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The Chimaera of Thraece

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'Those at the rear bellowed; forwards!'

'And those at the front screamed; back!'

Testimonies from the Siege of Noviria; 'the monster of Arcos'


'Our enemies are countless. Carrion, they would make us.  They are killers and reavers, without mercy.'

'You will be worse.'

- A father's words


Name: Lanius of Thraece

Monikers/Titles: Chimaera

Race: Human [Allegedly]

Age: Born 572 WTA; 24

Birthplace: Noviria

Occupation: Errant


Height: 7'6", 229cm

Weight: 410lbs, 185kg


"Militat omnis amans."

Many a frustrated pedagogue could attest to Lanius' sharp wit and sharper tongue. Even as a stripling, his capacity to find personal weakness and bring it to light was staggering. Taciturn, yet deliberate in every word spoken. This brought him a great deal of popularity among the courtroom aristocracy of Ursa Madeum. Noble-folk would flock to the great house of Arcos to speak to the boy and then find themselves regretting it the moment his phlegmatic perceptions were voiced. 

Lanius does not coddle, nor does he waste words. If there is one trait that is both his strength and flaw, it is his honesty. Lying seems pointless to the man, when truth is simpler. Quicker. This bluntness extended to anyone and everyone; even the Tyrant King was susceptible to the naysaying and harsh words of Lanius. But there is a consistency in him. Lanius holds no biases; he adheres to logic and eschews passion as the men of Arcos have done for centuries before. Be it a king or a peasant, his tone and manner are ironclad.

To say the man is without fault would be wrong. Debauchery and violence; Lanius voraciously seeks out both. Men and women, drink and flesh. A calling towards the dance of blades, the spilling of blood; he practices all with an unending thirst. Encouraged in the latter by his father, Lanius became an infamous warrior, vaunted for his skill and feared for his ferocity. 

Physical description:


Whomever Lanius' mother was, she left little of herself in her child; Lanius possesses those austere, well-crafted features of his father. It was as though he was cast from granite, weathered yet nonetheless as stoic as stone itself. Yet the craftsman who made him seems dissatisfied with his work and the myriad of ruin and scarred flesh that traces along the side of his face in sporadic, winding patterns of ugly, pale skin. Lanius wears his fate upon his face and makes little attempt to hide it. Hideous, yet ferocious - those comely, handsome features of his Arcos lineage are destroyed by the life he pursues. Only his eyes show some semblance of youth. Beautiful and sad like that of his mothers, they are of a pale green. A shock of red-brown, thick hair crowns his head though Lanius often keeps his shaved short and eschews any kind of facial hair longer than a dark auburn stubble.

Even before taking Willbreaker and binding it to him, it would have been difficult to truly believe that Lanius was human. As a boy of twelve, he towered over the praetors of his father's domus. By his eighteenth year, even Dridak had to crane his neck when addressing him. Coils of interlocking, taut musculature shift and churn beneath the veil of his flesh. His feats of endurance and strength were otherworldly. Drasir ink-wrights have covered the vast canvas of his body in a myriad of apocryphal images; likenesses of iconoclasts, foreboding constellations and of dark beasts and the men slaying them, painted onto his body by needle. 


'Chimaera of Thraece'



  • Enhanced physicality: Lanius' bonding to the blade Willbreaker has enhanced his already considerable physical might. Capable of peeling a knights armour open with his bare hands, the Oathblade's powers have made him ferocious. An average human seems to move as though wading through a slow molasses; his reflexes, speed and dexterity are beyond the ken of their ilk. 


  • Swordsmanship: Painters have their brush, a craftsman his chisel. For Lanius, his calling has always lied with the sword and to this end he has pursued and perfected it. The moniker of 'monster of Arcos' was easily earned by him, from tournaments to battlefields countless foes have tasted the bite of his blade and been found wanting.
  • Wrestling: With fists like hammers, trained blows strike against his foes, though where once a well-landed caestus-clad punch would have debilitated an opponent, his enhanced strength often means whatever organ he punches is sundered and rent. Grapples and pins when used in conjunction with his blade is Lanius' favourite method of fighting, a style he has honed through years of vigorous application.
  • Statecraft: The running, maintaining and controlling of towns, holdings and properties of a ruler. Though not of noble birth, he was expected nonetheless to be responsible for a number of his father's duties and carried them out with a natural skill and efficiency. Many are fond of remarking that Lanius 'is the best king to never wear a crown'.
  • Military Strategy: Arcos is famous for her Red Legion, who conquer and control with a ruthless, unerring efficiency. As a son of the Dominus, it was expected that Lanius might serve and rise through the ranks when he came of age. As Legatus Primus of the Red Legion, he was deferred to in matters relating to tactics and stratagem as he possessed his father's keen military mind. 
  • Animal handling: Passionate towards the treatment and training of animals. Breeding coursers and destriers, bloodhounds and pole-cats, animals are a great interest for him. In particular, he is fond of birds - namely songbirds. He has also raised some of the finest raptors in Ursa Madeum, according to many falconers. 
  • Botany: An avid practitioner of horticulture, from vineyards to hanging gardens Lanius is a fanatical green-thumb.


An oathblade. Not an easy thing to wield.

It calls itself Willbreaker. 



A sword should hardly be a complicated matter. The hand that wields, controls. Even the venerable Oathblades are bound by this law of steel; those souls who bind themselves to them are their masters, granting them their gifts, their power. Willbreaker does not house a great power, it imprisons it. It stirs, shifting and plotting. To the wielder, it whispers dark promises of ascension. Of conquest and adoration and immortality; the host will be rewarded, should it fulfil the designs of their blade. Of late, Willbreaker promises Lanius the one thing he strives for, vengeance. The wrongs against his family will be righted, brought to bear and then washed away amidst a tide of vitae. 

All it asks in return is release.

Through a murky haze of half-remembered memories, the spirit that possesses Willbreaker longs for its mind to be restored. With Lanius, the creature calls out for him to scour the land in search of every hexer, witch and pellar for some manner of truth, a cure or a reason for its current predicament. In his dreams, Lanius has saw this come to be and the world bleeds for it.

As a weapon, Willbreaker grants its wielder enhancements beyond the limitations of their physical form. Enhanced speed, strength, dexterity and endurance are all boons brought on by wielding an Oathblade. Dominion over water and ice and the ability to alter the form of it at will is conferred onto the blade's master as well. Its shape is that of the weapons used by the ancient Sea-lords of Vanora. The blade flickers and dances as though the surface allows one to peer into the essence of a raging storm. Amidst the churning waves and break, one can see something else as well.


Garbed in his father's toga, Lanius came to the house of Arcos without explanation or warning. Only the rain heralded his arrival, a silent babe who slept soundly in the arms of his father; Dridak. Supposedly the man had doubted the child had even been his, until when reaching down into his cot, the baby bit down on his finger. A bastard, though Dridak would not tolerate the word be used in his presence. The boy was accepted into the family without complaint or grievance, save for a slightly upset wife. It was his half-sister Adrya, who gave the boy the title Chimaera for his chimeric blood and viciousness which he possessed even as a child.

The boy was most certainly difficult throughout his youth. But not in an overtly malicious manner. He simply sought to rebel, to find fault in everything and to make his own decisions. Dridak obsessed over turning the boy into the apotheosis of a warrior, to which Lanius thrived. Lanius saw many suitors despite his low birth, though he showed very little interest in them, beyond the immediately physical, which resulted in plenty of altercations with enraged fathers. Promised to Queen Decamron as a personal, sworn guard which never came to pass, following her disappearance and eventual claiming of the throne by the Tyrant King.

With Dridak's death at the hands of CrowleyMarrow and Willbreaker were delivered to House Arcos as a show of good faith and reward for their service to Gillick during his reign. Supposedly, Adrya had Lanius keep vigil over her bedchambers whilst she met with the Tyrant King, for fear that he would voice is vitriolic distaste for the man to his face. Nonetheless, Gillick insisted that Willbreaker go to Lanius, who found his bloody reputation commendable.

Taen's invasion of Thraece, breaking through the skein of the blood-barrier that followed months after led their path to Noviria. Lanius, without a word retrieved Willbreaker and demanded his sister flee their domus to ensure that the Arcos name would not fade with her death. Standing before the locked door of his childhood home's entrance and waited. Three times, the warriors of Taen charged. Three times, they were repelled. Rumour persists that with the Red Legion slaughtered and Noviria all but taken, Lanius went half-mad, slaughtering his way through the rank and file of the invaders and fleeing.

As of late, Lanius finds himself wandering the wilds of Thraece in search of vengeance. To right the wrongs against his father and ensure that House Arcos once again rules.


List of in-progress or completed roleplays:

  • None! [yet]



  • Find his half-sister, Adrya Arcos
  • Restore House Arcos
  • Avenge his father by killing Walter Crowley
  • Prevent the release of Willbreaker
  • Own a vineyard, make his own vintage
  • Adopt a cute dog. Or two.


Image source: https://www.deviantart.com/l3monjuic3/art/Legendary-Lion-Colors-WIP-362563296

Special thanks to @Wade for lore and profile help!




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