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Looking for my first roleplayer! I'm very new.

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Hello ladies and gentlemen! My name is (cannot tell in real life) but I can tell my nickname! Nesy. 

Alright friends. So I am very new to Valucre.. I was wondering if anyone could roleplay with me.. Doesn't matter if it's 1x1 or a large group. I'm flexible with everything.

I'd love to use my new alien OC.. So if there's anyone interested please message this topic... 


Nesy has newly arrived to this planet and he's very new. He does not know everything or non anything. So please feel free to teach my OC about this wonderful world! Thank you very much! ?


I'm just a very bored lad.. ;(

Looking anything spicy yknow. 

Anyone may satisfy me.

My OC: 


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Greetings and salutations! Let me introduce myself formally.

My name is Sanonymous, synonymous with anonymous. I am a new RPer as well! Granted I have stayed quite longer than you have, but I don't doubt you're well experienced in writing in RPs as well.

You see, I have this organization called the VCF which is (basically a rip off and) kind of like the SCP Foundation. The founder, OS-01 is a human who has gained immortality through travelling through the Vortex, and arrived into Valucre. His past is unknown (I might hint towards his past in the future) but he knows he did not originate from this world, much like your character.

Perhaps the two can meet? Of course granted your character comes willingly.

If not, he'll meet some of the FSTFs VCF has to offer, and fair warning

They aren't as gentle as if you were to just come willingly ?

Can't wait for your reply!

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