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Seren Mirage

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A Lost Familiar


Basic Information


Name: Seren Mirage

Nicknames/pseudonyms: N/A

Title(s): Servant of the Avira

Age: 10yrs

Apparent Age: Mid to late teens

Race: Appears harpy-like, but is technically a shapeshifter

Gender: Genderqueer, uses he/him and they/them interchangeably

Sexuality: Pansexual

Marital Status: Unmarried

Birthplace: Terrenus

Alignment: Chaotic Good




Physical and Appearance

To clarify, Seren is a shapeshifter so a lot of these are more of... Rough estimates.


Weight: Can go from 2 pounds to 140 pounds

Height: Anywhere from 23" to 5'9ft

Physique: Lithe and flighty in all forms, mildly feminine in humanoid form

Eyes: Dark brown / near-black

Hair: Shaggy black that covers his eyes when humanoid

Complexion: Sickly pale

Voice: Scratchy and deep

Tattoos/markings: None

Unique traits: In raven form he's completely normal and average. In humanoid form he can be distinguished with these traits: large, black feathery wings sprouting from his shoulderblades area and ending at his ankles. Bird-esq feet starting at the knee. Black feathers sprouting out of his chest, going down to his bellybutton.

Typical Attire: Normally seen wearing the clothes of his missing master; light, warm shades are prominent as are yoga pants and intricate tops.





Psychological Information                                        


Demeanor: Distant, Grumpy; Self-centered

Strengths: Intelligent; Cunning; Determined

Weaknesses: Emotionally closed off; Has difficulty accepting help; Cares little about rules or laws

Quirks: Ruffles his wings when unnerved; Chirps when nervous; Clicks his tongue when thinking deeply

Likes: Rain but not thunder or lightning; A warm, empty spot by a hearth; A long bath after a hard day

Dislikes: People who ask too many questions; being contained/trapped in any way; Rumors and people who spread them





·        Tinderbox

·        Waterskin full of clean, drinkable water

·        Crowbar

·        5 days worth of traveling rations

·        A bag full of random women's clothes



·        Duel pair of mundane iron sickles



·        Small magical amulet that glows faintly when within 50ft proximity of Avira, and is continually warm so long as both of them live (It has a twin amulet attuned to Seren's presence, but it is not in his possession)

·        A note with the scrawled words "FIND SANCTUARY"


Skills & Deficiencies




·         + Skill – Identifying animal calls (particular bird songs); Skilled scratch-cook; Quick learner


·         - Deficiency – Unaccustomed to some human customs and instead supplements bird customs; Difficulty acknowledging the worth of others; Awful at haggling prices




·         + Advantage/Skill – Fast and battle-ready in any situation; Willing to forfeit morals in order to win; Can use shapeshifting while fighting to avoid blows, or move to a more advantageous position


·         - Deficiency – Low pain tolerance; Doesn't know when to stop; More willing to flee than fight




Ability Class/Tree - Shapeshifter

Capabilities: Seren can move between two distinct forms; his raven form, and his humanoid form. He can transform into other animals, but he'll appear as a mass of black feathers in the vague shape of said other animal instead of taking a proper form.

·         Active | Moving Between Forms – He can actively change forms, but the transformation usually takes around 6 seconds and is tiring.

·         Passive | Maintaining A Form – He can maintain whatever form he is currently in without effort exerted.


Weaknesses: All injuries will be carried over; Can be trapped in cages too small for him to shift inside (ex: a heavy duty cage built for a raven he couldn't shift out of, since he'd just crush himself); Cannot transform into anything smaller than a raven.

Miscellaneous: This power was gifted to him by a sorcerer who took pity on his hopeless search for his master.




Seren's story began ten years ago, when his egg was found and hatched by one Avira Iquora. She was a young apprentice wizard, and at the time had no plans except for helping little Seren survive until adulthood. And as he grew, she grew, and they found happiness in each other's presences. Things felt right to Seren, to spend his time and life with her, and Avira decided to keep him as a pet and eventually take him as her familiar. Things were good, and they stayed good for the next ten years as Avira continued to explore her magic and Seren stayed by her side faithfully.

But one day, years after Avira had finished her apprenticeship and taken to a house in the wilderness to experiment with her magic, she decided to try something dangerous. She wanted to peek into one of the outer realms, and gather data to hopefully built a portal to these worlds of chaos so they could be harnessed for their magical essences and energy. Seren helped her draw up the spell in the middle of the swamplands that evening, but Avira sent him back to their home; she was scared his tinier, frailer body might get sucked into the portal and he'd be unable to do anything except get swept away.

So Seren left, and waited. And waited. And then the night had passed and it was morning, and Avira still hadn't returned. So he flew out of their home and back to the site where they'd drawn the spell, and the clearing was scorched and destroyed. Avira was nowhere in sight, so Seren searched fearing what'd become of her. But his searching came up futile; she'd disappeared, leaving only unreadable notes and a destroyed patch of land. Seren's amulet was still warm though, so Avira couldn't have died.

...Well, most of the notes were unreadable. One had "FIND SANCTUARY" scrawled upon it, in shaky letters. Seren took the note, and took the message to heart. He returned home only to gather what he'd need, and began his journey to find Sanctuary and hopefully find Avira there.

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