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Rufus Ignis Viridis

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Rufus Ignis Viridis
NAME: Roo-fuss Veer-I-dis
IS A(N): Half-elf
AGE: 80
WEIGHT: 180 lbs
ALIGNMENT: Neutral Good
EYES: Blue
SKIN: White
HAIR: Long, braided auburn hair, auburn facial hair 
BODY: Slim, strong
OUTFIT: Red suit.
PERSONALITY: Traumatized, cynical, compassionate, loyal
ABILITIES: Viridis Druid Arts
PARAPHERNALIA: Carved wooden pipe
Rufus Viridis was born in Ursa Madeum as the first son of the Noble House Viridis. Living a life of ease and comfort, he would marry a man from another Noble House that has since been wiped out. When King Damien came to power, he and his husband were thrown into the dungeons to be tortured and eventually publicly executed. Rufus' family staged a rescue and managed to retrieve him, but could not save his husband. The family then fled to Taen, where they remained until Damien was deposed. Now he has returned to the land of his birth to fulfill his fathers last request to restore their house to glory.
Prior to his time as a captive in the Tyrant Kings dungeons, Rufus was a cheerful, laid back person; kind to everyone he met. These days that kindness still remains, but has been tarnished by years of grief and pain. Formerly an optimist, Rufus is now quick to see the worst in people; and expects that things will always go wrong. Despite this, he still possesses a strong sense of justice, and will not hesitate to help a person in need. Though still polite and friendly, he no longer makes friends as easily as he used to.
Rufus is a master of the Viridis Druidic Arts. Though not as skilled as his family members in their respective disciplines, he is able to use all of them. This is considered especially impressive, as being able to use more than one is considered exceptionally difficult. 
A carved wooden pipe made by his husband is all Rufus has to remember him by.

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