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A Cure For What Aleth You (Interest Check - Enrele)

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7 hours ago, Zashiii said:

@Meraxa so are the knights also standing on the side of the building? And one of them is punching the Mistress while she's riding at the back of a motorcycle running up the side of said building? 

Just needed to confirm.. 😊

No, no. This is after you've driven up the side of the building - which was the Magistrate's Estate - and have since arrived at the Granary, which you are most likely not riding up the side of, since it's inside there where all the fuss is coming from.


Now, inside the Granary, where the knights are, they have done the following:

One basically used his shield to trigger a flashbang effect

Another, whose sword is invisible and hits way harder than it should, is attacking Dauner

#3 is thrusting a lance at Shishi, which will induce chaos in any magic she might use to defend herself

#4 is trying to punch the Mistress, yes. If they connect, she'll start to suffer a freezing effect

#5 is able to float, and having gone over the second floor (because I'm imagining like, raised walkway stuff) snuck around to throw bolas (ie, rope with weights on the end) at all the combatants - if they snare, then the combatants will also begin to float, outside of their control

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 I just don't have a response readily available, and I don't want to delay posting in the middle of this epidemic. Give me another day or two and I'll get you something together. If you're ready to push the plot before then, I don't want to hold things up more than I already have.

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