she could think to say. She then turned to the entourage, the trolls, the ogres, Rin, the weird familiar, then upwards to the sky. She rolled her eyes, spinning once more. "I haven't had this much fun since Norkotia." She said to herself. 

"Do what the Welanders do. Bow." She bowed at her waist. Her motions were almost mechanical as the mad nurse rose to stand straight. "Say words of gratitude and flattery." She whispered. "Thank you for the gifts. I will never be as generous and gracious such as yourself, honored guest. My name is Gisela Valance." Her face split into the mad grin once more. Her eyes gave a mischievous glimmer as she asked. "Might I have your name, please?" 

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As it gradually approached the village... The Alien's space-craft landed down near their village...It's landing pads would deploy and engines slowing it down as it began to land just 20M off the village but the space-craft was fairly big..At the size of a private jet. It looked certainly awesome and slick.

Bildresultat för blackbird spacecraft


The airlock of the space-craft opened and with a "PSH" sound it began fuming some nitrogen out of it.. Who was this guest who landed near their

Nesy would come from the top of the ship and ran over to the edge and frontflipped down and then landed on the ground with his 2 feet. The grass was soft..Nesy would have a loud voice and said.. "I'm sorry about that.." the outworthly being blurted out. Who was he? What was his intentions to this village? What did he want? Many questions arose about what this space-ship was but...It was rather mysterious.

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@PandaHat @Akako Akari @Lacernella Rubra

There needed to be a moment to straighten a few things out. There was a lot happening right now, but there was in fact one thing that wasn’t. Questions and mystery, at least on the front of the alien ship that just decided to park itself while the forces that wished to claim Alverton were at work. So let’s just address the whole alien situation. Who was he? An alien. What were his intentions for this village? No one cared. What did he want? To get back in his little space car and piss back off to wherever he came from, or else. That pretty much settled the deep and phantasmic mystery that was this alien, a real Nancy Drew case open and shut. 


Besides, Dredge was born into a universe where space travel was common. He commanded war fleets with destroyers hundreds of times bigger than this. Now the only thing left to decide was what to do, and luckily Dredge was a man of action. With the elected village chief asking him for his name, the armored behemoth simply turned around and gave a gracious bow. 


”Please excuse me for just a moment, my dear. A beauty as ravishingly gorgeous as yourself deserves a proper introduction.” Dredge then proceeded to stomp over to the alien until they were a few feet apart. 


His seven foot tall and iron clad demeanor presented nothing but strength and deep and terrifying aura that would inform the fellow alien on this world that Dredge was a conqueror. There were no mysteries, no questions to be asked, nothing but the information that he had burned entire worlds for less. He wasn’t the one and he was clearly in the middle of something. So with every bit of restraint that he could muster up, he kept himself from destroying this alien and his ship. 


”Hi. We’re kind of in the middle of something here. So if you could please get back into your vehicle, turn it on, and fly away back to anywhere but here. That would be just great.” Dredge said as the fake niceties faded. 


”Cause if you don’t in the next... let’s say 15 seconds?” Dredge looked back at his comrades and the village chief. 


”Fifteen seconds good?!” He asked them without really caring what their answer was before turning his head back to the space traveler. 


”Yeah fifteen seconds is great. If you don’t don’t imma cave your fucking face in then extract your spine from your body and use it as a back scratcher. So we good?” Dredge asked in a very calm fashion, as if what he said wasn’t a threat but a promise from a man who had done much much worse to people. 


Dredge really hoped this alien was smart enough to realize that if he didn’t fly away, at best his odds were two against three of the village chief decided to join him, and at worst it was four on one if she threw in with them. His greatest odds of survival were to get in his ship and go home.

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The alien was not hostile.. Norr he burned any worlds or anything.. He was innocent.

"Sorry about that..It was a mistaken landing spot.. I'm just your casual explorer man.. No need to be hostile sounding towards me..." He gave a small litle nod and he stretched his arms and he backed away to his spaceship.

"My intentions here are adventure... If ya'll in the middle of something heh.. Then I shall back off.." The Alien bagan slowly backing away to his space-ship.. Then he'd jump right on the space-ships roof and he'd sighed.. Shaking his head..
He whispered to himself.. "Nesy." He said his name as a small whisper.
He thought.. "Why do people have to be so unwelcoming..Altough some of them are..." The poor innocent alien lad would walk towards the airlock.. He was not happy tho. Altough he was approaching the airlock unless someone stopped him.. Will this alien be stopped and become friends? Or will he simply just leave?

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Aiyoku seated herself next to Rin and watched on with a look of exasperation. It wasn't often that she questioned Akako and her decisions, but the serpent found herself wondering what possessed Akako to take Dredge in. 

"I'll watch. My patience is thin, and any more interaction will likely send me into a blind rage." 

Then Rin was off and into the crowds. Aiyoku remained seated and watched everything with apathetic eyes. Every so often, her serpent tongue would taste the air. After a moment, the familiar closed her eyes and allowed herself to bask in the warm sunlight while Dredge managed things well enough on his own. If he needed her, he'd say so. One thing she had learned about the Dark Lord was there wasn't a shy bone in his body. He was loud, boisterous, and had no qualms taking what he wanted. 

There was a vibration, unlike the ones already present, and Aiyoku's eyes opened. Light violent eyes spotted the ship or at least the vaguest outline of it, missing the finer details as her eyesight wasn't terrific.  When the thing landed, Aiyoku watched what unfolded and the confrontation with Dredge. Her head tilted, and finally, she laughed under her breath. The stranger departed with no fuss, and everything seemed to progress as if nothing happened. 

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Gisela’s eyes were upon the alien’s craft. Anger welled up in her very being. Her fists clenched, then relaxed. If the visitor could show restraint, she could at least try. She inhaled sharply, then exhaled very slowly. Deep breathing is what Hector taught her. That damn fae was almost like her rock. If there was ever an angel to her conscience, he would be that angel. “Fifteen seconds seems fair enough.” She found herself clenching her jaw, then releasing the pressure slowly without looking at Dredge. Her violet eyes locked into the alien. In her mind’s eyes, she could see her hands extending towards the alien, grabbing it, and in a strangely tender motion, stroking its head. However, that was not what happened at all. She stood impassively, arms folded across her chest. 


Gisela bit down upon her lower lip as she slipped into her delusion. Her eyes stared straight ahead, through Nesy. In fact, she hadn’t even noticed they had left. In her little daydream, the alien’s body was splayed open upon an examination table. Their organs were in jars of solution, waiting for a closer look and further experimentation. The chaos of what was happening around her faded for just a few seconds. Long enough for her fingernails to dig into her skin as she clutched her own arm. Snapping back to reality, she found herself staring upwards at Dredge. He was taller than she, which seemed like such a feat. But she was surrounded by kin, such as herself. The alien had gone without her knowledge, but it seemed like there wasn’t a struggle at all. 


“We should show our guests some hospitality.” She said off-handedly. “Hospitality!” Gisela’s tense stance relaxed as she clapped her hand. Slowly, people began to peer out of their hiding spots. Almost immediately, people went to work and the village was bustling with activity. Trolls were approached by curious children. All of these people were like Gisela, fae in nature, but a mixed grouping. 


“Welcome to our humble village. My name is Gisela Valance. The chief, he’s out on business, but we don’t really call him the chief. He’s like… kind of...well, you’ll probably meet him if you’re around long enough. It’s more like a council that rules around here. What kind of stuff are you selling?” She peered around, raising an eyebrow. 


“Do you have any Genesaris Explorer Scout Cookies? Otherwise, we’re going to have to ask you to leave. We don’t take literature from strangers. Not since the last time that happened.” The fae stood on her tiptoes in an effort to see over Dredge’s left shoulder.

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