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Name: Akimee Ayora (Ah-Kee-Mee-Ah-Yo-Rah)

Known Alias/Titles: The Demigod, Herald of Vita, Master Knight of the Order of Force Majuere

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Birthday: March 3rd

Birthplace: Durem City of the world called Gaia Primus  


Physical Details

Eye Color: Black

Hair Color: Black

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 130 pounds

Blood Type: Ichor

Race: Demigod



Patron Diety: Vita (Seraphim)

Marital Status: Single

Ethnicity: Asian


Akimee is a dark haired woman of Asian descent. She is naturally lean and of average height, but has since put on significant muscle mass over the course of her career. Her skin is toned from exposure to harsh environments and countless open field combat missions. One could describe her to have a sort of rugged attractiveness attained from age, experience, and the scars of war. Her smile imbues those around her with a deep sense of calm and satisfaction, a trait which her mastery of the Path of Sei has allowed her to develop.


"Pain, hate and rage are just emotions. If you allow yourself to be controlled by your emotions, then anyone can control you."

-Akimee, commenting on the importance of self-control

When Akimee was younger, she would've been what many considered to be a "party-animal". But after the death of her boyfriend, she mellowed out, distancing herself from all her previous pastimes. Co-founding the Order of Force Majeure had allowed her to regain her touch with people. Her mentor and friend, Dithakar, helped her to develop her leadership capabilities and gave her much needed council to move on from the death of her boyfriend. To her friends, she is a compassionate and kind individual who is known for never losing her cool, even in the most taxing of situations. But to those who would call her foe, her blade is as sharp as the pain she felt when she lost her one true love.


Left Arm of the Slayer

This is not so much equipment as it is part of her. Akimee's left arm was badly injured in a battle with a great dragon, defending a sacred Temple of Falis in Barton. Mutilated almost beyond recognition, it is a testament to the healing powers of the priests and priestesses of Falis, in particular one of them named Seyumi Kaikou, to have salvaged the arm so. Akimee retains the same basic functionality with the arm that she had before it got injured, however, the inner flow of ki through the arm has been permanently disrupted. The Left Arm of the Slayer, as Akimee calls it, is physically tougher than her right arm, and is less susceptible to pain. A normal distinguishing feature are the white, purified bandages that Akimee has wound tightly around the arm to help control and keep the unstable ki in that part of his body in check and working normally, as well as stave off the frequent pain there.

Reinforced, Imbued Combat Gloves

Designed to guard the hand and wrist against injury from bladed weapons, they are armored up to the knuckles, and the rest are fingerless to better facilitate use of Akimee's ki through her fists. Crafted with a combination of enchanted steel and master worked leather, these gloves are capable of withstanding extreme pressures and temperatures. They are comfortable, and adequate defensive measures against both weapons and magicks, and are also very potent offensive weapons thanks to Akimee's skill in hand-to-hand combat and martial art mastery. Akimee has been observed deflecting sword blows, punching through weaker/lighter projectile abilities or attacks with these gloves

Steel Throwing Knives
Akimee carries a set of six throwing knives that she coats in scorpion venom prior to any notable battle. The knives are straight and heavy, built for power as opposed to speed. The poison used to coat the knives comes from the Centruroides vittatus, or Striped Bark Scorpion. Its venom synthesizes the victim's bodily proteins and gradually eats away at their body. It can cause significant fatigue and eventually leads to death. However, the poison is easily treated using simple healing magic or home remedies. Akimee's healing touch can also be used to expel venom from the body.

Utility Projectiles
Akimee packs up to 8 shurikens on her form. They are usually tucked in her belt or kept in small pouches on her wrists. These projectiles are color coded with their own unique utility and are used in conjunction with her deadly accuracy to achieve spectacular results.
Color codes:
Red - Explosive
Blue - Electric Charge
Grey - Regular
Purple - Embedded Tracker on Tip

Custom Combat Jacket

Akimee's “normal” jackets are enchanted to be extremely heat resistant, and are composed out of a tough, leather-like material. Underneath the jacket however, is a layering of Kevlar and titanium carbide fibers, and ceramic discs woven into the lining. This grants Akimee a superb amount of protection against shrapnel, good protection against blunt force trauma, reasonable protection against light slicing and cutting attacks, but relatively poor protection against piercing and stabbing attacks. This item weighs 6 pounds.

Steel-Toed Boots

Simple, reinforced boots. The soles are grooved with metal, allowing Akimee to catch blades under her feet. Not recommended though.

Pyromancer's Pendant "Eredas"

Taking the shape of a red and beautiful gem hung on a golden chain. The Pyromancer's Pendant is an ancient artifact that guards against fires and fire-type magics by absorbing them and reconverting the energy into a weaponizable form by the user. Its capacity is not unlimited however, and scales in power in response to the owner's aura or spiritual aura. It was given to her by her deceased boyfriend as a gift, won from his battles. Although her abilities more than sufficiently protect her from heat, she wears it as a memory of her first and only love.


Special Equipment: 

Harlequin's Mask

A strange-looking Venetian mask. Although the mask only covers half the wielder's face, any onlooker is strangely unable to discern the real face of the person wearing the Harlequin's Mask. Accounts of the person's description always seem to vary. The mask itself is extremely tough, made out of some sort of metal, and only the wielder can willingly remove it, with a single word of power. The mask seems to project some sort of optical illusion or hologram that can disguise the wearer's face, and reacts to the wielder's thoughts at will.

Upgrade: Medusa's Mask:

A fierce battle against an ancient Greek monster resulted in an explosion that should have killed anything organic. Akimee however, was protected by Vita's blessing and survived. The monster that she fought however, wasn't so lucky. In a last ditch attempt to preserve its life force, the monster attached its soul to the nearest living thing that it could locate, which just happened to be Akimee herself. The mix of raw kinetic energy, heat, radiation and the attempted fusing of a soul caused the monster to instead fuse itself with the Harlequin Mask that Akimee wore. By fusing with an inanimate object, the monster's spirit ceased to exist, but its power was retained by the object that it had fused with.

When Akimee wears the Medusa Mask, she emits an aura of intimidation that creates a sense of unease in any living creature nearby. When she activates her stone gaze, lesser creatures and weak willed subjects can be petrified for as long as she maintains her stone gaze.

Chimera Lens

The Chimera Lens is a blood-red set of goggles. Similar to eye-wear worn by most modern soldiers, the Chimera Lens is very durable and provides adequate protection for the eyes against minor threats, and displays a variety of tactical data as well as night-vision and thermal imaging capabilities.

Shortsword "The Whistling Blade"

A powerful shortsword, the Whistling Blade is of an olden design, measuring 25 inches of blade and 6-inches of hilt and guard. The sword is engraved with vine designs as a sign of respect for Akimee's patron Deity, Vita. The blade itself is separated by a pair of hooked sections to catch the blades of enemy weapons with ease. The Whistling Blade is crafted from enchanted steel and has a thin rod of sonical within, displaced a millimeter from the metallic body of the sword. When struck or unsheathed, the sonical rod accelerates at a higher rate than the enchanted steel. This causes the sonical rod to repeatedly strike the body of the weapon up to a rate of 1000 strikes per second. This causes the weapon to give off its infamous "Whistle". The vibrations generated by the blade are low in wavelength, but extremely high in frequency and magnitude. This causes the weapon to inflict a significantly larger amount of blunt force trauma to anything that it is immediately in contact with. In addition, this contact vibration generates enough force to rip through most materials including weapons, armor, and buildings. This weapon weighs 2.5 pounds.


Sword Ability: Screaming Blade

When the Whistling Blade is vibrating quickly enough, it slices through the air with a sharp screeching sound that can deafen foes temporarily. The screech is said to be akin to that of a Banshee's cry. Akimee herself is not immune to this effect. However, she wears special ear implants to minimize this effect on herself.

Sword Ability: Blinding Blade

The Whistling Blade serves as a medium for Akimee to weaponize her excessively powerful life force granted by her patron Deity, Vita. Akimee may channel her life forced through the blade momentarily, causing the weapon to ignite with white fire, a physical manifestation of life force. Unlike conventional fires, the white fire emits little to no heat, instead channeling all of that energy into an intensely bright glow. Directly viewing the white fire is equivalent to looking directly at a flash bang when it goes off, causing temporary blindness. Akimee herself is not immune to this effect. However, her combat visor is equipped with a filter to block out all forms of harmful light to minimize this effect on herself.

Jian, White Reflection

A jian, is a double-edged Chinese straight sword. In Chinese folklore, it is known as "The Gentleman of all Weapons" and is considered one of the four major weapons, along with the Gun (staff), Qiang (spear), and the Dao (sabre).

Staff: Grandfather of all Weapons
Spear: King of all Weapons
Saber: General of all Weapons

Akimee's jian is named White Reflection, for its elegant, and timeless craftsmanship. As the family heirloom of the Ayora family, Akimee uses it as her go-to weapon against weak to moderately powerful foes.

With a blade length of just over 30 inches, White Reflection is a one-handed weapon, remarkably light and perfectly balanced. The weapon itself was lightly enchanted to resist wear and tear, and at the end of the seven inch hilt hangs a long blue tassel. The weapon is odd compared to most jian in that it features a hexagonal cross-section instead of a diamond one, and lacks a hand guard, suggesting antique construction, as well as the fact that the tapering of the blade is subtle until the very tip.

It is said that if the wielder of White Reflection gazes into the sword for a while, they can see a flicker of their heart's desire. Other then a certain degree of resonance with the supernatural, allowing the blade to be enchanted or empowered at will, no other powers are attributed to White Reflection. The phrase "You are the mirror", and the word "Reflect" are carved into the sides of the blade, in Chinese characters.

Sometimes, Akimee stares deep into the blade for long durations of time. Nobody knows what she sees, nor has the nerve to ask.


Type OX Compact Magic Converter MKVI, aka Mana Bomb:

Ordinary people, even with the advancement of technology, have always traditionally been at odds with those of magical capability, and have usually been dominated by them and the vast effects and powers that metas and other magical creatures may possess. Thus, to help even the odds, the bNine guild has set to work on creating a new weapon, designed specifically to use against casters.

Always one to help its members, whether it be in the form of custom weapons or specially designed power armor for sale to the mercenary within its ranks, the bNine has created this small, and compact grenade-like weapon. Since its inception, it has received numerous upgrades, and has remained very popular, despite its extraordinary high price.

Extremely dangerous to magical beings, generally, the more magically powerful, the more devastating the bomb is. It has several settings, but it normally works by coalescing all of the mana in one small area for a few seconds, roughly eight to ten feet in diameter, into a singularity, and then igniting and detonating it with force proportional to the amount of mana collected. Against a opponent like a caster, this would likely result in a liquefying blast of overpressure, accompanied by a heat impulse, not unlike that of thermobaric weapons. Even if the caster somehow survives, the mana vacuum left behind would render him/her next to useless.

Despite its potential, it does have some drawbacks. The mana bomb is best at targeting those of certain, traditional arcana and magical capabilities. Metas who draw their powers from within themselves, as ki, as well as psychic opponents, will not be affected as much. While such users can be victims of the bomb, they generally have the capability to avoid it by suppressing or not using their powers at all, reducing their powers to such an inactive state that the mana bomb does not recognize it as fuel and cannot utilize it at all. Actively using powers of any sort puts the wielder at risk, although it is much, less effective due to magical constraints, such as the dual life-force nature of ki-related energy.

Type OX Compact Magic Generator MKII, aka Spell Bomb:

The reverse of the Mana Converter, or Mana Bomb, the Spell Bomb is an advanced foray into weaponizing arcane energy as a whole using technology. The current form of the Spell Bomb is a small, hand-ball sized sphere that contains a small explosive charge, a secret chemical solution, and ground-up mass-produced mana crystals. Upon activation via a button, the concoction becomes unstable, and hard impact with a surface would cause the sphere to crack, and the components inside to detonate with a blinding flash of light. Current projected power of the Spell Bomb is akin to a fragmentation grenade, but the Spell Bomb also has the property of empowering more traditional magical effects in the target area, while damaging supernatural creatures heavily. Clever operators have been known to use the Spell Bombs to temporarily boost their own magical powers, or to amplify the blast of Mana Bombs. The Spell Bomb has a secondary firing mode, where instead of releasing a localized blast of arcana, it generates a stream of magic energy, at a much lower yield. The Black Nine have adapted this form to use as a sort of "battery" to power special magetech innovations in the field.

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