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By Proclamation of the Office of the Governor of Totenborough: Quests!

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Whereas it is found that events, occurrences, and issues within the City and Jurisdiction of Totenborough may require the assistance of those external of the city, or otherwise not already found within its employ, the duly elected Governor of Totenborough - Téshuk - hereby proclaims that such persons may come forth to resolve the following:

Not All That Glitters Is Gold: Braseg Drakefall, Forgemaster of Dragon's Hoard, and supposed close friend of the Governor, is troubled. He has recently completed a cuirass, cast from Totenborough mythril, to be given as a gift to Prince Pallas himself. The piece, so Braseg claims, is among his finest work - richly detailed with a geometric motif that would demonstrate the city's prosperity to any that saw it. Claims, because he does not have it to show anyone, as the cuirass was stolen in transit to Lunaris. By who is as yet unclear, but given both its sentimental value, and the optics of the matter, Téshuk is prepared to reward whosoever should recover the cuirass; even better if they should finish the delivery!
One of Two Certainties: As part of an effort to have a full understanding of the city's resources and what may be drawn from them, Téshuk seeks to establish a proper record of all assets and personal wealth within the city. This work, the 'Great Survey', has need of many agents to gather this information. In particular, those that might be able to... 'negotiate' with more reclusive and unsavoury sorts, who may try to conceal the extent of their possessions - especially those gained through illicit trade - are required. If you're looking for some quick work, try this!
The Ripper of New Totenborough: A most disturbing murder has taken place, quickly becoming the talk of the town. Discovered days after the fact by way of the smell bleeding through the walls, the sheriff's office had to force the door to get inside. Thus was established the first unsettling fact of the case: The door was locked, bolted shut from within. The second, and what established the act as one of murder, was the scattering of body parts across the premises. Whether one officially petitions the sheriff to offer their assistance, or should decide to investigate of their own accord, the city would likely rest more easily if someone were to get to the bottom of this...
We Built This City On Rock: The Governor has expressed a most... unusual request. Hearing of a 'festival' as held in another of Taen's cities, he desires that Totenborough should have its own celebration. One of music, it should seem: Apparently there is a forum among the lower levels for that purpose, at least in his view. The trick then, and the job for whoever should take it, is finding people willing to play. Téshuk seems to desire a wide variety as well, to reflect the disparate origins of the city's people. So keep your ears open for that special sound, and get to learn the city in the process!
Expanding Understanding: Though the immediate space that surrounds Totenborough is well understood, the true extent and nature of the caves that stretch beyond it is unclear, even to Téshuk. Therefore, he desires an expedition go forth, to achieve three things: Map the caverns up to ten 'distances' (assumed kilometres) from the city, find evidence for the activities - or absence - of the Xer, and find evidence for the activities - or absence - of the mysterious entity that helped to drive back the Xer. From there, they can determine where and how to best establish an outpost that might help give them early warning of any incursion; Kuiperal may exist, but Téshuk disregards it, whether for being above ground or for not being 'his'.

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