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The Adventures of Abraxis and Graymite 2019

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NEW Series!!! New Adventures!!!


Yes!!! The Rembrandt Project has begun somewhere in Norfolk, VA!!!!


But for now, let's peek on in our two most mysterious characters in the DCN Universe, Abraxis Jenee Invectium (17-24 years old/????) and Lord Graymite Anthine Jones IV, Conduit to Lady Abraxis!! (Unknown age/??????)


After many attempts to clear her mental damage, Benaires was once again deep in the books of the Holy Tomes, while sipping on some Cranberry and Vodka. Dr. Stephanie Fowler, age unknown, was busily polishing some Silverware while Ben was reading through a few books to try to find a cure for his cousin Lady Abraxis Jenee Invectium. The good Doctor smiled a bit; she was crazy about Ben ever since he changed her into a DAICHON on a stupid dare, and the two argued a lot.

"Hey, are you hungry ben? I could throw something on the grill for you while you study....How about it?" The lovely Doctor asked.

"Huh? Yeah......how about some roasted Veggies and some Pineapple Sauce? I'm sure you will put some meat in there somewhere for YOU..." he replied, all while stretching out a bit.

"Sorry Ben......you don't eat enough and it's really hard to keep track of your eating habit while you are trying to read. I don't want for you to become peckish you know."


Ben then got up from the couch, now stretching again. There were huge books strewn about on the floor, but he was careful not to leave them there as they WERE The Holy Tomes. "You know what? I have no idea just WHY the Elder Council elected YOU as the new Historian of our race. This isn't really happening is it?"


"Yes it IS....I'll get the grill started. Feel free to use the Shower and things like that Ben; you know my house; hell, YOU BUILT IT you big dummy... I don't get you at all sometimes, heheeh…" She replied, now kissing Ben's right cheek. Ben smirked; he didn't SEE the good Doctor like a girlfriend, but knew to respect her fully, as he did all of his loyal subjects.


He blushed, now turning away from her, "Ohhhh…...you're getting drool on me you mongrel....We ARE on the same TEAM here.....Geez, where are those TWO in the first place? And where is Xylex...he is supposed to be HELPING me on this in the first place....he's always late....!!!!!"


Abraxis marched into the study, armed with Bird Seed, and a few Spell books to read on over while Graymite was in the guest bathroom taking a shower. Abraxis leaped on Ben, smirking, since she did not know how to smile. Ben giggled, turning around to hug her in response; Abraxis was a delicate flower and had to be nurtured accordingly if everyone was going to help to find a cure for her mental shock.


"Well, someone is in a GOOD mood!!! you smell nice. You must've taken a shower with Lord Graymite huh Abraxis? You really are head over hills for him....Let me check your pulse and your body temperature sweetheart, okay?" Ben said, as she was to sit down on the Couch.

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Ben had summoned Xylex yet again, to assist him in arcane endeavors. This one was an odd one using magic to recover one’s damaged mind. The door to the house slowly crept open as Xylex had used his own powers to activate the tumblers. 


Behind Xylex was a large cube of his metal. Within it were several tombs, ranging to sacred texts to forbidden black magic. 

“This here is all the volatile information over the subject from my library. You know stuff that normal people shouldn’t be reading.”

Xylex’s seal also gave him access to practically all magical knowledge, but sorting through it... that was a slightly more difficult situation. 

“If push comes to shove Benny, I can always use my rights as a partial god to try to use a divine blessing.”

Xylex lowered the cube to reveal an nearly packed lattice of books. 

“Now before I move along any further I’ll need to see the subject. It’s important for me to better understand their condition to save time.”

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"Honestly Benaires, you really should let me know if you're expecting someone you know. And it is better to knock at a door FIRST Xylex!!! My name is Dr. Stephanie Fowler, and I'm Ben's attending Physician, Therapist and DAICHON's new Historian and keeper of the Holy Tomes, through NO fault of my own mind you." Said the good Doctor, as she was to smile and then point on over to Lady Abraxis.

"THIS one is the problem: Introducing Lady Abraxis Jenee' Invectium, age assumed to be between 17 and 24 years of Age. Lady Abraxis, this is Lord Xylex, Ben's Arcane Magic and Advisor to the Royal Council and the Council of Elders. HE will be studying your case to try to come up with a solution of some sort. He might look like a giant plushy toy, but is armed tot he teeth with Liquid Metal manipulation and things of that sort, so tell him what you can alright sweetheart? I'm off to get this food started. I'm a bit peckish myself; make yourselves at home everyone."

Dr. Fowler let herself free to roam along the long hallways and to the backyard to start on something to cook for everyone. It was a bit late in the evening, but Ben loved the night air in the Earthian Realms. Abraxis was holding ben's hand tightly; she was quite nervous about meeting new people whom she did not know right off the bat. Ben sighed, now coaxing her over to the couch to check on her Pulse and other things as a precaution. This young girl had almost Alabaster skin, and was quite cute in her ways. She had long hair that was neatly braided up for now, thanks to her other Conduit Argon, who was somewhere in the Great Library, trying to find answers herself.

"Xylex, just take your time with her. She's very, very apprehensive about letting strangers touch her, so don't feel offended if she doesn't open herself up to a new person, alright? Come on Abraxis, Xylex isn't going to hurt you, so just take a deep breath and try to stay calm dear, okay?" Ben said to her, now signaling for Xylex to slowly approach the both of them with extreme caution. Abraxis nodded to the both of them, now trying to take a deep breath and relax herself; she had been abused so badly that it was extremely difficult for her to let her guard down to almost anyone. She squeezed Ben's hand even tighter; was this person going to beat on her? Was he going to inject her with various drugs and put her to sleep for days at a time? She did not know what this creature was capable of and didn't want to jump to conclusions either.

Graymite had finished getting dressed after a good, hot shower, and was ready to eat something as well. He could sense the tension in the next room where Ben and Company were, so he just poured himself a nice glass of Ambrosia, now sitting at the large Self-serve bar in the second Kitchen.

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Xylex was a little worried actually. The first thing he would have done were most likely physiological tests to test for brain damage, but since he had to be gentle he couldn’t really touch or at least touch her with her knowing. Luckily Xylex had the perfect tool for that. Xylex suddenly sneezed into his arm, seemingly cause his nose was Irritated, but in reality to cover a dispersion of his metal as a dust so fine it couldn’t be seen. It then entered the patients body flowing around allowing Xylex to sense what was inside of them. 

“Oh sorry about that must have been dust or something.”

Xylex faces Abraxis with a heartwarming smile to ease her suspicions. 

“Don’t worry I’m here to make sure you’re at the top of your game. I’d just like to know what happened so I can better understand your condition. Don’t worry I’m not here to make your life worse.” 

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Abraxis could IMMEDIATELY sense what Xylex was trying to do!!! A strange glow of Red, Purple and Blue quickly began to envelop her entire body, as the things in the room began to suddenly levitate.

Her Telepathic thoughts was to suddenly broadcast outwards in a loud echo:  "Do you people think that I'm FUCKING STUPID??? STOP trying to invade my MIND!!!"

She immediately stood up, glowing and had a sadistic look on her face. She quickly snapped her head towards benaires, grabbing him by the throat, picking him up with intent on snapping his very neck!!! Her left hand then pointed into Xylex's direction, as the dust he was trying to use began exiting from her very body with such EASE!! This young girl wasn't falling for any kind of under-handed trickery!!!

Ben's eyes flashed that golden hue again; indication of Dark Terror now automatically activating!!!! Graymite bolted into the mini-library and slid still in awe: yet ANOTHER ability that was not listed in her report over the years!! Ben did not bother to speak; he was being man-handled by the same person he had trained NOT to keep doing this so that she COULD get better!!!

Graymite then yelled out to her, "LADY ABRAXXXIIISSS!!!!!!?"


Everything suddenly stopped!! She dropped ben to the floor like a bag of Potatoes, now coming back to herself. The Holy Tomes tumbled back to the very floor, still being strewn about in various places from their normal places on the shelves that were built just for them. Lady Argon then ran in to investigate the mess. Ben wasn't choking; he had a high tolerance to pain and his air way being cut off; he just shook his head and began to stand up to help clean up the mess that was made in just seconds. Argon began to walk over to Abraxis, along with Graymite to give her more comfort.

Ben then turned to Xylex, shaking his head, "You can't DO THAT either M'Lord. She's not stupid Xylex! Why not try an indirect approach such a CONVERSATION? Always works for the lot of us....you've got much to learn about this one!!!"

Graymite then cleared his throat, trying to make light of the event that just took place, "Well, looks like you're displaying yet ANOTHER ability that wasn't originally listed in your reports from the Asylum M'lady. That is fantastic!! i'll have to name it someday for you. Let's have something to drink while Xylex tries to speak about what's going on inside of your head then, shall we?" Graymite asked, never taking his smile away from his Charge Abraxis.

She nodded in agreement, now calming herself down in such a manner that Xyelex would not need to try anything else but polite conversation to begin the proper diagnosis.

"I do not like people trying to tamper with my body, no matter how slick that one thinks he/she is being, my body can detect foreign invaders."

"A rookie mistake again huh Benny?" asked Dr. Fowler, who now brought in a huge, silver platter of delicious-smelling viddles and treats for everyone.

"Xylex, you can't try those type of maneuvers with Abraxis; we all have tried the exact same thing and she stops us cold. Why don't you just try having a conversation with her sometimes; it may SOUND kind of cryptic, but it IS an ice breaker you know. Here, eat up everyone. I"ve got Roasted Strawberries for Benny, Fish, Steak, Chicken Breasts, Watermelon Slices, Beef Kabobs for the Meat-eaters, Veggie Kabobs for the Vegans, Uhm Orange Slices, Bird Seed for Lady Avixis when she gets here, Fresh Portabella Mushrooms that were Roasted in Grape Seed Oil and Garlic, Turkey Breast slices that are rolled with Cheese and fresh Mint Leaves, Rolled Mint Leaves with crushed Garlic and Veal Slices. Dig in while I go and make the Second course for you all, okay? Ben, don't leave this room like this please...…"


Argon then poured herself a nice glass of Ambrosia, now talking out-loud to Xylex, "It was a Rookie Mistake so don't do that again alright? The last time someone tried something like that Abraxis forced all of the Oxygen out that person's lungs; almost killed them in fact."







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Xylex saw Abraxis attack Ben he was just about to send a flying blade with enough force to slice diamonds in half to force her to release her grip when the situation disarmed itself. And before he could speak snacks were brought in as well as a little lecture on why he shouldn’t try to use such underhanded methods. 


Xylex picked up a portobello mushroom and placed some of the chicken on top as he crammed it into his maw. 

“I can understand that you don’t want me to exam you, however I’m no doctor. I can’t determine if the cause of your suffering is psychological or physiological just from having a conversation with you. I’m pretty sure you’d rather not deal with doctors, so let me assure you I’m not going to hurt you with my powers. I’m the current Don of the Farenhide family, rest assured if I wanted you dead you most likely already would be.”

A threatening statement like that probably wasn’t going to help the situation, but Ben must certainly have realized that Xylex wasn’t exactly a people person. He simply sighed. 

“Listen I’ll let you tell me when you feel comfortable enough to let me run my tests. In the meantime why don’t you just tell me about your condition.”

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Abraxis only blinked in awe: just who WAS this idiot making threats to one such as Abraxis?

Argon sighed out, shaking her head; Graymite only folded his arms in research; Ben just slapped his forehead in denial; why can't this guy just smooth things over a bit?

Abraxis then picked up her writing utensil, now looking sad as it were. She began to write out a few things for Xylex to undertake; things that she could remember when her "Memory Skip" wasn't acting up.

"You beings sure know how to make a girl feel comfortable. They have tried to kill me many times over back at the Asylum already. I can't remember much, but I was drowned, shot, stabbed and even poisoned with Sarin Gas. 24 Hours later, I'd take a huge breath and my body would be fully healed as if nothing ever happened. Do you always help people by threatening to kill them? I don't even know what death IS anymore. AS for my condition, even the researchers at the Asylum don't really know what's going on with me inside. I do not like letting people touch me, nor can only a chosen FEW get close to me. You have had your fair share of torturing and killing people and NOW you want to try to make amends? What's sleeping inside of YOU that WE all do NOT know about? What's that other voice trying to make YOU do things that you do not WANT TO? I'm sorry Master Benaires, but I do not like him; he has a forked tongue and judging from what he gives off, he should not even BE here. Come on Graymite, I'm sleepy and this is boring.....goodnite everyone....!!!"


Graymite only nodded in agreement; he was her Conduit and she was his responsibility!!! Ben huffed out in disappointment, but did not say anything. Argon poured herself another glass of the alcohol, trying to make heads or tails just out of the reply Abraxis had made at Xylex. She seemed utterly confused to this point.

"Do you always have to be SOOO judgmental dear cousin?" Said a soft and gentle voice from just beyond the Library door. She entered with a very long tee-shirt, a nice Choker with a Wolf emblem on it, and some Bird Seed in a Silver Platter, along with Avixis, Avus and even Rebecca!!! Abraxis stopped dead in her tracks!! it was the OTHER one who had the exact same PROBLEM that SHE did; only in that she had been completely cured of her mental damage!!! She stood about six feet and four inches and had Silver/purple hair that was very long for even her age of 17!! It was so-assumed that she was that old; Invectium were very difficult to determine for growth factors somehow. Abraxis stepped back in awe; THIS was the young girl that Ben had CURED of the exact same problem of Mental Damage!!!

"You must be Xylex of the killing Farenhide Family. The Master SURE knows how to PICK them. Master, this one is not good for Abraxis…..he STINKS just because of the BODY Count!!!" Said Ptera Invectium. She put her left hand on her hip just staring at Benaires. Ben shook his head, then stood up fully.

"Mind your tongue young lady!! I called for Lord Xylex because of his sheer wisdom. Now cut the crap and take a seat. Grab a Tome if you're going to try to find some answers or something. Got it?" ben replied defensively. She lowered her head, now whisking over to a couch to not say anything further, placing her hands into her lap, staying silent as ordered. She was red as  beet from ben just scolding her in front of everyone!!! Rebeccas snickered quietly, while Argon was to step on her foot in protest.

"Well, I AM a bit hungry; may as well grab some of this wonderful food then!!!' Shouted out Lady Avixis in excitement. She was trying to curb the awkward versions of conversation that had just turned into a big mess. Abraxis sat down, looking at the floor. How was she going to fix THIS? Graymite did not say anything; he KNEW what she was about to say to try to avert the situation back into diagnostics. Once again, her Telepathic Prowess would allow for her to broadcast so that everyone in the room could hear her clearly

"Life is about choices. My mother gave me NO choice when I was able to begin speaking while others were speaking. I could finish the sentence of a person while they were trying to say it since I was four. My Father thought that I was just a gifted Princess that was misunderstood. Being misunderstood doesn't even deem it for someone to have your VOCAL Chords STITCHED Shut. She thought I would speak evil, so she had it silenced. Then came the drugs, the abuse, the violent nightmares....The rapes were the worst. I even got pregnant seventeen times. Then Graymite found a way to get me out of that forsaken place, along with the Master. They taught me a lot over time and I really began to slowly get a grasp of what Love really WAS. I can't thank them enough for that. Then I started to...you know......get feelings more and more for Gray......I don't know where it came from or how it works, but everytime he goes away, my Chest gets tight and I get very nauseated. No matter who tries to comfort me; that void is still there and I loathe it when it comes. I can't really explain it, but it instantly disappears as soon as I see him. I don't know WHAT that is about actually....."


Ben then stopped organizing the room suddenly, walking over to the one of the shelves, reaching up to the upper left corner to extract a tiny book from the tiny shelf. He then walked over to where Abraxis was sitting, now passing the small book to her directly.

"You're Lovesick Abraxis. Graymite, take her into the main kitchen and make her something strong to drink; I have a an idea. Abraxis, go with Gray and read that book from end to end, understand me?" ben ordered out to her in a firm tone. She arched her eyebrow in curiosity, but nodded in full accordance, "Uhm, yes Master....if that is what you think is best for me. Come on Gray...I want some Ambrosia!!!"

Rebecca first started out to speak to Ben as she was to walk over to the Mini-bar to get some Ice, "Okay Furball, what is on your mind THIS time? Out with it you insipid Canine!!"

"We'll get her pissy drunk!!! I don't know WHY I didn't see this in the first place!!!"

"Huh? So, what's THAT supposed to do but give the poor girl a hangover ben? I mean, I don't get it...." Argon said, now hugging on Avus, who seemed a bit distant......Why?

"No......I see it now dear Furball of my Cousin. Let me see if I can guess this in a correct assumption then. YOU are figuring and pondering about the Asylum having her so drugged up that  in this different environment, that pursuing a Placebo Effect as it were, she will be much more open and less defensive so that we can delve further into her problem and try to come up with a solution then? Brilliant....simply brilliant. Since alcohol affects everyone in a different manner, the effects of Ambrosia may be the right trigger mechanism in order to get some kind of a positive response to find out further about what she could be hiding. is that about the gist of it then benaires?" Said Avus, who was now nibbling on some Bird Seed as well.


"I can't hide anything from YOU huh Avus? That's EXACTLY what I plan to do: get her ripped out of her mind, and then maybe I can dive into her thoughts and get some more answers. Of course Graymite will be there with her to comfort her, so what could go wrong? Seriously?"


Argon then nodded in agreement with Avus, "This COULD be the crucial benefactor that we NEED so that we can finally get her treatment underway. We would know what Therapy to use and what training to comfort her with so that she won't have any of those violent episodes again. And Xylex, you can't solve everything with violence you know, for even as violent that Abraxis gets, calming her down is much more methodical and less uhm….brash if you catch what it is that I'm trying to convey  to you dear. We know that fighting inside of Dr. Fowler's Mansion is against the rules as well; she MIGHT be ben's Employee, but she is STILL the Chief Historian of their race too, so respect goes all about in this place of peace; though Abraxis doesn't see things that way, hee-hee-hee…"



Abraxis was sipping down the cold Ambrosia, simply staring lovingly at Graymite. She wanted tot ell him so much about how she felt, but she just didn't know HOW exactly. She didn't know what that kind of emotion was just YET.

"So let me get this completely straight okay? Im in love with you...…..and it HURTS that I can't spend time with you. This causes one of my Charkas to tighten and become clogged with energy.... There is SO much about Love that I simply do NOT understand Gray. I DO know that my feelings for you are just soooooo strange, ya know? You really DO care, ever since the day I first fucking MET you......it's amazing. Does Master Benaires know about your ability to USE Dark Terror as a Self-help Magic yet? Or are you going to TELL Him dear?" She said, now scooting out of the bar stool and sliding a bit over to him closer, now a bit buzzed. She had drank just three 8-oz cups of the Ambrosia, but she was a terrible drinker indeed. Graymite laughed hysterically, then turned around to face her, as she drew even closer in to face him, ow blushing for some reason. She touched her Rosie-Red Cheeks and hiccupped twice, trying to laugh, but she just snickered loudly.

"You can't even laugh huh M''lady? ARE you going to let Benaires and Xylex try to examine you NOW? We really should be preparing for what's going to come next. And to answer your question, YES, I am going to TELL him today. You're pretty buzzed, but I think you LIKE that feeling, right?"

She nuzzled him, nose to nose only nodding, "You have to PROMISE me that the Master WILL be gentle. I don't like that Xylex thing. he seems a bit foolish, yet arrogant, and that is a great turn-off...even if I wanted him as a friend. Do you understand Gray? HE HAS TO BE NICER TO ME OR I WILL STRING HIS MOLECULAR STRUCTURE throughout this city!!! And don't you think that I CANNOT DO it, caus I WILL dammit!! I am The ABRAXIS......feared and drunk onetothstars!!! HIC!!"

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On 9/12/2019 at 3:54 AM, princeben07 said:

You have had your fair share of torturing and killing people and NOW you want to try to make amends? What's sleeping inside of YOU that WE all do NOT know about? What's that other voice trying to make YOU do things that you do not WANT TO? I'm sorry Master Benaires, but I do not like him; he has a forked tongue and judging from what he gives off, he should not even BE here. Come on Graymite, I'm sleepy and this is boring.....goodnite everyone....!!!"

Those words resonated with Xylex. Under his breath He mumbled. 

That which lurks in all of us. ID, darkness, the voice of the devil, it goes by many names, but there’s generally one meaning. That which places thoughts of primitive actions and perhaps destruction. To become it would to become only part of yourself; through self control it is part of us, but we are not it.”

Xylex sighed it appeared that he didn’t help the situation. He didn’t particularly mean what he said as a threat it was to put her at some level of ease that actions were not of leathal intent by suggesting she’d know if they were. Then it was time that Abraxis gave Xylex a threat. What she suggested sounded amazing, but since Xylex could turn himself into amorphous material independent of needing to stay in one piece that still wouldn’t be enough to kill him. 

“Believe me lady Abraxis I’m not here to hurt you or at least not intentionally, I can’t promise that your treatment will be painless.”

Xylex again did not mean this to be a threat or an ill conceived joke. He just wanted to be up front with her and be honest that not all magics were painless. 

“But rest assured that I will try to make it as painless as possible.”

He also realized to an extent that she wasn’t able to to fully understand what he was saying as drunk as she was. 

“Now everyone I’ll try a different approach. Oh and Whichever one of you owns this house, before you ask I’ll pay for the damages.” 

Before Anyone could even ask what damages Xylex sent metal poles into the floor surrounding him and Abraxis. They were emitting some rather powerful waves of divine mana, but rather than an ominous feeling one would feel at peace. Their purpose was to help keep Abraxis calm while allowing both of their inner consciousness to reach a meeting place, so Xylex would not haft to enter her mind directly. 

“Ok let’s begin. First I’d like for you to further explain that event in greater detail. The one where you should have died.”

Xylex thought that was a bit odd. A good as place as any to start.

(OOC: Sorry for the delay I’ve been a bit busy.)

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Abraxis was to notice something; she was in a closed area!!!! Her eyes bucked wide open, as she was to lower head; it was just like at the Asylum.

"Gray, where are you? Is he going to take you away from me yet again? I can't see my Graymite……."

"What the hell? Is this guy some kind of an idiot? She doesn't do WELL in closed spaces!!! Benaires, DO something!!!" Protested Graymite, as he was trying to get over TO his Charge, but since the energy field was surrounding just the TWO of them it was rather difficult to do.

Ben only shushed everyone, now looking to see what was gong to happen next.

"Just chill for a moment; I want to see what she is going to do next. Just give it time..."

"YOU are trying to take my Gray AWAY from me!!! I will NOT LET YOU!!! Gray...help me!! I hate this place...get me OUT OF HERE!!!" Abraxis yelled out using her Telepathic Broadcast. She then sank to her knees, crying and sobbing, now on the floor. She felt powerless; just like in the Asylum!!!

Dr. Fowler then stepped towards the enclosure, now glowing a deep Purple. She reached out one arm and opened her hand fully. The Purple mist was to completely envelop the surrounding area that had the metal poles into the floor. The purple mist began to instantly NEUTRALIZE the waves of divine Mana as well, allowing for her to enter the small area, where Xylex and Abraxis were. She then knelt down to help Abraxis to her feet and to get her BACK to Graymite so that he could console her. Dr. Fowler only giggled a bit, but then she said outloud, "Oh that's enough Xylex...what are you trying to do? Make the poor girl have a Nervous Breakdown? Could someone reset this room for me? Obviously this is going to be much more difficult than I guessed. I'm going to start on some more food while you all think this through. Come on Lady Abraxis, I think this is enough.  Graymite, take her to the Study so she can calm down. Spend some time with her okay? As for YOU Plushy-boy, Xylex,  your methods are not working. They are having an OPPOSITE effect on the girl. I'm a Doctor no doubt, but I'm also a DAICHON, and I told everyone here that this is a place of Research, History and healing. I will NOT tolerate any kind of defacing, damage or disrespect to this mansion, and that goes for YOU as well Plushy-boy. Why don't we all eat and get some sleep for tonight and try again in the morning? Ben, talk to your friend; he is very, very vipid and irresponsible WITH his powers, and that is very disappointing. He is supposed to be your ACE? Oh, I'm sorry, your ACE was SUPPOSED to be Ami Mizuno!!! You are SUCH a fucking IDIOT Ben!!!! Rebecca, can you help me with the Grill please?"

Rebecca nodded quickly, as Avus, Avixis and Luminous (Who just showed up to bring in reports to Dr. Fowler) were to all exit out of the room, leaving Ben, Xylex and Ptera by themselves.

Ben was busily reading through a Holy Tome, glasses now perched on his nose. Ptera walked over to Ben and sat down next to him, now picking up a Holy Tome to begin to look through the pages as well. "What are we looking for Master? Uhm, you never said anything about it." Ptera asked cheerfully. She had the exact same kind of Mental damage that Abraxis was dealing with right now, but HER damage had been completely repaired and eliminated by Benaires. So why was Abraxis' illness different from Ptera's?


"Those violent episodes are not just happening out of the blue Ptera dear. There is SOMETHING else going on inside of Abraxis, and I am going to find out WHAT it is. It's as if she becomes just a totally separate entity when she has a violent fit. I';m beginning to think that it's not even HER that is doing this overall, but I can't seem to pinpoint what is triggering the fits of rage though. She WAS getting better, and NOW, oh I don't know what is causing her to be so nervous and resistant. All of my years of training her and now she's a mental HEAD Case. What in the hell did they DO to that girl in that fucking Asylum?"


"Good question Master. I'm not sure what else we can think of to try to begin to break down her barriers. Without Graymite being by her side, it's all hopeless you know. How do we keep her from panicking and yet, how do we reach into her mind without invading it? There is more TO this than what SHE is letting on. Does she NOT want to get better and live a better life? So we cannot get her inebriated then? Mental connections trigger the violence, but she won't answer many questions when asked to do so. She keeps playing back the exact same answers from when Erika was working on that case with you all. Noone can be THAT mentally damaged to the point that they are just a walking Vegetable you know. We have to get CLOSER....we have to find a SAFE way to get her to talk more about what's going on inside her mind."


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Xylex looked at Ben with a confused face. He had no idea what was going on. He wasn’t trying to force communication. While the poles were indeed a means to pull her conscious out she could have very easily resisted  and they were supposed to calm her and she was freaking out like a demon in church. 

“Jeeze Ben you really got my work cut out for me. There’s definitely some sort of strange magic at play here and if I had to take a logical guess I’d say something demonic. She had a very strange reaction to my divine mana so unless she was born part demon that’s reason enough to make me think something like that is the cause. I’ll try to find some books over exorcisms. In the mean time I’ll purify something and you’ll feed it to her. If she has a violent reaction we know what the hell is wrong with her.”

Xylex placed his hand on his stomach as it stated to growl. 

“Well maybe I’ll have something to eat first and take a quick nap. Hey Ben is there any room I can stay in or am I sleeping in my pocket dimension again? Oh and what’s for actual dinner I know you made snacks, but this seems like a multi-day situation so I assume you have dinning planned out.”

Xylex had seemed to have just made taking care of his stomach his top priority. Which wasn’t too far from the truth, but he hadn’t completely forgotten the job for which he was selected. 

“Well now to think of it feeding her purified foods might be a bad idea. If she really is a demon she could die chocking on her own blood. Maybe I’ll just sprinkle purified salts on her or cast a detect spell or something ya know be a little more mindful, but if I want that to work I’ll need you to do something. Drug her maybe slip some uhhh well you know paralysis drugs for a lack of a better word without making it sound sexual, into her drink or something so she can’t run away or avoid the problem like she always does.” 

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"Uhm......I don't THINK its Demonic Xylex. It's LIKE something ELSE is inside of her...know what I mean? I don't think it's that...otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to cure Ptera here, know what mean? There has GOT to be something ELSE.....You know what....There are guest quarters althroughout this entire Mansion, hell I should know because I BUILT it. This place has 29 rooms and seven Great Mini-Libraries. There is research to do IF we are going to get to the bottom of this. She should'nt have rejected your method...though they seem a wee-bit archaic as they are....BUT STILL.......WHAT is protecting her? WHAT is making her act OUT like this? That is s BIG question. We have to stay diligent and assertive, yet kind to her. She IS my student you know.

Hmm... Okay, let's try something for a few minutes then Xylex. I want to PROVE my Theory.

 Okay...let's do this; Ptera, come over to Xylex and please allow for him to scan your mind....That's an ORDER Young Lady."  Ben commanded to his cousin.

Ptera blushed easily, now getting up from her chair and walking over to Xylex, only to bow to him in respect.

"As you say My Master....go ahead Xylex...you're not going to find anything there though....." She replied, now smiling in glee.

"Take a look inside of her mind and tell me what you are looking for Xylex, I GUARANTEE that you will NOT find a HINT of Evil inside of her....Just TRY it old friend..." Ben asked out, now flipping through even more pages of the Holy Tomes.

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Xylex started laughing uncontrollably like a mad scientist. Did Ben say he wouldn’t find a hint of evil inside this person? That was just about impossible. Good and evil actions are vaguely defined concepts to make ethics seem more absolute, but even ethics tells that murder can be a good action if certain criteria is met. 

“Ben I’m doubtful I that would find nothing. Almost everyone has the capacity to do bad things if their circumstances change, but if you’re talking about me finding some dark presence inside of her like a foreign entity I’m doubtful if find something too, otherwise she really wouldn’t be cured.”

Xylex waved his hand destroying most of the pillars all save a shard. He floated it to his open palm and upon grasping it it became charged with divine mana once more. 

“Still though the possibility remains that she may have similar circumstances and that a foreign dark presence remains.”

He turned his attention to Ptera and handed her the divine shard. 

“No need for me to invaid your mind, just hold that and if you don’t start slowly dying it shows you don’t have a foreign dark presence.”

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"Uhm, Master....can my Species even BE killed? I've never seen anyone of MY race even get SICK before...." Ptera looked at her Master and Cousin, now blinking her eyes in sheer wonder. She stared at this odd Shard, now just smiling some at Xylex. Ben got up out of his Chair, now walking over to the both of them, his body now emitting a glow of Purple, Blue and Pink hues for protection. HIS darkness was because of the Parasitic Entity Caos, and IT could detect a many things.

"Not that I know of Ptera. If they tried to KILL her with Sarin Gas and THAT didn't work, then I'm sure you all are quite immortal or something like that. Lab Results were inconclusive during the integration of your other Genomes, so I'd have to ask Dr. Stevenson about that dear." Ben responded, being sure not to step TOO close to the Shard. Ben's case was, "Eccecntric," as he had all kinds of bad memories about his race being hunted, his abuse inside of The House Of Magnus, and a slew of other things that he dared not to reminisce on too much.

Ptera smiled for a few seconds more, then just shrugged at Xylex, "Are you sure that you know what you're doing? It just feels warm to me..."


Ben then stopped suddenly, now backing away as Dr. Fowler was to enter in with Rebecca, Avixis, Avus and Lady Orlouge Red, who was the original Grand Librarian that had trained Ami such a long time ago. Dr. Fowler first walked over to Xylex, now reaching out with her left hand, only to pinch and grab his left Ear.

"What did I TELL you about being destructive in my Mansion Plushy-boy? Sit down and eat something while I have someone to get your room ready. You are hard-headed and I'm am getting sick of telling people to RESPECT my home!!! Ben, you'd better put a LEASH on him or he's OUT of here, you GOT that? I'm going to get Dinner...come on Rebecca!!! And pick up those Tomes dammit!!! They don't grow on fucking TREES Benaires.... Geez...."


"Master.......who IS that woman anyways? She seems pretty bossy and yet determined to make Xylex's life a living hell." Asked Lady Avixis, as Avus was trying to shush her from speaking bad about the new Historian of the DAICHONS.


"Shhhhhh.......Mother? Have you gone entirely mad dear Cousin? You CANNOT speak Ill of the Great Dr. Fowler!!! Now stifle yourself please!!!" Demanded Avus, now looking at Ben with worry.

"Uhm, Auntie, hehehehe, you will learn in due time that bad-mouthing Doc isn't something that we DO around here alright? Just be polite as your can, understand? The Doc is a very, very impatient and yet kind woman, so she deserves some respect while we are here."


"Oh...I'm sorry Nephew of Mines.......I don't know many people as of yet, so pardon my brash sentiments." replied lady Avixis who now bowed in courtesy to benaires. Ptera, on the other hand, seemed a bit puzzled as to why she was still holding the Shard. She shrugged her shoulders and then turned to Xylex, saying, "Oh, here ya go Xylex....I don't feel anything.... Are you sure that you KNOW what you're doing?" Ptera asked, now passing the Shard back to Xylex.

"I'd better reset this room. Stand back everyone....." Said Lady Orlouge, who smiled at Xylex some. "So Ben's got a rookie to try to diagnose Abraxis eh? This is going to be quite the kicker for this old lady....Here we GO!!! D'Thur!!!!" she yelled out, as mists of Time were to travel into the very room, only to pick the Tomes up and place them back on their proper shelves, refresh the Carpet and the Tapestries, along with also removing anything else that Xylex had done while using his skills to try to diagnose Abraxis. The Mists then disspated with the room now smelling fresh, clean and organized. Ben then patted the older DAICHON on her shoulder, giggling some.

"You still got the old refresh Magicks huh Lady Orlouge?"

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Dr. Ray Blotch was deep within the lower levels of the House Of Magnus, for which Benaires and only a few selected others had been ever-so-familiar with. He was looking through various Data Sheets and materials, trying to get a grip on just what had gone wrong so many years ago.

"What went wrong during all of this? I can't put a finger on it." Thought Dr. Blotch as he searched through Computer files slowly, trying to put things back toge4ther from many years ago. The Hen House was closed, and all that he had left were failed Test Subjects and a gigantic Cold Storage Chamber named, "Thrax-900-C."

"We are to recover what was taken from us....then?"


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 It had been months since Ami had smelled the fresh air of earth, and Dr. Fowlers...Healthy...Idea of cooking. The evening air felt wonderful as she stood outside the mansion, listening to the commotion going on inside and shaking her head, her keen hearing picking up on the conversations. Thrax and Abraxis? Those two names had come up in her travels. She had information concerning those two that Ben would be most pleased to hear. For just a moment more, she watched the sky darken. By now, Ben likely had sensed her arrival, so she just opened the door and walked into the foyer, its vaulted ceiling giving it the effect of being a massive room.

In her human form, she took off her long black trench coat and hung it on the coat rack near the doors. Looking across the foyer and down a long hallway, she could hear voices echoing. Something strange just occurred to her. Everything she had learned led back to Ben and this double entity. She winced as she followed the voices. They definitely did not want to know what she had to do to aquire the information she had. Some of it was painful for her, deadly for others, and her line of work was definitely in the high risk category. But thats what she lived for. A slight limp was all there was to tell of her injuries though. She was healing fine. 

She found them tucked away in a room full of books. She recognized the Holy Tomes on the shelves and tables. At this still, eh? It was begining to look like she had again arrived at just the right time. She shook her head then stepped in.

 "My Prince." She said, bowing low at the waist. She grunted softly as she returned to her erect posture. That smarted. "I've returned, and I bring you news, among other things." She continued, reaching into one of the pockets on her loose cargos and pulling out a small square of paper. "Where is this Dual?" She asked, referring to Thrax and Abraxis. "My Prince, I have located the body of the one you name Thrax." She began unfolding the square, and it became a sheet of paper so large it touched the floor and wilted at the sides.

 "It is inside ASCAB LABORATORY, in the lower levels. They're keeping it preserved in some sort of chryogenic sleep, similar to the Conversion Sleep." She continued to explain as she used and empty chair and draped the large paper over it so everyone could see the front of it. "And this, is a map of ASCAB and all its levels and security measures, checkpoints, cameras, lasers are marked. This will allow us access." She said, then motioned towards the top with the surface floor. "Cant just transport in, they've found a way to block us, in, once we are inside. So it will allow a Daichon through it, but not out it."

She paused, and looked at Ben. "And something that was recurring in everything was a Doctor Ray Blotch. Who is he?" And then as if it dawned on her that there were actually others in the room, she looked around and then laughed a little. "Pardon me, everyone, where are my manners. Ami Mizuno, at your service."

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