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Dawn of a new adventure

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Dauner stood on the hill taking one last glimpse of his village as he was about to walk into the outer world on his first ever adventure.

Dauner was born in a tiny village north of Yh’mi in Terenus where he had lived his entire life. He had always dreamt of going out of his village and living epic adventures like most of the adventurers that had been through his village had. Each time they came, they told tales of their adventures. How they discovered new places, explored dungeons and fought monsters. Each tale he heard just kept increasing his desire to taste that same adventure. Simply killing the little monsters that bred by his village wasn’t enough. He wanted to meet new races, to fight tougher monsters and to see the world as broad as it was. For this reason, he had made up his mind to leave his village as soon as he turned 17.

After an eternity of waiting, the time had finally come to say goodbye the only world he’d known his whole life. He turned and walked away with the village settling behind the hills which now stood between them. He had a backpack with his food and water with him. He was well prepared for what awaited. The first place he had in mind was the mysterious land of Yh’mi. He had heard from one of the adventurers who had been there and lived to tell the tale, that there was a precious mineral there known as Ercaniron ore. He wanted to use this mineral to make an even stronger and heavier sword than the presently had. It took him 4 days to get to the entrance to Yh’mi.

The town of inns’th. My first adventure awaits” he said to himself putting on a beaming grin.

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