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[Class C] For the Public Health

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Minutes passed before the cabby spoke up, "Sir, we have a problem."

If that wasn't the theme of this day, Emile didn't know what was. He looked out the front window to see a checkpoint stopping and searching every vehicle that came down the road. There was no room for them to turn, so they would encounter the checkpoint soon. But if he remembered the map well enough, they were only a block or two at most away from the Public Defenders office. He quickly paid the cabby and ushered Hart out of the car. Before leaving he turned to the driver one more time.

"It would be a profoundly unwise idea to turn us in, you understand?"

The driver nodded, "I don't know you, I don't wanna know you."

"Good choice."

He took Hart by the hand and led her down an alley. The pair navigated the streets with caution until they finally reached their destination. Walking through the front doors of the Public Defender was like coming home. Emile went to the secretary and told her who he and Hart were. A few minutes later a middle aged man appeared and shook his hand before gesturing for Hart to follow him down the hall. 

"Thank you," she said before disappearing down the hall.

"Don't mention it."

For the first time all day, Emile sat down and relaxed.

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 After Doctor Hart reveals that there is more to Last Chance's inoculation program than meets the eye, two operatives are dispatched too retrieve her. Privates Emile Gareau and Ramsey Robicheaux set up a meeting outside Hart's place of work. They make contact, but are spotted by the Civilian Defense Force. Forced to abandon their original plan, the two steal a car and escape the scene. Soon after they engage in a brief chase with police before splitting up; with Emile taking Hart. He and the doctor get to a train station and board a train; though they are spotted by two police officers. A fight ensues, during which Emile disables the cops. Afterwards he forces the engineer of the train to skip to the last stop on his route. Upon arrival the pair take a taxi most of the way to the office, though they are forced to make the rest of the journey on foot. In the end Doctor Hart is delivered safely to the offices of the Public Defender. 


Privates Emile Gareau and Ramsey Robicheaux are sent to extract a whistleblower working for the Civilian Defense Force.


- Doctor Hart is delivered safely to the Public Defender. 

- Two Last Chance police officers are wounded, but not killed. 

- The CDF are aware that Hart has escaped.


- The next phase of the whistleblower quest can now be planned.


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