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A beautiful woman taking what she wants

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A waver, some called it. The beautiful woman whipped upon one between larger vessels, throttling brakes and boosts along her canal like a Mario Kart character through Toad's Turnpike. Water sprayed from the centrifugal force of her scooteresque board over the decks of passenger vehicles who abided by Shrine City's traffic laws, splashing civilians in nice clothes with champagne glasses who expected the typical serene journey down Shrine's winding byways. Where was she headed? Why, none other than the least diviest dive bar near Lion's Square Garden.

The beautiful woman walked into a bar and sat at the three-quarters-packed bar in the late afternoon. She got service real fast.

"Pour me a double," she said huskily to the 30-some year old behind the counter gilded with taps.

"Right away ma'am," he blushed, grabbing her drink.

"Make it two," she said before he'd finished pouring the first.

"Alright! Comin' right up!" exclaimed the young'un, catching the whiff that the lady could hold her own. 

Double-fisting and then downing both at the pace of about a gulp each, the beautiful woman's golden eyes flashed something between alcoholism and arousal. The bartender had other customers to tend to, but he would be back soon. Starting this kind of thing at a bar was fun, thought the beautiful woman.

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"It's not very advisable for a lady such as yourself to drink that much at once" a male voice said as the man took a seat at the bar just next to the beautiful lady. Dauner had stopped by to get some rest before he continued in his exploration of Valucre in search of thrilling adventure and hopefully dangerous monsters. "Give me your best drink" he said to the bartender who rustled about and got him his drink.

Dauner was dressed in his usual signature outfit. A black shirt, black pants, black shoes and a black robe with both of his swords sheathed behind his back. His presence just like everywhere he went to, attracted the attentions of the girls around who looked at the beautiful lady with sparks of jealousy.

He took a sip from his glass before speaking again. "Well miss, I'm Dauner and you are..." he said expectantly waiting for the lady to finish his sentence for him.


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"It's not very advisable for a lady such as yourself to drink that much at once"

The beautiful woman held up two more fingers when the young 'tender looked her way. The moving mannequin's deception was manifold; sobriety and motor control a concoction of conditions she had long since surrendered to someone with rough hands and rougher ideas. What was sweet and supple to those she could seduce was, in fact, a dead suspense on the very eve of rot. The beautiful woman's eyes were a deep forest green, her sharp eyeliner smeared slightly, deliberately. For the first time they grazed the spaces around Dauner, but didn't center on him at any moment. She didn't say anything because he seemed content with a one-way road right now and she had other concerns— cash register, shelves of bottles, the bathroom, a bougie looking fat man with a monocle behind Dauner. Mr. Bartender returned with two more doubles. This time he stayed, leaning an elbow on the bar to express interest in her drinking gusto— she knew she had some nice pants though, and it was likely the 30-some guy wanted inside. This other man, though, the new one...

"Well miss, I'm Dauner and you are..."

The beautiful woman did two things at once. 1) She raised her drink to the held one of her two drinks out toward Dauner, now finally gracing him with her tempting iris. 2) Her right coattail fell from the crook between her and the chair as she extended the second drink toward Dauner, seeming not to notice he had just taken a drink of his own. In response to the hanging sentence, the beautiful woman poured her half-pint on Dauner's lap. While the piddle noise signified her drink pouring out on his pants, she responded in kind.

"I am so sorry!" Suddenly the beautiful woman with the trenchcoat grabbed at the bar towels the Bartender had been idly wiping with right out of his hand and stuffed them onto Dauner's lap. While doing so, she rotated the chair in a worry that was totally unplaced until she was right next to the rich man with the monocle— and only Dauner and the bartender would see that she had orchestrated the entire situation meaningfully. As soon as she got close enough to the man with the monocle, she jutted her hindquarters into his chair hard enough that his stool went tumbling over with his large body sprawling across the floor.

The beautiful woman turned, helping the codger up as her apologies culminated in near-panic. She molested his pockets as she helped him up, grabbing coins and watches and even the very monocle the man was wearing, shuffling all beneath her own coat before the guy's fat rolls even stopped jiggling from the fall; and there she was to help him up. He figured the fall just jostled his monocle off, so to throw him off she held up the very glasspiece.

"Here you dropped this!" She said, assuaging his worries that she had taken anything from him. Then she sat back on the other side of Dauner and held up two more fingers at the bartender. Now this young man was skeptical of her. He had seen her pour the drink purposefully on Dauner and caught some of the commotion with the large guy, but she seemed well-intentioned and her words didn't slur at all.

"You sure you're good for more?" asked the bartender with a little laugh, including Dauner in the fun. "Just ask this guy's lap, I don't think he likes you drinking."

"I'm fine, don't worry." said the beautiful woman, shifting some metal under her coat as she turned fully on Dauner with those smokey eyes. "Right?"

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Dauner's placed his drink on the counter while his sentence was still hanging. The beautiful woman then extended her second drink over to Dauner which seemed strange to him because he already had a drink. He thought he might as well take it and thank her for the drink. That was before she poured the drink down on his pants. Dauner personally did not like having wet pants though he always found a way to get them wet at several occasions. He gazed at the drink pouring down onto his pants with his mouth hanging open and without attempting to move out of the way.

The beautiful woman then excused herself as she grabbed the towels the bartender had been using and stuffed them onto Dauner lap. Dauner was getting quote confused at her action and reaction. He very well knew the difference between a mistake and an intentional action. His confusion would however be abated as he saw the woman rotate her chair out of an unplaced worry and run into the rich guy with the monocle knocking him down to the ground. Dauner noticed that as she helped the man up with a whole package of apologies, she hustled his pockets successfully pulling out some coins and watches. It was then that he realized he had just been used as a medium to get the money which he expected would pay for his drink. He then turned over to the counter where his drink was with a smile on his face. He gulped down the rest of the drink in front of him before saying to himself. "I like her". He said this just audible enough for the bartender to hear.

The woman then returned to the counter taking her seat beside Dauner and ordered two more rounds. After the bartender had made his joke about Dauner's lap not liking the lady drinking, Dauner put his glass down on the counter. "And one more for me please. Both on the beautiful lady sitting beside me". The bartender looked at Dauner confused. It was clear that Dauner and the lady had just met but Dauner was telling him that both of his drinks would be paid by the lady. "You sure about that mate? You might wanna ask her first before saying you're drinks are on her" The bartender said as he shifted his gaze down to Dauner's pants. "And your pants. Aren't you gonna clean it up" he finished.

Dauner had completely forgotten about his wet pants. He thanked the bartender for the reminder as he took the towels and put the on the counter in front of him. He then swiped his hand over the wet part of his pants. The drink seemed to follow his hand as it moved over and finally off onto the floor leaving his pants now dry. "And I'm sure she won't have a problem with sharing some of her newly aquired wealth" Dauner said as he turned his gaze to the beautiful woman. "right?" The bartender seemed confused at this statement as he didn't notice the lady 'borrowing' some coins from the rich guy. He didn't serve the drink as he waited to see if the beautiful woman would consent to it.

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In her day, Elyah had been a skilled water bender. After being separated from her tribe in the deep woods of what is now known as Fracture, Elyah came upon a city of total abhorrence. "Tia," it had once been called, crawled with what must have been people years ago. The mutants had been twisted from an original state by a purple fog that exuded from behemoth plants that appeared to have wrestled all of Tia's great structures to the ground in an as-of-yet unsolved plague. She fought, ran, escaped her way to a once great Black Tower that was broken in half like a toothpick on the face of Valucre. Here, inside, Elyah found Him— or rather, He found Elyah.

"And I'm sure she won't have a problem with sharing some of her newly aquired wealth" 

Now, snapping from her reverie as Dauner finished his casual attempt at extortion, a psionic line traced between the beautiful woman's innocently clasped hands and the liquid falling from Dauner's lap. A gentle blob of the alcohol paused, floating inches above the dirty bar floor on which the monocled man once laid. After all of what Dauner had said- the beautiful woman had been too lost in her lost past to remember what- the bartender percolated with suspicion.

"Yeah sure," he muttered as the blob of liquid rose discretely from the floor and lingered beside the beautiful woman's head. Now was when he would have returned to the register and called the cops.

"Why, wait," she said, raising her gloved, bejeweled hand in an apparent effort to reason.

There would be no calling the cops, no reasoning. What happened next instead was as horrific as the woman was beautiful. It was immediate chaos. With a flick of her wrist at the man as if to rid the beautiful black suede of her delicate digits, the discretely floating blob of whiskey zinged at the bartender in a sharp line. Much to the shock and dismay of the bar crowd, the tender flailed backward as crimson sprayed out of the atomic line slit through his throat.

With a slap of the delicate hand on the wet bar, the beautiful woman mounted the surface and slid with unnatural ease to the register. Statistics of Shrine City showed that there would be trouble from the general citizenry and she'd better be prepared. Her second brain, the one that was really in control, knew this in its premeditation of this day. One hand plunged in between two buttons of her jacket while the other withdrew a folded bag by the opened seam and flapped it open, jumping from the counter and hipping into the closed register hard enough to dent and break it against the wall behind. Withdrawing a very familiar sawed-off with one hand, she put the bag in the same hand, holding the bag between finger and trigger as she grabbed the whole register tray and dumped it into the bag. As she loaded the bag, the first to attempt to hinder the prime suspect in the bartender's murder was upon her. Soon, an observant onlooker might guess, the weight of the bag would weigh her finger down and— BANG! The beautiful woman blew one shell and his brains out all over the nearest barstool denizens still in shock from the first murder.

Unlike last time the beautiful woman, for all she knew, was still all alone in her uncivil unrest; so this bar she would leave standing. Stamping on the bar in one leap, jumping over the bloodied who were most shocked and least likely to anticipate her vaulting over them, the beautiful woman was out the door zipping down the canal on her waver before most people could even understand what was happening. Dauner would surely be shocked that her smalltime crime would so quickly measure up to two cases of manslaughter, but two things were imminently clear: 1) there was about to be a lot more trouble in Shrine City and 2) he still had time to join.

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What had just happened was still a mystery? Dauner had let a murderer do her thing and walk away without lifting a finger. The events unfolded quite fast in front of him, and would make one think he didn't have the time to do anything to stop her. In truth, he did.

Just as Elyah had begun lifting the  drink that had fallen on the floor, Dauner took gulp of his drink exhaling it's bitter taste away. He taught it was nice to see others play with their powers. Made him feel like he wasn't the weirdest person in the room, though he still was. He was surprised when she shot it through the bartender's throat. He could have done something to stop her when she jumped over the bar and put the register into her bag. One brave citizen tried to stop her but had his brains blasted off. Dauner moved his drink away from the man as his blood splattered onto Dauner. Dauner however did not wipe the blood off as he wondered if the second murder was also because of him.

He thought that the bartender had been killed because of what he said. Maybe if he hadn't tried his little extortion attempt, both men would still be alive. But then he said to himself that that could not be it. It was too convenient for Elyah for it to have just been an act of self defense. After she had bolted and began her gliding along the canal on her waver, Dauner wiped the blood off, drank up what was left of his drink still exhaling the bitter taste and began to run towards the exit.

He pulled a grayish orb from his pocket and spoke into it. "Gozen, get over here fast". Shortly after he had spoken, a dragon came flying from the distance. Where it came from was unclear to all, but it was here. It swooped pass the bar at a high speed with Dauner being only barely able to jump onto it successful. "After that girl!" he said t the dragon. "You're chasing after girls now?" the dragon said in a surprised tone. "I'll explain later. Just go for now"

The dragon didn't argue with it's instructions and in less than no time, they were flying just beside Elyah. "What the heck was that stunt you just pulled back there?" He yelled at her.

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"What the heck was that stunt you just pulled back there?"

The thick mess of hair around the beautiful woman's face always managed to obscure the majority of her pale features, but the dragonrider would see her striking blue eye appraising him as they shot down the canal side by side. A singular emotion consumed its entirety. Confusion. As if never, in the entirety of existence did it seem reasonable for one to question what had just happened. The utter unfeeling, total disregard would strike him first. Nowhere in her tone was any indication of remorse, any attempt to justify the bloodshed. Instead, most evident was simple confusion with the fact that anyone could have the blood of the innocent sprayed on their very face and still not understand what had happened.

"Why.. I just killed a couple poor saps and took their cash."

The largest shopping center in Shrine City wasn't far down the canals. The beautiful woman and the dragonrider reached it in no time, disembarking their vessels and walking into the wide open market square. Fountains pouring into pools on the ground or great bowls mounted to the walls, wreathes of gold-flaked holly, and futuristic free-floating lanterns decorated the plaza. Birds flocked from one arching cranny in the ceiling to another high above their heads. The beautiful woman removed her coat, balled it up, and stuffed it in a trash can. She felt cold, even with bullets looping her torso and various weapons holstered on straps hugging her ribs, waist, and shoulders tightly. Running her hands up and down her arms, she looked at Dauner. He seemed to have suitably removed the blood from earlier off of his clothing.

"Hey, can I borrow your jacket?"

It wasn't necessarily uncommon for citizens to be armed, but the beautiful woman was moreso 'armed to the teeth,' as they might say. The duo was drawing some attention, especially with one of them having dismounted a dragon. Word about the slaughter at the bar hadn't reached this part of the city yet, but authorities would undoubtedly be on the lookout for the woman. That's why it was important for her to change her look if she wanted this little charade to go on.

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The lady was quite the mystery to Dauner. She had just killed 2 people and yet she was still able to put on a straight face like none of it ever happened. Normally, Dauner wouldn't fly with that and would most likely not be caught hanging around her but his sense of adventure told him that it might be fun hanging around with her for the time being. He might have been a very potent danger magnet but he too was easily hooked onto a path when it seemed to lead straight towards danger. He looked at the lady puzzled for a while before turning his head to look back ahead. He didn't want to say anything more and even if he wanted to, he didn't know what to say. Not too long after, they got off their rides and began to walk towards the market.

"A friend of yours?" a voice asked to the young man from behind. If Elyah was paying attention, she'd realize that it was the dragon who had spoken. The dragon was then surrounded by a curtain of flames which shrunk before disappearing. The dragon who was beneath the curtain was no more as a young boy stood in his place. "She smells like trouble to me. Just the kind of folks you'd attract... or who would attract you"

"Hee hee hee. Well i just met her and she seems like a lot" Dauner replied as he continued moving. His earlier statement was proven to be right at each point when Elyah took off her coat. Dauner was flustered. It was as if she was preparing to go wage a war somewhere. She then asked for his jacket. Since Dauner didn't have a jacket and the closest thing to a jacket he had was his black robe. He unstrapped his sheath holder from the robe and took it off. Beneath his robe was his black, short sleeved shirt. He then handed the robe to Elyah before re-strapping his sheath holder to his shirt. The whole time, the boy who had been the dragon earlier kept his eyes on Elyah with an unwavering suspicious look on his face. It was clear he didn't trust her well enough to take his eyes off her while she walked along with Dauner.

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Weight: 470kg
Height: 3m
Composure: dragonscale with mokume-gane gilding; exaltis crystal boosters

The weapons suit dealer looked up from the schematics sheet at his customer, a young noble.

"Sir, I don' t have anything that can really.. improve your suit here," said Varges, gesturing around to his meager shop.

"Ah," tisked Eywyn, a young man with more privilege than experience on his life's plate. "I just like to frequent these shoddy shops to see if there's anything of worth. Sometimes there is, you know."

"Sorry!" Varges looked down at the register's screen on the counter between him and Eywyn, acting as if something important had just popped up. "Keep looking around sir, let me know if you find anything of interest."

Sneering, Eywyn snatched his schematics sheet off Varges' counter and walked from his shop toward the mall center's food court.

"Damn fool, doesn't even recognize a good customer when he sees him," said Eywyn to himself, looking at the honestly impressive schematics sheet for his suit. That was when Dauner and the beautiful woman, donning her new robe, "happened" across the rich-looking man's path. As they went by, the beautiful woman with her wide, perceptible eyes noticed the specs on Eywyn's readily readable sheet and became incensed with the desire to overcome him. This time, unlike last time, she had a brain on her. This would allow her to take over the body of one person she chose quite readily as opposed to last time.

Running into Eywyn, the beautiful lady fell to the ground dramatically when his shoulder impacted hers. A shriek emanated from her painted lips toward Dauner as she fell, as if he might save her.

"Ah, fiend! Somebody help!"

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Dauner and Gozen walked behind Elyah when Dauner noticed a stand by the road where roast meat was on sale. He made a quick stop buying some for himself and eating it as they walked. the area was a busy one as expected from a shopping center. People walked in and out of stores with the store owners wearing smiles from successful sales and others still expectant.

That was when Dauner noticed Elyah bump into a man and begin to fall. Dauner responded fast enough to her shriek catching her before she would hit the ground. "That was a close one. You sure are clumsy pretty lady" he said to her with an amused expression on his face. He was now holding her like groom would carry his bride and unless she would ask for him to put her down, he didn't seem like he was having any thoughts of doing so. If she didn't request to be put down, Gozen would then move forward and ask Dauner to do it highlighting that it might make her feel uncomfortable. Either way, Dauner would put Elyah down on her feet just before being captivated by a store in the corner and rush towards it. It will come as no surprise that the store in question was a meat vendor's store with frozen meat on display along with a guy selling more roast meat in front of the store. Gozen from his side would head towards a liquor store to purchase some alcohol for the road, both men leaving Elyah behind though not for long.

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It had been after a visit to multiple stores that the misunderstood and beautiful woman cloaked in the nearby Dauner's robe chanced upon Eywyn. It was common knowledge that he flaunted himself around these parts, so in hindsight one would realize it was only ever a matter of time.

The beautiful woman's eyes gleamed as Dauner caught her spinning form. Instead of settling there, letting any pretty moment happen, she kept rotating out of his grasp and landed on one knee and one high heel.  Dauner's jacket, large on her slim body, flapped to the side. Fine, if you will not help then I will do it myself. Her wicked mind, her wicked eyes, honed in on the pesky Eywyn— the pesky Eywyn who stood between her and what she wanted: his near infamous suit 'the Glauzer.' Eywyn Donnel was son of one of the highest nobles in Shrine City with an affinity for battle suits. The Glauzer had been on national broadcasts multiple times in the last couple years, and someone had taken notice. The beautiful woman was here to collect from Eywyn Donnel.

Dauner and Gozen absconded after remarking on the lady's clumsiness, undoubtedly in search of more meat. It was probably better they didn't see what was about to happen.

Daggers in her iris honed upon the defenseless Eywyn as a space in time around them seemed to omit all else besides them. Eywyn's body shuddered at her glare, fearing for his life, knowing he needed the Glauzer now; and not just for show. He needed the Glauzer, or he was going to die.

Two things happened at the exact same time.

Eywyn the show-pony quickdrew the signaling device for his Glauzer and the beautiful lady launched toward him. From such a stance, with such a frame, in such shoes, she lanced forward with unnatural and unbelievable speed.

But the Glauzer was faster.

From the very ground upon which Eywyn stood, a cacophony of exotic metals and thick, coiling, golden cables erupted. The unnatural, beautiful woman's right fist rocketed through the jagged, rising spires and pummeled into Eywyn's face just before the suit could envelope him. She blew the coward right out of his suit's reaching arms. As he flew, the suit wretched to a stop, frozen in its processes as his scrambled brain fought back from the edge of concussion. Meanwhile the rising suit chopped brutally into the beautiful woman's arm, straight into the bone but not through it. 

Yelping in terror at her own actions, falling back, the beautiful lady found herself on her ass looking up at the giant, unmanned Glauser. Skidded to a halt about ten feet behind it was its pilot. She exhaled a breath of relief, cradling her badly injured arm in her lap.

That was when the Glauzer's golden eyes illuminated and its monstrous arms came reaching for her.

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Dauner did realize that the lady had purposely slid out of his arms reach as he felt the friction from her forcefully rotating her body away from him. "Are you alright?" was all he said before taking off for the meat vendor after seeing that she was fine. Gozen too went off to get some drinks for himself.

Dauner was confronted with tons of meat all over the place. It felt as though he had made it to paradise. "Hey, old man!" Dauner said to the man was roasting the meat with a wide grin. "Can i have a taste of this? And that, and that and that. And that one too, it looks tasty" he said pointing to the different types of meat available.

"Sure. That will cost you 20 silvers"

"Huh? You mean i have to pay?"

"Sure you do. You didn't think it was free did ya?"

"Well ok then" he said pulling some coins out of his pocket. 1 gold and 13 silvers was all that remained of his reward from an earlier adventure. He kept the gold coin back in place and handed the silver ones to the man. The man then packages some but not all the meat Dauner had pointed at due to his shortage of funds. "Isn't this too small for 13 coins"

"That's just enough for 13 coins son"

"Ok then. I'll just take 1 extra and go along then". Dauner then sent his hand to pick on of the healthiest slices remaining. The man, however, stopped him in his tracks. Seeing as Dauner didn't seem like he'd want to leave without an extra, he gave him a smaller slice instead. Dauner thanked the man and was on his way as he ate the extra slice he had received. As he walked, he heard some noise from where he had left Elyah and turned around to notice her and a pretty menacing suit. "Seems like she's having some fun"

"Hey D. I got some drinks but i didn't have enough money to buy for all of us so i just got these 2 barrels for myself" Gozen said walking towards Dauner. He had a straw set into one of the barrels through which he drank the rum.

"I don't wanna drink. Hey, look at that" Dauner said pointing at a clown performing some tricks. "Let's go watch. It seems like fun"

That was when Gozen noticed Elyah and her new friend. He turned around and went after Dauner. "Don't go ruining the guys show ok?"

"I don't ruin shows. i just want to see if he can keep up with my own tricks"

"That's exactly what I am talking about" he yelled running after Dauner.

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The unmanned suit took on a "destroy all enemies" mode that was confused by Eywyn's attack. It couldn't process whether she, a regular looking female who had suddenly dealt its host so much damage, was worth being a threat or not. As such, the Glauzer lost sight of its justice judgment and began attacking indisciminately as the owner held out his hand futilely. Oh, where was that disengage remote he had? Probably sitting in a drawer at home or something.

As Dauner made his way over to the street magician, the guy pulled a bouquet of flours out of his hat that turned into a flock of pigeons. The pigeons scattered as Dauner approached, but it wasn't because of Dauner.

Eywyn rocketed into the magician's arms, thrown by the Glauzer. The magician caught her but the force blew both of the backward. The cheap street performer was aghast with such a beautiful lady on his lap, but had no time to process it as the Glauzer took aim at them. People ran as their benches were torn asunder by the mech's munitions aimed for the beautiful lady and her new accomplice. Flexing her powerful thighs around his torso and rolling the two to the side, the beautiful lady left the magician astonished with her pelvic strength and grabbed a fake shield that was supposed to be part of his act. Frisbeeing it hard at the mech, she lodged it into its midsection.

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The duo were just arriving at the show when Elyah came crashing into the artist. Dauner’s eyes shot open in shock. A scene unfolded with Elyah dodging shots from the suit with the magician in tow, and then throwing a fake shield at it. “You ruined the show” Dauner scolded Elyah as everyone else ran helter-skelter.

Whoa. Someone beat you to it” Gozen said, taking another couple of gulps from his barrels.

You guys should go play elsewhere. I’ll join you after the show” he finished with a frown.

 D. I don’t think they’re playing” Gozen said looking at the suit. “They’re fighting

What? A fight!?!” Dauner exclaimed as a smirk ran across his face. He then pulled out his swords and turned his gaze to Elyah again. “It’s not good to be greedy you know. Why were you trying to hog all the fun” he pouted. He then turned back to the suit. “Hey, dude. Fight me” he said launching himself at it. He deflected all bullets shot towards him and dodged those he couldn’t at high speed.

This oughta be fun” Gozen commented as he continued to drink his alcohol.

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The Glauzer was an 8-foot tall mass of black and gold metal. At first it had been attacking Eywyn, but as soon as Dauner intercepted it and began attacking it redirected its gaze to him. As all of its shots glanced off of Dauner's swords, the Glauzer jumped backward out of range from Dauner's undoubtedly incoming attack. Extending its hand, a hole opened up in its palm and an orb shot out. Rolling along the ground, it came to settle just in front of Dauner.

Then it lit up in blue and white light, an intense force of magnetism emanating from it that would pull Dauner's swords into the orb and attempt to pin them to the ground.

As that happened, the Glauzer which was dancing back with surprising deftness for so large a machine, planted its feet and took off toward Dauner in an attempt to shoulder ram him.

"Hey you!" shouted the beautiful woman to Gozan. "You should probably help your friend!"

That, or maybe Dauner could handle himself.

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