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House Viridis

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Noble House Viridis


"Harmony lies within."

This creed represents the belief of the Viridis family that true peace must be found within oneself before it can be brought into ones surroundings.


In ancient times, House Viridis was a single clan that would wage war against other tribes; absorbing the remnants into themselves. The knowledge and traditions of the defeated would be added to the clan. While these tribes were allowed to keep their keep their cultures largely intact, they were all forced to take on the Viridis name. This practice hasn't been followed in centuries, but sadly, most of the names of the conquered have been lost to time. Only the names of the largest clans were remembered. Though family members still take the name Virids, their middle names are chosen from one of the five clans as a tribute, and also serve as the names of the five branches of the family.

There are five branches of the Viridis family; each of them with different responsibilities. Each branch specializes in a school of the Viridis Druidic Arts. The leader of the House is governed by a cycle; each taking a turn to rule. Currently Ignis leads the family.

Branches and their duties are as follows:

Ignis: Military and Law Enforcement. This branch practices the Anima, or soul school of Druidic Arts.

Aqua: Trade, logistics, and transportation. This branch practices the Sanguis, or blood school of Druidic Arts.

Terra: Infrastructure, farming, and artisans. This branch practices the Caro, or flesh school of Druidic Arts.

Ventus: Intelligence and covert operations. This branch practices the Sensus, or mind school of Druidic Arts.


The Viridis family seeks to reestablish itself as Nobility on Ursa Madeum. They are also strong advocates for the rights of all people; but especially non-humans. They often give refuge to those fleeing persecution.


Viridis Estate


House Viridis has existed in some form since the dawn of the Isles. In the early days they would conquer other tribes, and assimilate them into their clan. Over time the House would grow more peaceful, dedicating themselves to the study of the Druidic Arts. During the reign of King Damien, the family was forced out of Ursa Madeum, and took refuge in Taen. During their exile in the pocket dimension, they gained an affinity for Wildlight Magic. Now that the Tyrant King is dead, the Viridis have returned to their homeland to begin again.




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Over the centuries, House Viridis has cultivated a deep knowledge and understanding of the natural world. This has led to the creation of the Druidic Arts. Currently there are four schools of Druidic Arts; with each Branch specializing in a different style. While there is no rule against learning multiple styles, the amount of time and effort it takes to master even one makes this rare. 


Anima: Also known as, "Soul," is a style that concerns the activation and acceleration of natural processes. An obvious example of this would be the ability to start, and then speed up the process of healing from a wound or recovering from illness. Users can also accelerate muscle growth, purge toxins from their bodies, kickstart the metabolism. Advanced users of the style can activate these processes in other lifeforms; accelerating photosynthesis in plants for example. Masters of this style can even enter an enhanced state of being where all aspects of their physiology are greatly enhanced.

Sanguis: Also known as, "Blood," this style specializes in the manipulation of chemicals; mostly in liquid form. Users can increase or decrease their blood flow, separate poisons from their bloodstream, control the secretion of adrenaline, and even spit up acid. Advanced users can draw acid not just from their stomachs, but also draw lactic acid from their muscles; which also reduces fatigue; and induce chemical changes in other beings. Master level users can transmute any number of chemicals, so long as they have the raw materials to do so.

Caro: Also known as, "Flesh," this style involves the strengthening and repair of the body; and create bonds between natural molecules. Users can make their bodies more durable, and can repair wounds suffered. Advanced users can also weaken natural structures as well as enhance them. They can also induce these effects in others. Master level users can do things like grow extra limbs, and organs. 

Sensus: Also known as, "Mind," this style is focused on the mental processes of the user. Practiconers of this style can enhance their senses; as well as solve complex problems in seconds. Advanced users can boost their reaction time to superhuman levels. Masters can even affect objects and living beings with their minds. 


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