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Greetings ladies and gentlemen in Valucre. A disturbing war has broken out between 2 races. One are Celvestians which are commanded by Nesy. One are Retruvians commanded by..Someone. This will become an epic battle in between 2 races! However not the entire force will be there. So what should you expect?

Ruined nature
Potential death tool.
Loads of violence.


How did the small scale war start out?

It all started out in the "Tavern of Legends Season 3." when Nesy got a transmission from his enemy that they have found him. While he was just goofing around with his extra terrestrial friends which was interupted by a warning. The Retruvians will send an entire arsenal of 1000 troops that will be hunting for Nesy and including eradicating this entire planet.. But Nesy wont give up because his troops will reinforce Nesy during the fight so the troop ammount is like 1000. This war will happen somewhere in the forests of Valucre in an isolated location 50KM away from the large Tavern.

So where will this war break out?

Somewhere in Terrenus in the wild natures. It'll start out silently but ends with total destruction. Will Nesy save Terrenus from total destruction by Retruvian forces. Or he'll die in glory? Time to find out who wins..

-- My OC.


So who's going to be the retruvian? It's work in progress but maybe it's going to be NPC's

Everyone may join this small little event I planned.

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Interesting, this may be a good dossier for future plans I have for my organization ? I was thinking a race-wide war would cause massive amounts of casualties.

The VCF will want to step in of course,

I'll be sending in a "small" detachment of Alpha-01 (Red Right Hand) nicknamed "Peacekeepers", VCF's first attempt to quell this war. 1000 of the best from the VCF, this'll be interesting ? 

Looking forward to this!

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20 minutes ago, CelvestianNesy said:

You have my permission to send it in.


besides the Celvestians are fighting Terrorists.

So you should probabaly transmit to them.

I see! I'll catch up first ? Then we can talk business.

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