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Masquerade! Paper faces on parade! [interest check]

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50 minutes ago, notmuch_23 said:

I'd post there, but at this point I'm pretty sure neither Thurgood nor Aveline are welcome in Ursa Madeum at this point.

I mean, you could show up, but I can’t make promises that Thurgood and Aveline won’t be looked at. 

11 minutes ago, Fierach said:

Am I welcome in Ursa Madeum?!


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13 hours ago, Alexei said:

I'll be there as time allows.


Let me know who you're bringing so I can go through the catalogue of characters and pick the right one.

8 hours ago, The Hummingbird said:

Will you have me?

judge reinhold agree GIF

8 hours ago, Thotification said:

I guess Holly can make an appearance...and prolly Ravenbush

do it fire GIF

7 minutes ago, Narcissa said:

I thought that map looked familiar.

I guess Milo's first act as King shoulda been: TEAR DOWN THE CASTLE AND BUILD ME A NEW ONE RI NAO!

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This is just a heads up! I had edited the very first post of the IC Thread to include a few items for everyone to enjoy. This is an open event, so you all post at your leisure and deffff enjoy yourselves on Milo's dime. If any of you need help sliding on into the festivities, please don't hesitate to ask for help! Just have general questions/concerns/hopes/dreams? Reach out to me and I'll get to you. To anyone who wants to find an elemental stone, do some arm wrestling, or speak to the dryads, tag me in your IC post and I'll play a few parts, or you can take control of the NPC - I'm comfortable with either choice.


I'll be dropping a few posts in the thread throughout the day ❤️

@Pasion Pasiva @Wade @MichaelTheLightBringer @Dauner Light @SweetCyanide @danzilla3 @Fierach @Alexei @The Hummingbird @Thotification

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