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A Cure For What Aleth You (Interest Check - Enrele)

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@MeraxaDauner's swords are effective against the beasts armor. especially at the point where Gozen's fire fist had already smashed in. Nevertheless it is still effective against the untouched armor

From what the bird said, are we the ones who bring chaos and destruction? That'll be cool

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On the cutting ability of Dauner's swords: There is nothing that automatically dictates that, and it's not really mentioned in his bio outside of them being of a 'rare' grade. Meanwhile, the most particular thing about a Yuuja is its really, really tough armour plates. While I've not had to dictate too much on what would/wouldn't work against it, that was because people had largely gone for stuff that was decidedly more vulnerable, and any mention of the plates brought up how they would be expected to withstand things. 


And no, Paul is actually saying you are acting against what he views to be agents of Chaos and Destruction. While the Enrele are probably not actually tied to the Wyrm, a deity of sorts in the Gaianism faith that is prevalent throughout the continent, Paul is associating them in poetic terms:

The Wyrm is believed unable to destroy things in reality directly, instead manipulating and corrupting people into bringing out mayhem, destruction, and ultimately, the End of all. So the Enrele, as bodysnatchers, fit that imagery nicely.

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