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Reroll! Character Pixel Art Generator

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1 hour ago, Fierach said:

Well, to start, names of the characters.

Profile, if possible so I know what they look like. Or basic information like hair color, style, skin color, race. 

Leinhart Choisel, Kronos Of the Thirsty, Him of Crows, long black hair cascading down his shoulders, pale white flesh, living vampire, no facial hair. Luxurious crimson tailcoat and slacks, or dark Fedora, trench coat, biker jeans and some boots. I have reference images for him. His class for an idea, I’d have to call him a necromancer (choice of weapon being the greatsword, if you can find some cool rose whip that be great too). You can 

The other if you can I’d be so glad of you taking the time to do either, but his name is Kenshi Momoku, The Blind Hanyo, The Okami Swordslayer. He has almost the same style of hair, a dark long mane, if you can find a Japanese red robe for him would be great such as a yukata, the traditional ronin I should say, wooden sandals, black belt, Katana or if you can find a matching sword for his Kizuato I’d be stoked too. 

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I shall add them to the list.

Caius da'l Cazarosta 



Shanna Eiche


Fairly sure I'm missing one or two peeps. Let me know if I'm missing you.

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