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Weak Hearts (Cradle)

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Rain didn't really know what to say about any of this. Listening to the other talk, he's in a bit of disbelief at the assumptions the man has made. It's a small and slightly embarrassing relief to know that the doctor had come back and remembered him. He hadn't been forgotten entirely. But the truth of the matter is it's been over an entire year without a single word from the man, and looking at the research and work the good doctor had done for him somehow didn't really make him feel any better about that. He had thought him and Marigold were on their way to becoming friends, to gaining a trust, and then suddenly Rain was left in the dark for over a year with nothing to go off of. Even now, the letter was a lie. There wasn't a complete heart for him, just a work in progress with the desperate proof to show he hadn't been completely forgotten. Just another very slim light of hope that Rain is beginning to get sick of wishing on. 

Forgive the exaggeration, the doctor asked him. Of course. He always forgives.

But after everything that has happened, and the man simply assumes they were to resume business as usual. It feels strange, and it makes him feel slightly uneasy. He feels like if he were anyone else, they would already be out the door after taking their money back. An entire year, what if he had died before then? Wishing on false stars for his one sliver of hope to return and give him a heart. Why hadn't Rain looked around for another of Marigold's skill, rare as that may be? Why had he simply given up looking for solutions to his condition? Maybe he's just sick of trying to fight it when sometimes it feels like the world itself doesn't want him to keep going. 

"Dr. Marigold I-" he starts weakly, blankly looking down at the metallic chest.

It makes him queasy. He looks away. Discussion of surgery makes him smile solemnly. Yes, this isn't the first time he's been told he likely won't survive the strain of surgery and that the risks are simply too high. Any surgery already comes risks, but in Rain's condition it was almost a guarantee he wouldn't make it because of his weak constitution and the weak state his body is already in. Marigold wanting to do the surgery himself makes him unsettled. Would he truly trust the man's hands to go inside of his chest cavity when he apparently can't even trust the man in general anymore? The man isn't wrong, even if somehow there had been a full heart today the risks just from the procedure alone would still need to be considered heavily.

He nods. "I need to think about the options." is all he can manage to say.

He gets up from his seat slowly. "I'm sorry, I have to go." he announces softly, unable to meet the man's eyes. "I'm not quite myself today I don't think and there's...a lot to take in. I am sorry for cutting the visit short. Thank you for your time, I know you're a very busy man. There's a lot I need to consider."

He doesn't want to stay.

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There was a great to consider and digest. It didn't help that Marigold was still recovering from his own long fought war against both a mad god and the crisis dotting Terrenus. Marigold knew the time apart had done it's damage and it would take much more than what he showed him to simply rekindle all that history in just a single bonfire. Trust was diminutive and he couldn't blame Rain at all. No matter how well he presented himsel; he dealt with plenty who looked upon him with unease and uncertainty. He could tell Rain was uncomfortable here. It wasn't like his little shope back in Antigone isles where everything felt much simpler.  He missed those days when Rain would come and bring him sweets, both of them simply enjoying eachothers company. Marigold looking a bit surprised as Raub stood up suddenly "But of course, it is a very serious operation and I want you to be confident in whatever option you choose" He said, crestfallen that the reunion had ended as quickly as it did. There was nothing more sad than to try and convince someone to stay "I understand...I'm feeling too much like myself these days. There is nothing to apologize for. It was too good to see you all the same." He had alot of work to do himself as he still had an entire generator to repair and complete wing to reconstruct. All the women in his life devastating him in some manner.

Marigold led Rain back outside the facility and gave him a simple wave, feeling hugs were a bit too much now. The doctor switching the grid walls back on and sighing. He couldn't believe that through all the madness and disaster he had been put through; he was actually starting to miss the constant prattling Lazarus always pushed through his conscience. It seemed no matter how far he had come; change still aimed to bring him to ruin in some capacity or another. Rain had seemed surrounded by loneliness just as he, yet it was preferred when compared to the merits of Marigold's own advanced work. Most were intimidated and frightened eventhough technology existed all over this great world of theirs. He supposed he would have to hold out hope as most of his kind did in such harrowing situations. Marigold vanishing within the depths of his facility, using work as a means of escaping such troublesome thoughts.

Rain eventually made it back home after another long trip, and found all the pressure of the day waning in the presence of familiar comfort. The day was nearly over and it had seemed as if two had passed by already. There was almost too much to think about and work out, and it was felt easier to just slouch on the bed in a moment's relaxation. That relaxation coming to an unfortunate end as he heard his phone ring. A lump of anticipation rightfully made as he saw the words plain as day in their chromatic display
Call from Constantine

"you have been given ample time to make your decision. What is your choice little brother?"

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The trek home was long but Rain has never been so relieved to his house fall into sight. His legs ache and he shivers, wanting more warmth than his body can manage to generate. Stepping inside, he sighs in relief, his face immediately crumpling into an expression of despair. What a horrid day. Truly. He always tried not to keep his expectations high, he didn't want to be unfair. But sometimes it feels like he tries not to expect anything at all, and he's still let down. He shakes his head, blinking back a tired wetness that begins to well up in his eyes. 

He's fine. He's just tired that's all. He'll feel better after a bit of rest. 

Rain slips off his shoes and coat, pulling the sleeves of his sweater further down to help preserve warmth. Tea sounds nice, something relaxing. Chamomile. But the bed is too tempting, he doesn't really need anything to calm himself down because the weariness in his bones call to him louder than his anxiety at the current moment. He just wants to forget about his horrible day for a little while. He moves into the bedroom, idly tugging his braid loose from his hair. His thing fingers undo the loops, allowing his long muted teal strands to tumbles past his shoulder and down to his mid back, curly from being tied up for most of the day. With a long exhale, he sits on his bed closing his eyes for just a moment. Before he can even groan in relief his phone startles him into a flinch.

Plucking the device out of his pocket, his heart suddenly spikes in adrenaline at the name. Swallowing thickly, Rain shakily accept the call. He hadn't thought of an answer. Oh no he hadn't thought of an answer. Why did he answer the phone he doesn't actually know what to say to his brother. 

"You have been given ample time to make your decision. What is your choice little brother?"

Rain blinks at the words, feeling a pang of bitterness seep through his veins. He had a choice? Did he actually? Constantine never made it seem that way, and with everything that happened to day Rain can't help but feel like he's somehow been a fool in ways he doesn't understand. And then his brother's cruel words ring back to him just before the man had told him he needed to come live with him. Constantine didn't want his death to show to the public. Not because his brother cared, but because his brother didn't want Rain's death associated with his name. As if somehow him dying would negatively impact Constantine's name or put him in a difficult position. But...not because Constantine himself would be upset at his brother's death, but because it would be a hassle in some way to talk or give statements or even be associated with Rain.

"Do you love me?" the question suddenly falls from his lips shakily and unexpected. Rain feels the tears he blinked away well back up in full force. "D-Do you even like me, Constantine...?" he asks feebly, voice weak.

He's been chasing after his brother for what seems like his entire life. It didn't used to be like this, but today...Today, Constantine had said things that chipped away at Rain's already brittle heart, and not just in a metaphorical way. This entire failure of a day finally got Rain to stop in his tracks and question what he has been trying to accomplish for so many years with zero results. What was he trying to do? What did he think would happen? Was it truly too much to ask for someone to love him?

Even his own brother?

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Constantine's day hadn't ended after his meet up with his siblings; It hardly ever did. Granted, he didn't work as hard as he did when he was a child living under impossible pressure...but it still kept him busy enough that he only had weeks at a time in leisure rather than the usual month. He could feel the crows feet beginning to form, especially if he kept gripping the bridge of his nose as he was doing now. The appointment was going fine, but he was lucky that his dull expression wasn't so easily read behind his mask. Orbs of low lit light dotting the cobblestone room the meeting was taking place; white light glinting off the many masked faces that sat at a large oval table. Constantine tapping the side of his obsidian made mask in gathering impatience. the gold engravings on his mask glinting against the magical light source as he listened to potential contract listings in the region. A rather paltry bout of chump change being thrown around for very little gain through the whole process. His interest laid in wait on the contracts they had to keep secret. Their top members being the only ones able to access the organizations black book. There were indeed a few that he had been interested in, one being immediately taken by the gas mask wearing foreigner. Constantine loathed this repugnant man. The fool taking a job involving a group called The Legion Of Doom. He'd get laughed out of his reputation if he ever associated with such a ridiculous name. What a waste of time, there was nothing left but to leave empty handed. He couldn't be too upset. Plans were already being made in preparation of Rain staying with him, and he would need the free time to be there personally. His next photo shoot a week away which gave him plenty of time.

He had finally returned home, sending the help scattering, and rescinding into his office to make a phone call. Constantine removing his coat jacket and sitting down with a soft sigh, snapping his fingers as the maid on duty immediately poured him a drink. Rain's number being dialed and a low drum of his fingers going unheard. What did he just ask? It was a good thing they didn't have this conversation on purpose; he'd never shown such shock in quite some time. The drumming immediately ceasing as Rain followed it up with another. Where was this coming from? Rain wasn't one to express his emotions even if they were plainly written across his face. An ugly knot of shame forming in his stomach; perhaps he had gone too far in the cafe, sitting upright. Why was this getting him worked up? 
"If this is what I said in the cafe...Rain i'm not in the market for friends, or romance, or unnecessary setbacks in my career.I don't need the hassle. you not set me back Rain and you never will. I enjoy our time together and that isn't a lie so yes, I do" He didn't want to mince words, and he felt that being as concise as possible was the best course of action. It wasn't a lie at the very least.

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Rain clutches the phone to his ear tightly, willing Constantine to repeat his words or unconsciously hoping his brother's words will somehow be ingrained into his brain. His wide eyes blankly stare down at the floor as he tries to decipher his brother's words, repeating them over and over in his mind. He can't remember a time Constantine even acknowledged, however vague, that he might have an inkling about what could have even upset Rain. The fact that the man had a clue about what had him asking such a question in the first place just proves that his brother is considerate, or at least understands that what he said could have been upsetting.

Rain nibbles on his lip, biting down a teary ecstatic grin that slowly grows on his lips as he slightly hunches in on himself. It's been so long since he's heard anything positive about himself from Constantine, or even just to know that he isn't the source of his brother's frustration in life. And even better is that Constantine didn't remain neutral. His brother enjoys his time! Enjoys it! To know this is more relieving than he could have ever possibly imagined. It's as if a weight is lifted from his shoulders and an anchor tied around his ankle has disappeared. Rain feels lighter than he has in years. All because of a couple simple sentences with inklings of appreciation hidden in the phrases. That's all it took.

His brother loves him.

He loves him!

"...When can I move in?" he says after a delayed pause, not a single doubt in his mind after that one answer.

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"The arrangements will be made for tomorrow, My staff will begin preparing and I will send movers so I don't want to see you pack anything you won't immediately need. I will pick you up at Ten AM sharp so be prepared...until tomorrow" Constantine hanging up the call a moment later and drumming his fingers against the device in thought. He would be able to keep those fools at arm's length from Rain so that they didn't cause him harm, but he couldn't help but simply find the concept of Rain living with him...agreeable. He marched out of his office; several doors being opened for him before he reached the vast atrium where he had the whole of his staff congregate. "My brother is scheduled  here tomorrow at ten in the morning, prepare for his arrival and give him the suit underneath mine. The movers are already in transit. He is an extension of my will so you will follow his requests as you would mine. That is all" He said with a wave of his hand and immediately they all began to prepare. A few curt murmurs wondering the sort of brother Constantine had. It was news to most of them that he even had one; more doors opening for him as he now had a night shift to get to. The rest was simply waiting until tomorrow. 

The treasury the second largest room in the manor next to the foyer, and it solely off limits. Constantine' mages adding several enchantments to the room to keep greedy staff from attempting to line their pockets. It was a testament to all he had worked for and the only time a genuine smile met his flawless features as he looked upon the mountain of gleaming wealth. A giggle beginning to crescendo into a boisterous laugh as he ascended the pinnacle of his life's work. It was the very thing he had dreamed of in those nights of crippling uncertainty. He wanted to drag them here so badly, so that they could see just how far he's come. A top tier model and assassin who did nothing but work, and now stood atop the fruits of his labor. Constantine' head nearly hitting the roof now as he sat at the peak. His face flush with ecstasy as he wiped sweaty bangs from his brow and began to applaud an empty room. "I didn't think I'd have to make the room even bigger" He said in disbelief, taking a grey coin from his pocket and smirking. It was time to get to work then he supposed. The coin activating and causing his form to become incorporeal and fall through the mountain of coin and straight to the center. A hidden tunnel system just beneath The Treasury. His access to The Underway. 

The next morning came rather quickly for Rain. Sleep being potentially difficult as Movers had shown up rather early and started moving everything onto a large truck. They all appeared to be butlers and maids; bringing proper packing supplies and assisting in every facet so that Rain wouldn't have to do much other than pack the essentials he wanted. It would still take nearly the whole day to completely move Rain out. Constantine' head butler even using the kitchen while it still had it's faculties to make Rain some tea while he waited for Constantine. He was an elderly man dressed in a periwinkle butler uniform. The only hair on his head being akin to that of a Friars, but his beard more than compensated as it nearly touched his chest in length; woven several times into a tight braid. His wrinkled lips quirking into a smile as he set the tea before Rain. A pair of coffee brown eyes meeting the sickly man "It is an honor to serve the brother of Lord Constantine. He will arrive shortly and we will make sure your move is as smooth as can be" He said, placing a hand to his chest and bowing. Constantine arriving on time as he parked just in front of Rain's home. The man as decedent as he was never finding a need for a driver as he preferred to do it himself. 
"They can take care of everything here, I figured you'd like to get accustomed to the manor before everything is moved in" He said, immediately beginning to drive away when Rain entered the passenger seat. 

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"Until tomorrow..." Rain echoes, hearing the line drop afterwards.

He hugs the phone to his chest in sighs in elation, tilting backwards until he's flopped onto his bed and smiling at the ceiling. Somehow those simple words have made him feel more alive than he has in years. It wasn't from his siblings bonding together, it wasn't from Marigold's return, it wasn't even from the sliver of hope that he might get a new heart no. It's the simple roundabout way that his brother told him he loves him after all this time. Something so simple, something that he should have already known but the threads of darkness that clung to his heart wouldn't allow him to hope. Rain promises himself that he will try not to get in his brother's way when he stays with him. Even though Constantine is the one who offered, Rain knows well enough how busy the man is, and he doesn't want to appear clingy. Constantine hates clingy. He will do well and respect the boundaries and rules the house lays out for him. It's a privilege to even get to stay with Constantine for a bit regardless of the duration of time he will be there.

And...it might be nice to have some company finally. It's been hard getting out of bed lately, for many reasons.


Tomorrow comes in a blink of an eye. Rain had spent the rest of the evening packing and preparing the things he wanted to take most with him. The endeavor had left him achy and happily falling into his bed after a warm shower. But now as the sunlight streams through the early windows and he watches the help move his stuff he can't help but feel a thrum of adrenaline sing through his body. The head butler, Rain pondered, is a man that he hadn't exactly expected to be the sort of man that Constantine would have taken in. Rain assumed initially that most of Constantine's servants and help would be just as beautiful as him. His brother was always rather picky about that. He liked to surround himself with beautiful people, but not too beautiful as he didn't want to be threatened. Maybe Rain was just being unfair. Regardless, the kind older man is someone Rain really wants to get to know more.

"O-Oh thank you very much, I am humbled by your care. Might I know your name, sir?" he asks politely, giving a soft thanks in appreciation as he is served tea in his own house.

He feels bad, maybe he should offer everyone working a small break and a drink. He isn't being a very kind host is he? But they had all come in so fast and had gotten right to work, he had been a tad overwhelmed. Rain himself didn't have servants besides a single maid that came every other first day of the week. Sometimes she would pick flowers from her garden and place them in a vase for a lovely centerpiece for his table. She was so very kind. It just helped to have the place clean at times, sometimes it got hard for him to muster the energy to. He would still pay her for her service even when he wasn't living there. Rain enjoys the warmth of his tea, stiffening at the telltale sound of Constantine's vehicle. It really was rather loud but his brother seemed to have a soft spot for his car.

Rain takes a seat, shutting the door behind him as he turns to level Constantine with a sunny smile. He feels different today. Less tired, more excited about the future. He hasn't felt this way in a long time. "How are you?" he breathes out the question kindly, wanting to say nothing at all and yet so very much to his brother all at the same time.

Mainly he really just wants to hug him, but he will try and respect his brother's boundaries. At least out in the open..

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Alderose had given his name with kindness and grace as was the custom for those who served The Primrose name, giving his master and Rain his farewells and assuring everything will be taken care of without issue. The staff continuing the packing without fail as Constantine left them to their duties. Rain seeing Constantine's custom darling a few times when they arranged sibling get togethers, but has rarely ridden in it himself. It was as luxurious as he could've imagined with a constant cool temperature and soft black and platinum trim leather seats. The windows tinted with a magi-tech display that showed the weather reports, news, gauges, and assorted other widgets. Rain noticing the smallest of smirks upon his face as he was asked a question. It seemed Rain was rather pleased with this arrangement and it didn't interrupt Constantine's plans in the slightest so it was already turning out cherries. "I have my schedule today pushed back into the evening so thus far rather well. I hope my staff have been helpful and kept your involvement minimal? Moving can be stressful and neither of us need anymore" He said, running a finger along his cheek in thought "You'll find no trouble incorporating your work and daily routines in the manor" He informed Rain, figuring that could be a point of issue.

It had all been so hot, the fear, the terror, the blood, and The Legion itself. His new life with burgeoning purpose had been sweltering with enlightening heat. He had bathed in the blood of the innocent not only to help The Legion' cause, but to baptize himself into this new family for good. He truly believed that Dredge was to be the prophet of this era. Hell had become A dull place where killing brought only business or pleasure. They didn't fear death when it was only a minor nuisance that would be remedied in only a few agonizing months of recovery. It was all too hot there...Too hot to care for anything or anyone, too hot to fear...to had to feel...true terror.

He had believed that the world of the humans was much of the same; these creatures possessed a terror the likes of which he had never tasted, but their world was corrupt all on it's own. They cheated eachother, killed eachother, robbed eachother...they were as self destructive to themselves as they were to the rest of the world. He didn't find enjoyment in being an observer to the demons that already twisted their lives into debt riddled hells sputtering about households and businesses like misery diseased cockroaches. He needn't do a thing really and it seemed as though hell had finally runeth over. He, however, had found an interest in the sins that they coursed themselves with. He could indulge them. The Djinn possessing the incredulous ability to grant wishes. He could give a man millions of gold pieces, but unfortunately he would either suffocate or be crushed by the sheer weight of such an amount. It was hard to question such lofy deals when you were but a commoner seeking to survive. Desperation drew them into his trap easier than he had expected. 

Kru'Gorah hadn't fed on such regret and horror, and it was a miasma of joy and purpose. They were here to be fed on. Their corruption was a tool for those who could manipulate it! How could he have been so blind? They were a gift from the chaos eternal. A true a mighty god that knows only the endless infinite. He roamed the lands to continue on his now reverently holy mission. He would spread the sickness of despair and terror so that chaos may grow and bloom. It was impossible for him to believe that another predator to these masses would ever surface as he did...but he had found Dredge. A prophet holier than he...one he would instead embolden all he can. He live vicariously through his newfound god. It was the first time his world had ever gone Cold. That was what it was now...all around them, suffocating the lands and it's creatures. Kru'Gorah had been planning in their hibernation, preparing new toys and breaking new ground for The Legion' reputation. He was eager to put them into action. He was eager to avenge the death of his favorite pet...to find the one who had encompassed terror and survived, watching from his stoop high above as a curious vehicle drove underneath his perch. One possessed a sickness of the heart that didn't merit much value in terror...but the other...reeked an arrogance that couldn't be denied. 

Rain seeing Constantine's head shift toward his side's window as his knuckles turned white against the wheel for only a moment. Something catching his attention as they moved through a low lit tunnel. A strange thing to see for a man who always seemed uninterested in his surroundings.

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"Oh they've all been so kind!" Rain assures his brother quickly.  "Mr. Alderose especially seems like such a nice fellow." Rain smiles, settling back more comfortably in his seat. "I'm-looking forward to seeing your home, Constantine. I can't thank you enough for your kindness in letting me stay for awhile." he smiles, glancing out at the moving countryside.

Rain has to admit all of this consideration about the move has him feeling a tad spoiled, and perhaps even a little guilty. He hopes this all isn't too much of a burden or hassle on his brother. Constantine really is always busy or working it seems, and Rain doesn't want to hinder any of that. He knows how hard his brother works for his lifestyle. Still he can't help but be a little hopeful about being able to stay with him.

Maybe it will help them grow closer.

His dark eyes easily catch the light stiffening of Constantine's hands, and he suddenly feels self-conscious. Did he say something that already exasperated him? His fingers interlock on his lap and he fiddles lightly with them before he looks back to his brother. The tunnel blocks out the morning light and Rain resists the urge to childishly hold his breath like he used to when he was younger as they drive through.

"Is something the matter?" he asks softly.

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"Ahh yes, Alderose is not the type I would normally pick as my head butler...but he is the most exceptional applicant I found for the position. He comes from a long line of servants who have been at the sides of many grand kings and marquis alike" He had said curtly "Thanks aren't necessary. I don't want your health to deteriorate any further because of your lack of self care" A minor edge to his voice, knowing full well Rain would give the shirt off his back to those undeserving of such kindness. Constantine's mood tightening as he his eyes cast out his window toward the passing lights of the tunnel; undulating a yellowed glow every several moments or so. He had done some recon on a particularly dangerous target that had found his way into Terrenus. Why was A legion member this far? Hadn't they vanished after those events in Shawnee? He was lucky he had adorned this sensory earring; Any one of those psychopaths were dangerous and it seemed his information gathering had attracted one of the worst of them. He would have to be careful; under any other circumstances he would gladly switch to his night shift and collect the fantastic bounty on this 'Djinn' but he wouldn't risk the life of his brother against such a monster. It seemed he wasn't as good at hiding such nerves as he'd like as his brother's own nervous habits kicked in at the prospect of upsetting him in some way. 
"I'm just anxious; your the only one that has ever stayed at my home unpaid" He said; it wasn't a complete lie at least. 

The tunnel soon behind them as they drove across the darkened pavement; Rain eventually seeing a growing shape in the distance. Constantine turning off the main thoroughfare; A gate marked with 'CP' opening before them with fencing that seemed to span for miles; taking the elongated driveway up to a massive manor. Constantine smiling proudly as Rain saw for the first time the home of his brother. Constantine parking and stepping out onto the marbled paths. "Shall we then?"

 It was quite possibly the most beautiful and decedent mansion he had ever seen. White and gold splashing the exterior walls and columns as though they were carved from the ivory gods above. The Road widening to a red brick that lavished the path ahead of him, bushes with intricate levels of design dotting the sides of their path as they moved toward the front of the mansion.. A gentle wind picking up and blowing a few leafy green bits of nature along the wind currents. A row of maids and butlers greeting their master as he and rain marched up the ivory steps toward two massive pure gold doors. Both being opened soundlessly as Constantine showed him to the atrium. It was alive with activity as the staff continued to prepare for Rain's arrival, making sure everything had been cleaned three or four times before their master had arrived. 

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"Oh please don't be nervous. You know I support you Constantine, in anything and everything." he smiles softly, dark eyes shining with genuine admiration for his brother.

Rain looks at the sprawling palace of his brother in contemplation, an awkward smile forced on his face as the looms closer and closer. He's a bit in disbelief at just how enormous the place is. The building never seems to end, seemingly to go forever as they drive up to it. Constantine must think his nice established cottage outside of the city is pathetic in comparison. It wasn't as if he didn't have money, or rather, when he first purchased his house he had plenty. He could have gotten a manor of his own he supposes, but for the life of him he didn't know what he would have done with it! Sometimes a nice view and nature were all a man needed to enjoy life. Though apparently, his brother doesn't' seem to agree with the notion.

It's very...what's the word. Established. Grand. Embellished? Enormous. A trite over the top...?

"Oh Constantine it's..." he breathes faintly, speechless in disbelief that everything here belongs to his brother and his brother alone.

But, if this is what his brother wants and what makes him happy then nothing is too much really, he supposes. He has not a single idea what Constantine does with all of the room though. The man lives alone after all. Still, Constantine has worked for years to get what he wants. If an enormous living space fit for a king is what makes his brother smile, then that's all that matters. There's a lot of help. A lot of it. Maids and butlers and outside decorators and hedge cutters every which way. Rain hopes that Constantine doesn't get lonely in such a big space, maybe some of the helpers he's made some friends with?

A small part of him knows better.

Still, there's an excitement that thrums and sings in his veins. It's a different change of pace, a new place to live! There's going to be so much to explore and experience.

He thanks the man who opens the car door for him, stepping out with a roll of his shoulders. They move inside and even that is a show in itself just watching the giant golden doors being opened. How heavy are the doors, he wonders as it seems that that is made of pure gold. There had to be some sort of magic or enhancement to make them open easier. Gold certainly isn't light. His mind is already whirling at that, but the colours and the embellishments and decor, it's all just so much! There's so many places to look and everyone is running around, the palace a flurry of activity as Constantine glides in like a prince.

He supposes he could have had this in a different life.

Rain swallows thickly, wringing his hands as he moves a bit closer to his brother's side, slightly intimidated by all of the unknown factors. He doesn't want to lose him in the sprawling hallways or interrupt any of the workers. They look a little apprehensive, and are moving at a very brisk pace. Constantine sure knew what he was looking for in his helpers, Rain supposes. Professional, curt, and effective. It almost feels like a different world all together, being in such a grand place. It's like stepping into a royal fairytale. He wonders if his brother wanted it for that very reason. That the man worked and worked so dreams and silly fairytales weren't just stories, but living in embellished breathing gold and wide knowing hallways.

Constantine didn't need dreams, because he had already purchased them.

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It was as though he had fabricated his very own plane of existence, several maids milling around him as they replaced his overcoat with an immaculate suit jacket that gleamed with threads of pure gold laced into it's fabric. It was as though he had adorned his mantle and the staff all bowed as he passed before continuing on with their frantic duties. He figured that it would all be too much for Rain and there was a unsettling nagging inside him that told him this could cause an opposite effect of what he was trying to accomplish. Rain was praising all the staff that assisted in his acclimation and brought such positivity that they could barely believe these two were brothers. It was a nice change of pace and with Rain here it would certainly increase morale. Constantine would have pat himself on the back if he were inclined. The elder brother beckoned for Rain to follow him down a gilded hall with lavished curtains suspended across grand windows that were so clean it was hard to tell where the sill was. 
"I imagine it will take some time to get used to so I want you to take your time with getting familiar with the manor in acceptable increments. There will likely be wings that you will hardly ever enter, but I don't want it to degrade your health any further" He said, making himself clear with a stalwart gaze that could cut through ice. Such eyes impossible to deny. 

It felt infinite in it's length due to the depictions of golden dragons swirling around the walls, each in different eras, seeming to swirl around them like far more dangerous vultures. Constantine leading them down this hall and entering through a doorway resembling the agape jaws of a dragon; teeth lining each side of the hall with a snout acting as an intimidating awning overneath their heads. The eyes depicted as a brilliant gold. It was here that he then opened two smaller red doors. A vast bedroom being revealed to Rain that was barren, yet nearly half the size of the atrium. It was fully capable of holding everything he owned with enough space to spare as it had two floors of it's very own with a small set of stairs that led down to a den. Constantine giving him the second largest bedroom this manor had. It was coincidentally a floor below his brother's own.

I trust that this will be acceptable?" He asked for posterity, already knowing the answer 


A ring came from Constantine's pocket, and Rain saw for a moment his face scrawl into an expression of anger. This was a very important moment for him and he had specifically made sure that he wouldn't be interrupted. It had been nearly three months since he had fired someone and that streak was now likely to end. He flipped open his phone and immediately began to seethe through the receiver before a few concise words from the other end caused his expression to lose it's edge momentarily, putting the phone to his chest and looking at Rain
"This is important so I will see you at dinner. Seven sharp. Get acquainted with your new home and ring the chord by the door if you need any assistance from the staff." He said before immediately leaving through the doors. Rain catching a few broken phrases as he continued the conversation
 "Finally...price?...certainly...buy it out...on my way..."

Constantine couldn't believe he was standing before his childhood home, He couldn't believe that they hadn't ever tried to move out of this disgusting neighborhood. They hadn't tried to better themselves...not even once. It made him sick. He could feel unsavory eyes upon him just standing at the rusted gates, but the two security guards on either side of him would keep any ill will in check. He couldn't help but click his teeth in absolute derision as he forced his legs to move forward. A swift knock on the door caused the interior of the decrepit home to scurry and frantically move about. It pleased him to hear them squirm. It would make this all the more gratifying as the door slowly opened and for the first time since he left this wretched place. He and his mother met eyes and hers immediately widened. A myriad of emotions scrawling across her lecherous, bloated features before she called for his father who swung the door open the rest of the way. This was all impromptu due to the timing so all he was able to dress himself in was a double breasted suit with emeralds as buttons and platinum etched down the shoulders and hemming of his pants. It didn't matter as he still could feel the sheer difference in their status now and for the second time that day. He smiled. the smile nearly covering his entire face as his eyes ignited like ominous lights in utter darkness. 

"Greetings, Peasants.  It is my absolute pleasure to inform you that I have bought out this property. I now own this skid mark and by extension...you" He said. His teeth all the brighter as he saw the surprise twist into realization and then horror.
"Before those festering lips have a chance to sputter more lies; allow me to be clear. I am....a gracious god" He seethed, almost slathering himself in utter ecstasy over finally vindicating himself after all these years. It had originally been about rain...but much like all things...it wound up being about Constantine in the end. "You will be able to live out your miserable lives here without worry as I am now the owner of this filthy phylactery. The only rule in place as it stands is quite simple. You are too cut all connections with Rain. You will no longer take his money or his kindness. you deserve none of it" He barked swinging the door open the rest of the way as he marched into the home. the two backpedaling in complete shock at the sudden situation. The security standing guard at the door
"Tell me...did you ever take him to any hospitals or clinics? Any medical foresight at all? Of course you didn't. So then tell me this...does it bother you in the slightest that he is dying? Don't answer that. Understand that the debts you have accrued under this roof pale in comparison to the ones you've gained from...unsavory sources. If you do not heed my stipulations...this shit hole will be your coffin. Do we have an understanding? Good. Now let us never meet again." He said, not bothering with their attempt at a counter argument as he stepped back outside. He laughed and it surprised him. He hadn't felt this good in ages. that was one loose end taken care of. A point of stress Rain will no longer suffer.

The next point of stress was the more difficult one


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Rain takes a moment to look at the hidden pride shining through his brother's eyes. The man is so proud of his home, the things he's purchased, the staff he's hired, the wealth he's accrued. Rain is happy for his brother. It isn't what he thinks happiness would look like, but he supposes it's different for everyone For the first time in a long time Rain feels strangely hopeful that such a bizarre and new surrounding might be just the thing he needs to keep his spirits up. It's hard some days living alone, regardless of how beautiful the cottage is, Rain likes company. He likes knowing there is a presence in the same home as him.

Even after all this time, he still feels safest around his brother.

Rain turns when Constantine asks the question. Is it acceptable? Rain wants to laugh. He thinks they both know the answer to that question. He has absolutely no idea how they got to this area. The hallways seem endless, and the corners numerous. It really is like a bizarre scenario through the looking glass. There's a warmth in his heart that is a familiar fondness for Constantine and the restraint he has kept up all morning simply withers away as he smiles tenderly at the man. He leans forward, enveloping Constantine in a hug and closing his eyes at the familiar warmth. It feels like it surrounds his bones softly, the breathing and warmth of a living person. He hugs his brother a little tighter, trying to convey his gratitude and sincerity at all of his help. Never in a million years would he have thought he'd stay with Constantine in such a place. He thought that ink had been forever scratched out once they were separated in their youth.

Rain exhales softly, lightly pushing his cheek into his brother's suit and feeling one of the golden buttons slightly press into his skin before pulling away with a smile. 

"It's perfect..."

He watches with a small amount of concern as the phone rings and soon enough Constantine is out the door. Rain gives him a wave in departure, looking around his new quarters with an exhale. Maybe he better start walking now to meet up with him by dinner considering how big these halls were! Who knows where he will end up. Rain chuckles at the absurdity of it all, internally joking at the sheer audacious size of the place. And yet, a small part of him is curious, about how it is to live like this. What an average day is like for his brother, and if he too might start to see the appeal of all this grandeur.

Only time will tell, he supposes!

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It was indeed an overwhelming interior that left Rain with an underlying panic attack should he get hopelessly lost within the mansion. A knock upon the cracked door revealed the warm presence of Alderose, bowing before presenting a scroll "Master Constantine asked me to bequeath this map of the premises to you; in time he hopes you will familiarize yourself; if there is anything you need please ring any of the threaded chords at the end of any hallways. It is easy to get lost!" He said with a chuckle, drawing his fingers through the thin beard that hung from his chin. His wrinkled face lined into a intrigued and warn smile, delighted to see the only family his master talks about in kind. The butler leaning in and revealing a small jewel encrusted key "so that no door may impede your way young lord" He said with a wink before turning heel and quickly getting on to the rest of his to-do list. 

The map was relatively intrinsic, but broke the mansion down in three floors consisting of about fifty floors with long hallways consisting of hundreds of doors. It was a staggering amount, but focusing on the singular floor he was on made it more manageable. When he eventually left, he would find staff moving to a fro with a small gathering several feet away, two female elves and a well groomed male drow. One of the girls waving and giggling as he waved back. It seemed he was getting quite the reception from the staff.  His trek through the sconce laden halls of brilliant golden trim. Servants, butlers, pastry chefs, and valets giving him formal greetings and a bow as he passed. The map indicating that the hall he was moving through was dedicated to guest rooms and the library. The rooms continually dusted, though it seemed they hadn't been in use in some time, or even since their original construction. 

Rain had to crane his neck as far as it would go and still he could not see the top of some of the bookshelves he came across entering the vast library. a spiral staircase leading up higher bookshelves, and ample seating room with beautiful made wooden tables with gold filigree. A chandelier casting a pale blue glow across everything and almost making the library seem sad and despereux in it's lack of apparent use.  The sickly statesman only seeing one other person perusing the selection only one floor above; he didn't appear to be staff as he was adorned in a prismatic cloak that shifted it's colors ever so slightly when the fabric shifted and moved, making it seem almost just a trick in the light. He was currently engrossed in a stack of tomes with his robes billowed around him as he chose to sit on the floor rather than one of the provided chairs; his back toward rain as he continued to read quietly. 




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