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Yo! What is up here?! I am new. :))

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Greetings ladies and gentlemen! My nickname is: Nesy. But I have a real name but yeah uh... I don't like to share my real name online..

Anyway! ?

I'm from Sweden! ?

I'm a semi-literate/literate person during roleplaying.. So there shouldn't be an issue with me roleplaying with literate roleplayers.
So, I have loads of favourite roleplaying genres and stuff... Allow me the state what I like.


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, I'm genre flexible anyway so I'm mostly fine with anything.
I like fantasy races such as: Devils,Demons,Angels,Godesses,Elves,Pixies and all that.. Fantasy races are always allowed too for my standards as I'm flexible and fine with that.

I do have some good grammar and some okay-level spelling. May sometimes mispell words.. However it's not a big issue as that uncommoningly happens.
I do not have an OC yet, but I'd love to roleplay with anyone to be honest.. I don't roleplay as a female as I suck at doing so.. But I'm a male roleplayer anyway.
I prefer 1x1 roleplaying and group roleplaying.

I really really love to do some roleplaying with anyone and we can always brainstorm..

Hope we meet in our PMS to get to know eachother more ?

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Welcome to Val, buddy :P


Water Cooler is where we stare blankly at a column of moving articles hoping that something interesting pops up. Personally, I’ve been staring at it for 3 days, and the Cooler appears to be in a bit of a dry spot currently.


This is the Tavern of Legend (TOL), where most new people go in order to get a grasp of the culture on here. First Thread at the very top is the In-Character section.

My time in TOL hasn’t expired yet, so I’m down to talk to whatever character you can come up with, and perhaps we could do some arm wrestling for a beer or two.

Waddya think bruv? owo

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For 1x1, you’d probably have to ask someone who you’re comfortable with/is comfortable with you. Another alternative is to look for “Hub” threads which compose of open interaction between characters from all over Valucre who have built stories and reputations and kind of already know each other. That’s one way to be social and to meet people in character. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any of those threads going on right now unless @Jotnotes‘s event is still going on...?

Tavern of Legend is actually pretty fun ? I’d highly recommend that you hop in, have a look around, and see who happens to pop up. The reason why the TOL has been so dead recently is because our TOL hermit @ODSTDRAGON appears to have gone for a while.

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Firstly, character creation. You need to have a character concept or at least a character in mind because one cannot roleplay without a character... Except in some really weird circumstances but that’s besides the point xd

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