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Winter Wonderland

A Winter Stroll - Seeking Caravan Guards! [Genesaris]

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The Roleplay:

A thin piece of parchments sits stapled taut to the cork board on the wall of the tavern, it's text flowing and neat with an artistic flair, little snowflakes dotting i's and intricate, hand drawn scroll work making a fine border which gives the feeling of winter at a glance. It reads a simple message. 'Any adventurer looking to make good coin venture to Valjier and seek out Merah for work as a caravan guard! Relatively safe work! Applicants must be comfortable in and prepared for cold weather!' The contents of the message give little information, and yet dozens like it dot taverns across Genesaris.

The Pitch:

A league of young merchants in the Genesaris town of Valjier have recently formed a small caravan, hoping to leave behind the harsh winter home of their parents and make it rich in Union City. These merchants have chosen an inopportune time, with the first winds of the harsh Cold South winter rolling in. A perilous journey even in the summer the merchants worry beasts, bandits or worse might attack their freshly formed caravan - it is with this in mind they have sent word out, seeking any soul brave or desperate enough to guard the caravan for little money, risking not only attack but the simple harsh realities of the weather.

Hitching a ride on this merchant caravan is a young half-elf named Vaasa, leaving her lifelong home for the first time. 

What to expect:

This will be a 'light danger' adventure, expect at the least a few wolves and at worst a frost giant or two and is mostly intended as a 'slow life' type roleplay.

This is going to be my first RP in Valucre, so keep that in mind!

I am mostly a D&D player, so expect some level of D&D flavor in pacing and adventure style.

Rewards (In character):

Each guard will receive free food and travel amenities, 5 Kites (currency) on sign up and another 5 Kites on completion, totaling 1 Raven in pay as well as a permanent 10% discount at any businesses which are formed by the Valjier merchants in Union City.


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@AngryCacti Plenty of room! Happy to have you along!

@Moon Owl Larian seems perfect for the job! 


Alright folks, with that we have our adventure party. 

I'll post the opening in the next few hours and tag everyone in it! 

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I absolutely appreciate everyone's interest!

Unfortunately as this is my first time RPing on the site I don't want to overload myself, so sadly I can't accept anyone else. 

However this is only the first part of Vaasa's journey and once this wraps up I'll be making another adventure, so please do keep an eye out as I'd love to work with you both in the future!


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