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The Forgotten

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One would never have guessed this boy was the surefooted and lethal beast from before. Kaige frowned as he bent down and tucked the cloak well in over the youth, shielding him as well as he could from the cold. From the quickly dipping temperature and the rising wind around them, it looked like it was going to be a nasty, chilly night. The stars were still visible, and the moon still brightly clear… but that only meant there were to be no clouds to hold in heat.

Kaige looked off across the land, judging the distance between here and Port Kyros. If he hurried, he could get there before long. He dug around beneath his tunic, procuring a small whistle. Placing it betwixt his lips he blew a long, shrill signal.

Dropping it loose round his neck, he bowed to the boy. “Kaige Severos,” he finally said. “Demon Hunter, at no one’s service. For the moment, anyway. You, kid?”

He raised a brow. “Mmm, you’re not a werewolf, of that I’m sure. At least, not a normal one.” He patted the boy’s shoulder. “Take a breath and relax. You remember, right? You did a good job back there.”

From the trees, a saddled horse trotted into view. It was a handsome stallion, bred from good stock, a bluish white with black stockings and a flowing, black mane. It sauntered over to Kaige, who stroked its neck and whispered a few compliments. 

He pulled himself onto the stallion and held his hand out to the boy.

“Unless you’re into the cold and being naked, Westwind and I will take you to Port Kyros, over there,” he said, tilting his head towards the town. “Just keep that cloak well around you – indecent exposure, you know. Just don’t change into a wolf again and eat my horse without telling me, okay?”

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The boy felt a bit warmer as the cloak was draped around him, the chill of the night already overcoming his shock. He then jumped a bit at the whistle, before responding to Kaige's introduction. "I'm...I'm Rhyko." He said nervously. "Just Rhyko." 

Soon, they were joined by a beautiful, albeit slightly intimidating horse. At least, intimidating to the boy. Forgetting his situation for just a moment, he hesitantly placed a hand on the horse, before he was offered a hand.  Rhyko stopped and thought a moment; getting someplace warm would absolutely be preferable to the cold. But did he trust himself to be in another city, after what happened last night? Even Kaige's word's seemed to reflect that. And what of this 'demon hunter' anyway? Did someone...something like Rhyko not qualify as evil.

But even someone as indecisive as him could only come to the realization that he would get nothing for standing out here and at least a death at this mans hands might be swifter than freezing to death. What's more, this was his best hope to figure out what was happening to him. With that, he took the man's hand and got atop the horse, doing his best to get comfortable, circumstances being what they were. However, as they rode to Kyros, something finally occurred to Rhyko.

"What do you mean by 'not a normal one'?"

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Full Summary:

As the black wolf walked through the forest, the very earth itself opened beneath it, forcing it to traverse an ancient, underground temple. Joined soon after by a spear wielding demon hunter named Kaige, the beast began sniffing its way through the long corridors of the profaned place. In time, it began to increase its pace, sprinting down the halls and barely stopping in time to change direction. Before long, the two spelunkers found themselves within a great chamber, occupied by a massive abomination of a creature, long forgotten by the rest of the world. After a hard fought battle with the two intruders, the monstrosity damaged the chamber enough to engineer a collapse. Before they were buried alive, Kaige and the wolf quickly escaped through the falling rubble of the ceiling and the earth above them, leaving the monster to be crushed underneath. As they emerged into the world above, the two hunters were greeted by the port city of Kyros, a sight that seem to cause the wolf to lose consciousness change shape. After shifting into the form of a young, naked man, Rhyko experienced a vision of a grassy plain and a full moon, followed by the black beast charging at him. Upon awakening, the boy was introduced to the demon hunter and taken to Port Kyros for the night.


Short Summary: 

A battle with an ancient evil, the two hunters meet. After taking the shape of man once more, the boy is left only with questions.


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