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A Cure For What Aleth You

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Argi was almost prepared to collapse.
He hadn't eaten properly in... what, a week? Since arriving in Casper, he had quickly realised that the only meals one could find within the city were ones that you could pay for - whether paying for the whole service or just ingredients - and he had run out of money soon enough, though he hadn't had much left by the time he got here anyway. While the possibility of work had crossed his mind, he realised there was no time to try and find it - he had to warn everyone of the danger in Dougton.
So, he had.
Day in, day out, Argi had gone from the 'shantytown' in which he had made himself resident, to the 'train station' that lay at the city's heart. He knew Ignatz to possess a similar hub of transport, and indeed, from what he had briefly read of the map, it seemed the two were connected. Either way, he knew many travellers would pass through it, and he had hoped at least some had skill enough with sword or spell, and an understanding of the situation's urgency, as to convince them to join in his quest.
It... hadn't gone well.
Some were simply dismissive. The military were dealing with it. If it was such a big threat, wouldn't we have been told? How much do you pay anyway?
Ultimately the frustration became too much each evening, and the young man from the mountains retreated to the broken shelter of an overturned boat, both to bawl his eyes out, and to then get some sleep. A few times he had been awoken from it. Once by a friendly face warning him that the city police - responsible for enforcing law and order in the urban area - had been searching for him, thinking he had committed murder in Dougton. That night he found a different wreck to hide in. A few days later, having enjoyed the luxury of a corner that didn't pool with rain water - he was awoken to find someone trying to steal the boots off his feet, at which point he panicked and likely caved in their nose with his heel. It was back to the first boat after that. Then to the station again, with the increasingly decayed remnants of the Enrele he had procured. More and more he felt like the crazed individual he was aware that the people here saw him as. Vaguely, he had a feeling that someone, somewhere, had said that the definition of insanity was to try something over and over again, to somehow expect different results.
So what a relief then, however strange it should be, that someone actually talked to him. More than one, even. Some perhaps were motivated by the sheer novelty of it all; maybe thinking him some overly dramatic storyteller, more than someone with a true fear upon his mind. There were however those that lingered. A few faces perhaps proving familiar, even. Though still somewhat set to collapse, Argi's confidence had grown considerably. People were listening. Ready to join him in this fight, when all he had to offer was the opportunity itself. Even without food in his stomach, or clean clothes, he was half-prepared to leap right from the crate had used as a podium, and rush right back to Dougton with this small force!
But another came. One that extended a piece of parchment to him. There was an awkward moment as he was forced to explain that he was still working on being able to speak Terran, and even moreso read it. So the messenger - revealed to be a child as they spoke - told him simply that he, and any others present, should come to the 'Wyrm's Bane', before they departed.
What might have otherwise been an hours long search for some pub or vessel by the name was cut rather drastically short by Argi's revelation that he had, in fact, seen that ship - and it was a ship, which he had come to know as how Terrans ascribed very large boats - every day for the last several days. It was, as he would show to his entourage, a junked vessel that had sat along the coast of the shantytown in which he had been living; how long, he obviously was uninformed enough as to know. But with its name emblazoned across the side - if missing a few letters, presumably having fallen somewhere into the water below - its identity was unmistakable. Further, Argi and any others would quickly realise, the lights were on. At least, in one part of the ship they are. That was enough to convince Argi, reduced to carrying the parasite's corpse in a bag he had salvaged from the area, to step aboard. Through halls that were caked in dust, coated in cobwebs, and browned by rust - or perhaps mould - the man from the mountains walked, until arriving at a large, open room, in which they was arranged a vast table, and around it, several more that had been waiting for seemingly quite a while. Argi could see one person in particular sat at the table that had an... air around her, which he quickly took to mean that this had all been at her arrangement.
"Are you... here about the Enrele?" He asked first, just to make sure that no-one had gotten lost in coming here, before he quite simply spilled out the parasite - what little was left of it - upon the table. Its sacs had burst, and its stingers chipped, but still seeing it like this unnerved the very man that had brought it here. Not sure it wouldn't somehow just pop up from the table and attack.
"Because I fight them. Going to fight Aleth. Promised the children in Dougton." Argi made his simple declaration, and waited to hear what the response would be...

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Aya had been in Terrenus for not long, only a couple weeks, actually. Her first unfriendly encounter was on her second day, a massive creature that was taken down with the aid of three others. It was a rude awakening to how lacking her combat magic was, and had resulted in Aya practicing her Light Bolt spell in order to reduce the charge time. In the morning, she trained, and in the evening, she walked to wherever her staff was leading her. Eventually, her travels had brought her to this town. It wasn't particularly impressive as far as opulence was going, but it had its own charm if one knew where to look.

Rumors had sprung up about a man crying wolf, every day at the train station. Aya had asked questions of her own, and managed to get a description of the man. Indeed, by his description, he sounded like a crazed beast, touting nonsense. But, Aya could sense that this tale he told wasn't a fabrication of an over-imaginative mind. He wouldn't be so desperately persistent if it were. Before she could investigate it, one of the scales on her staff had begun pulling in the direction of the town's boats, one in particular, titled 'Wy_m's Ba_e' which was likely missing some letters. She boarded the vessel and found there was a collection of people, but not the man she intended to find. The fact that she was lead here meant that if she waited, she'd find out what her purpose was.

Aya had moved to the corner of a decently lit room and leaned against the wall. On her head, a very small, light blue creature was curled up. It was a dragon with light blue feathers on its body and slightly transparent ones on its wings. The feathers weren't the same as the common avian. Anyone who touched them would realize they were made of something much harder, crystals. The creature was sleeping, but if anyone dared to touch it, it would try and nip at their finger.

Not long had passed from her arrival before the man she intended to find showed up and asked a woman if she was here about something... or... someone called 'Enrele' which meant nothing to Aya. The man presented a creature of sort. It was dead, or, mostly dead. Aya could sense a very subtle emotion coming from it, but it was weak. It was an instinct to obey... Waiting for an order, perhaps? The man commented that he was going to fight them, that he made a promise to do so. Aya remained silent, under the impression that answers came to the patient, in these situations.

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Uh-huh.  You keep telling yourself that.  You and your ragtag crew will simply march into Dougton and obliterate Hivemind Aleth, murdering approximately 2.5 million innocents in the process and enabling Hivemind Daloth to recontaminate the metropolis with its brood.  That is why there are so many members of Hivemind Daloth among your number, yes?

From a whorl of shadow, a disconcerting distortion of the flickering light cast by grimy tubes straining to illuminate a partially obscured entrance to the chamber, starlit eyes, sickles of ice enclosed in primeval, saurian orbs, radiate chilling cerulean energy which rakes the disintegrating husk deposited, so tactlessly, on the mouldering table separating Argi from the wicked things that inhabit this chamber.  As his vision adjusts to the gloomy demesne to which he is now confined and the beast takes shape, Argi will ascertain that the entity besmirching the good name of his newfound comrades is not as human as he initially conceived.  The squamous beast, coated in iridescent scales glowing softly in sapphire, silver, and cerulean hues, is anatomically draconic with a sinuous, serpentine body, gradually tapering to a tail, and four sinewy legs, more suggestive of feline physiology than those of stereotypical dragons, terminating in five silvery talons.  A polychromatic frill rolls from the top of her head, between two smooth horns that steadily curve upward, to the tip of her tail.  Unlike your average dragon, her broad snout originates below eye level, granting her an enhanced field of view.  Conspicuously, this breed is dispossessed of wings and is, admittedly, smaller than one might expect, at a height of 9', approximately, while lying down.  That Argi even identified her as female is astonishing since it is no easy task discerning the morphological variances between males and females of her species, not that her species is particularly well-known to begin with.

To offset her underwhelming size and inexcusable lack of wings, this dragon, who has refused to introduce herself to, or otherwise socialize with, anyone assembled in the chamber, is fitted with an outlandish magitech frame from which various equipment is suspended.  On the tubular section of her body joining her neck to her fore legs and, ultimately, to her hind legs, two flexible rails mounted on armored, metallic hoops at intervals support two automated, semicircular elemental energy turrets that are free to slide along this length of her body.  A bulky, magitech power system runs the length of her frill, and a lightweight, compact sensor system hangs from her underside.  Around her neck, she wears a metallic collar labeled with the phrase "EMERGENCY KITS."  On her head is a largely transparent, hermetically-sealed helmet with a lightweight air scrubber and an emergency rebreather.  All in all, this frame isn't built to hammer targets from on high but to provide tactical fire support and real-time battlefield intelligence to other units without sacrificing mobility or the advantages its operator's relatively small size grants her.

Despite all this, Wyrm is exceptionally aggressive, singling out one of Argi's fellows, the second person who signed on with him, no less, and, with an almighty crack, rams the table into his thighs.  The poor man flops onto the table beside the revolting corpse of the Hivemind Aleth aligned Enrele and cries out in fear.

Wha-ARGH!  Help me!  Please, don't let it take me!

Wyrm's icy gaze transfixes the man, and he screams for succor at the top of his lungs.  Wyrm, unsympathetic to the poor man's desperate ululating, places a forepaw on the table and proceeds to shove it toward a porthole roughly the size of the poor man's head.  His eyes widen in abject horror.

No!  Please!  I've got a family.

Wyrm's response is cold and her manner coarse.  The thing behind those eldritch eyes, eerily reminiscent of a certain gore-spattered heiress, neither diverts its course nor offers a reasonable explanation for her actions to any of the others gathered in the musty chamber.  Without once averting her gaze from her hapless victim, Wyrm menaces someone else in the room, though she doesn't make it clear who she intends to defenestrate or dissect or craft a standing light out of.

You're next.

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Since the events in the forest a few weeks ago, Dauner had been through an odd adventure in Dougton and was now in Casper searching for more fun adventures. He had happened to hear of a crazed man who constantly talked of a growing danger. The logical conclusion the people he talked to had arrived at was that this man was just another senile man looking to spread fear but the weren't going to fall for it. Dauner's interest was quite taken up by the situation when he heard that the man preached of a danger. Dauner didn't need anymore reason to want to find this man. He had a basic formula for fun in his mind, unknown = dangerous = exciting = fun. That's just how simple it was.

He asked around about this man and his trail led to a boat docked by a corner in town. The boat seemed like it had been poorly maintain if it had been maintained at all. The name stood over the door missing some letters. Dauner could make out the letter that still stood over the door. 'Wy_m's Ba_e'.

He walked into the ship and noticed it wasn't empty. There were 2 other auras he could sense coming from an inner room in the boat. He made his way there and was faced with two faces. One was a face he would hardly forget. After all Dauner never forgot the face of a pretty girl. For the guys it was much easier to forget. The other face however was unknown to him. He deduced that this must have been the 'crazy guy' he was looking for.

"Aya! What a surprise to see you here of all places" he said smiling at her. He then turned to the guy who was now looking at him. "You must be the 'crazy guy' the townsfolk have been talking about lately. Hi, I'm Dauner," he said stretching his hand for a handshake. "and i heard you were talking a dangerous deal. I want in".

Shortly after introducing himself, Dauner noticed the dragon in the corner of the room. This Dragon looked fit and ready to chomp off the heads of all those present in the room. Dauner didn't bother inquiring if it was hostile or friendly as the expression on it's face told everything. "When decided to sign up i didn't think the fun would come up so soon" he said looking at the dragon and putting on a smile.

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The Terran Government had been aware of the Enrele infestation for quite sometime; but they had been slow to react. While the aliens took more and more people, it almost seemed as though they were content to simply let it happen. Or at least that was how it had seemed to Emile. But he was a good soldier; and part of that meant trusting your superiors to know what they were doing. His faith had been rewarded when he had received his orders to deploy to Casper, and aid in an attack on an Enrele Hive Mind. 

From what he had been told, there was a man in the city attempting to gather assistance for a raid on a hive in Doughton. While part of him wondered why more people hadn't been assigned to this, he had kept it to himself. Truthfully, he was just happy to be doing something about the Enrele threat. 

Now he was watching some... thing assault others who had come to the gathering point. Raising his rifle, he leveled it at the creature in the suit.

"That's enough."

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Tommy Snyder was never one to back down from an adventure. As soon as he had gotten wind of what was going to go down, he had been ecstatic. After he walked away from his person that he talked to feeling excited, gaining information about who was doing what where why when and how in the city (not in that particular order), he realized that he needed more information on what was going down, and sprinted back hoping to god that they were still there. And they were, smirking, waiting for him, knowing that he'd come back for the vital information. Apparently, it was going to be happening this evening, near the outskirts of town on, or near, "That one old creepy boat." 

And Tommy's source was correct.

He had arrived at the rotted boat just in time, out of breath and gasping for air. He had sprinted all the way there from his house, after realizing what time it was, and almost panicking. He composed himself, and walked in. The person who was holding the gun in position  looked like a military official. The man raised his rifle, and, with a steady hand, readied his rifle at the Dragon.

"That's enough." The man with the rifle muttered. 

"Oh, c'mon." Tommy said to the group, after a tense pause. "You're not gonna let me join in on any of the fun?" Tommy grinned. "I know I'm a little late, but I'm only, like-" He checked his watch. "-two minutes, and forty-five seconds late!" He looked up at the group, dropping his wrist, smirking this time.

"Let's do this." Tommy said, stepping farther into the boat. The relaxed, joking smile faded off of his face, and Tommy felt like something big was about to happen, for better or for worse. And he knew he wanted to be a part of it.

Tommy joined the rest of the group in the back of the boat, and crossed his arms, waiting to see what would happen next.


My Characters


Bryant Eden

Tommy Snyder





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67796735_141735973712804_5276032379675303154_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-yyz1-1.cdninstagram.com&_nc_cat=108Working for the Order had always led Ravenbush to the most strange places. Even stranger is that she is inside this wrecked boat with the possibility that one of their supposed 'targets' are onboard the vessel and are listening to whatever is being uttered within this little gathering.

She would have preferred working for the military but blood relations have put a large obstruction on that. She should have been more careful who she chose to be related to. If she had known about her family earlier, she could have done something to be born as part of a different, more non-criminal one.

Still, she had work to do, especially with this little group finally realizing what a huge threat these Enrele are. When the other dude raised his rifle and aimed it at the creature, Ravenbush remained passive. It's not her problem after all. She's more than content with waiting at the side, keeping a close eye at her sister, the sheepish woman standing beside her.

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 Field work wasn't her preference, but still, Ms. Patton knew that no one could be trusted in these darkest hours. She knew that if she were to save these people, to rid them of this scourge, her hand would be forced; and so it was. She needed results, achieved through examination and adaptive thought, rather than brute strength or the power within numbers. If this.. Abomination of flesh and the arcane was identifying this poor man of being among Hivemind Daloth, then Elizabeth had to step in.

On 9/28/2019 at 6:35 PM, The Alexandrian said:

You're next.


On 9/29/2019 at 5:43 AM, danzilla3 said:

"That's enough."

 The woman stood from a seat in the back of the room, rather abruptly, and spoke firmly.

 "In the name of science, release him!"

 Liz commanded, her voice filled with a certain ferocity that betrayed her frail body. She wore a long, black lab coat which covered a body suit of synthetic fiber, with her blonde hair tied in the back; falling from a round black cap. Dark glasses hid her eyes, which stabbed between the soldier and the beast coldly as she stepped towards them, reaching for something inside of her coat. Elizabeth cleared her throat for a moment, nodding toward Argi and clarifying her request.

 "If we are to truly rid the lands of the Enrele threat, then we must collect data."

Patton assured, pulling a weapon from her coat and firing a round at the helpless man with keen accuracy. The round was clearly non-lethal, a syringe with a potent neurological sedative. Whether or not it affected the so called agent of Daloth was a test in and of itself, and Elizabeth had made her intent and allegiance clear. 

 She had come on behalf of an organization with the funds and assets to research the Enrele, and from the sounds of it, she was determined. Her eyes poked around the room, surveying the forming group, wondering what others among them may be tainted. It wasn't safe to disclose much information to them, not yet at least, but she had come for the greater good of Terrenus. Her only hope was that she could commit to her research with cooperation and the understanding that anyone here could be an insurgent.


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...Okay, that was... not expected.

Argi blinked as he beheld the figure that he had believed a fellow human being reveal itself to be much more akin to a dragon... sort of. He could see resemblances in the general structure and the way it held itself, but it was much unlike the dragon he had faced back atop the mountains, lacking wings and mass, but possessed of a much more colourful coat, and a frill that might be otherwise found a much smaller lizard. Maybe 'dragon' wasn't even the right association at all. Then again, Argi had learned to appreciate that the life he lead up until a few months ago had been only a very small slice of the wider world. He wasn't even sure how far he was from home now.

But back on point: The serpentine creature - 'dragon', for now - astonishingly well armoured it was, seemed to be critical of Argi's plan, however loosely defined. The exact translation eluded him, but from what he grasped, they were concerned with how many might die for it, and that a... Hivemind 'Daloth' was present. That caught Argi on the backfoot somewhat, and as he averted his gaze, he realised it should have been obvious. Aleth was mentioned to him as being the largest of the Enrele, suggesting more than one. He'd simply taken it to mean like, the top of the entire hierarchy, but no; it was simple the largest of the Hiveminds, which he now knew to be plural.


While his head had been turned, and his mind deep in thought, was when the dragon had shoved the table. Argi turned his head back at the sound of someone - the second person who had actually agreed to help, in fact - crashing down into the table beside the enrele corpse. As the man screamed out in protest - somewhat confusingly, to Argi - the dragon proceed to shove the table again. The man that had been strewn atop it might have gone flying towards the far wall because of it, were it not for the fact that Argi hoisted him up and away as he himself had to hop the flying furniture, which shook the walls of the ship upon contact.

"...You think he one of them?" The realisation fell across Argi's lips at roughly the same time that it was processed by his brain. As the dragon went on to threaten another of those he had gathered to join him, and one person even raised their firearm - which is what Argi now understood such things to be - Argi realised he had to actively protest, "WAIT!"

Second guessing began almost immediately. There were so many here - faces he knew, even - that hadn't been gathered by him. While the man with the firearm clearly was not aligned with the dragon, it was difficult to discern who actually matched up with who here. Were a fight to break out, they could be easily outnumbered, though who 'they' were in that scenario was... less clear.


"...You-" Argi began to speak to the man he had just helped, and that had been accosted by the dragon, only for them to already have gone silent within his grasp. A dart of some stick was sticking out of him, and judging by the angle - as well as the weapon in her grasp - it was the woman in the black coat that was responsible. Looking down at the now limp man, Argi finished his sentence quietly, muttering, "...You could help by leaving..." 

Obviously not an option now, Argi carefully lowered the man, briefly pulling back their top to try and find sign of an Enrele upon their back - none, it seemed. He took a deep breath, regretted doing so for the taste on the air, sighed in relief and then turned back to the scene at hand. "See no Enrele." He nodded in affirmation to himself, nevertheless standing over the man defensively. That done, Argi took in a better assessment of what remained. There was his cadre from the train station of course - 10 in number now, given that man's departure - and a few particular faces in addition to that included: the dragon themselves, that soldier, a woman of an evidently spiritual nature, an acquaintance of that woman who had called Argi 'crazy guy' (whatever that meant), a young man possessed of the manner of Ignatz, and... Oh dear, he knew those two women. Technically reliable, but could get complicated. Ah yes, and the one with the sleep gun.


"So!" Argi puffed up unconvincingly, both for its feigned confidence, and for the general state of his being. After realising it was not a method he could work, he settled down; not relaxed, but settled, as he said, "So... I am Argi of the Cloven Hoof, from the mountains."

He had finally figured out how to introduce himself convincingly in Terran, after much trial and error. Speaking in such a rote fashion itself did help to relax him, bringing things back to familiar territory.

"And you are here to fight Enrele. You very much." He narrowed from a general address to a specific one, pointing towards the dragon. "If you here simply to say no, why come dressed like that? Why dress for fight?"

As they were quite seemingly here dressed for a fight indeed, Argi lowered his hands to his hips, and explained, "We find Aleth below Dougton. Remove Aleth. Try not kill anyone removing Aleth. Maybe Meryam help."

That particular concern did set Argi somewhat curious, trying to figure out why it was even a concern. Was Aleth linked so tightly to all the possessed that killing it would kill them too? Was there some other hivemind that had been harmed, and the effects seen? Now he wished he knew what happened to that man he ripped the Enrele from...

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Where did I go wrong?

Somewhere along the line, I grossly overestimated humanity's will to survive.  A rabid glory hound from the Feast of Blades, an impetuous representative of the Terrenus Military who must have watered down his CO's coffee to score such an ill-fated assignment, with no backup, from the looks of it, an errant carouser who, perhaps, intended to crash the party three wrecks down, the sister of the infamous Mistress standing at the elbow of an apparition I wager is none other than Middy - you look smashing for a dead woman, by the by, a trigger-happy academic likely on Ventrix's payroll with somewhat laxer ethics than I was expecting, a silent magician, content to study this chaos as it unfolds rather than dive in uninformed, or worse - misinformed, a taciturn party of natives skulking in the shadows, and at the center of it all, a rustic who has yet to comprehend the futility of the campaign he wages.  The candied cherry to top it all off is that our location has, quite obviously, been leaked to the public.  I trust the Wyrm's Bane is secure as much as I trust you lot.

Wyrm was not intimidated when Emile aimed his rifle at her.  Similarly, she was not impressed by Dauner's machismo.  Neither Eliza's passion nor Shishi and company's aloofness moved her.  Argi's ignorance and naivete were of some consequence to her, yet she had been fortunate enough to intervene before he launched his little crusade and the crew he had assembled under his banner into the flames.  Tommy's tardiness and apologetic overture impacted her least of all.  Those who followed Argi, those who had not uttered a single word of protest or support, and Aya were the individuals who now preoccupied Wyrm's thoughts.

Slowly, gently, Wyrm extended a clawed extremity and attempted to nudge Emile's weapon aside.  His response to her theatrics had, to a great extent, excluded him from her scrutiny.  With a twitch of his finger, he could blow a hole in Wyrm, and still, she didn't treat him as a legitimate threat.  She didn't growl at him or take anything that could be construed as hostile action against him when she could have very easily mimicked his gesture with her upscale arsenal.  If he turned his weapon on Eliza, Wyrm would again reach out and, with the same purposeful gentleness, encourage him to lower his weapon.  She was certain they were both human.

If we are introducing ourselves, I should inform you that I am Caeceila Glasmann, the gore-spattered heiress of Hell's Gate, and it is with great satisfaction that I appear to you today in a more honest form as the daughter of Lord Augustine Glasmann III and Lady Kore Glasmann VII.

While Caeceila Glasmann has appeared in the news several times of late, which is no surprise given that she is one of the more bellicose nobles prancing around Terrenus, she doesn't expect her name to mean anything to this assortment of people.  Silver Vision is still in development, and the operations of her private army have largely been restricted to areas adjoining the Glasmann Estate in Hell's Gate.  Nevertheless, Caeceila brought three House Glasmann gunships and a squad of drow spooks to Casper with her this evening should anything go horribly wrong.  With little more than a nod, the beast continues.

If you truly hope to remove the Enrele from Dougton, I am honor-bound to support you, but I will not commit my men to a suicidal cause.

Caeceila lumbers forward, helping herself to the space formerly occupied by the table, now a heap of splinters and wooden detritus heaped against the wall.

In exchange for my assistance, and the possibility of a handsome reward should all go well, you will all submit to biological screening.  Doc-bots will draw tissue and blood samples for testing purposes.  These samples will be archived for other projects, when applicable.  Furthermore, you will undergo full biological and metaphysical scanning administered by proprietary, Glasmann Cryonics virtual intelligence systems.  You will relinquish all rights to specimens collected and the genetic code contained therein.  If you are Enrele, you relinquish any judicial rights you may have under relevant Terrenus codes of law and will be summarily executed or contained for reasons I don't care to disclose.

This was a non-negotiable agreement, an ultimatum some of the creatures within the dank chamber would never consent to.  Caeceila was well-aware of this, yet she made a target of herself all the same.  Then, it was time to enlighten Argi and gather input from those he had assembled.

Know that, unlike Argi, I have been keenly interested in the Enrele for quite some time.  Only Hivemind Aleth manifests as a tentacled blob attached to the torsos of victims.  More advanced Enrele Hiveminds replace organs or organ systems and are, therefore, virtually indistinguishable from healthy subjects...

Unless you have the proper tools for the job.  Moreover, hiveminds are a distributed intelligence, meaning they can only be defeated by killing all members of the hivemind or attacking the collective consciousness directly.  Does anyone have any ideas on how to conduct such warfare or otherwise disable the Enrele?  For example, I'd like to hear how this Meryam-person might assist.  I'm very interested on your opinions on the matter, especially you, Daloth.  If you're willing to bargain for your pathetic existence, this is the only opportunity I'll ever provide.

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An irritated sigh escaped Shishi's lips. Clearly, this Glasmann woman is mad. Sadly, Shishi knew that already. Her sister had talked about this woman in the past and all those stories pictured this Glasmann woman as some kind of lunatic. For now she should probably take action.

"Well met, Lady Glasmann," Shishi spoke as she move forward to face the woman. "But, I may have to take offense on you naming my sister. Even now I cannot accept the fact that I'm related to that vile terrorist." The very thought made her shake her head in disappointment.

"Allow me to introduce my self as well. Shishi Ravenbush, Knight-Apprentice of the Order of Forc-Majeure. While I cannot represent the order, I could at least report what has transpired after we hit the hive. Unfortunately, I do not have the authority to send as many forces as I want but I could at least inform the Order."

"Lady Glasmann, I would have to respectfully decline your offer to inspect the insides of my flesh. Not even with money or any generous reward involved. Regarding the Enrele, the Order is based in Predator Keep, a home to lots of psionics. I think we could handle the hivemind without having to jeopardize the sanctity of my body."

"And I brought insurance," Shishi jerked a thumb over her shoulder, the finger directly pointing at her female companion. "She should be enough in case shit happens."

There is a reason why she had brought that damned female companion of hers. If she's going to fight a hivemind or a collective unconscious, then she would use someone who has created one.

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Aya placed a hand over her mouth and let out a soft giggle after Shishi's introduction. She found the entire situation to be somewhat humorous, since she was still trying to figure out which one of those descriptions applied to her. Nevermind that people had gotten hurt, they were still alive, after all. "Might I ask, am I the Silent Magician, or the one skulking in the shadows?" she asked with a clearly amused tone. Despite the current situation, the tense air, and the noble's attempt at being the dominant figure in the room, Aya had a smile on her face and was calm as ever. 

While Aya wasn't a noble to the best of her knowledge, her beauty would be more than enough to make her easily pass for it, and she wasn't even wearing makeup. She was youthful looking, and didn't have a single blemish on her skin. Her hair was long, dangling down to the base of her back, and silky looking. She had maroon colored eyes, a recessive trait that's extremely rare. Some had guessed that Aya received some form of blessing from her god, others had pondered the possibility of magic being at play- all surprised to find neither to be true.

Aya stepped forward just enough for Caeceila to see her through the crowd. "I am Aya, a Priestess of Judgement." she said and gave a small, oriental-styled bow. "Unfortunately, I cannot consent to the collection of any part of my anatomy, or experimentation of any sort. There are various contracts in play that prevent me from doing so." If Caeceila knew anything of the Shrine of Judgement, she would possibly know that they dealt largely in business dealings between of all kinds, including peace treaties and negotiations. They took contracts, agreements, and deals extremely seriously, meaning that there wasn't a force on earth, above or below that could make her break a contract.

"However..." Aya said abruptly "... there is something regarding this task I'd like to say." Aya closed her eyes. "While I'll be playing mostly a support role for this mission, I do come equipped with some combat spells. This creature on my head is called Myuil, and he's able to provide aerial combat support." This would be what all other members of the group would hear, including those under Enrele control.

Caeceila and Argi would both hear an entirely different message, broadcasted directly into their minds. 'I've been monitoring the emotional status of everyone present since I arrived. There are no fewer than six and no greater than eight individuals who's emotions are an absolute match. It isn't abnormal for people to feel the same emotion, but for them to feel the same emotion, in the exact same quantities, with emotional variations constantly matching each other at all times, is highly irregular.'

Aya opened her eyes and moved to the back of the crowd once more, not being too terribly fond of standing in front people when it wasn't necessary. She then said "One more thing, if I may say so, Miss Glasmann. I can vouch for Mister Dauner. He has excellent combat abilities, and I can assure you that he isn't linked to any hivemind."

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Dauner had watched the whole thing unfold before him while not intervening in anyway until the dragon-like creature spoke again. After listening to what it had said, Dauner couldn't help but speak forth too. "Caeceila Glassman? I've heard that name before" he said scratching his head before remembering. "At the Feast of Blades. You look different from what i had imagined you'd look like" he finished. "And by the way, just to be clear. I'm not the 'rabid glory hound' here right? Cause I'm not" he blandly stated. Unlike the beautiful priestess, Aya, Dauner was not so polite. He might have grown up in a palace and been thought how to be courteous, but he preferred the attitude he picked got from the fields outside the capital city.

"And also, there's no way i'll be letting anyone have a piece of me for any purpose whatsoever. So no screening, no scanning, no taking samples and especially no doctors. I don't like 'em." he finished before finally relaxing himself. "Anyway, I'm not interested in collecting specimens. Battling them will do just fine me and talking about rewards" He said as his eyes were now taking the shape of pieces of meat. "What kind of meat do  you have" he said drooling.

Shortly after he asked, someone came running into the boat. The person revealed to be a young boy a few centimeters shorter than Dauner. He stopped running and put his hands on his laps as he gasped for breathe. "Sorry... I'm... late..." he said. "You took long enough to get here" Dauner said as his gaze shifted to the boy. "And who's fault do you think it is?" the boy yelled angrily at Dauner. "We were supposed to meet up Dougton but by the time i got there, you had already left. You could have let me know that you were coming to Casper and spared me all the trouble" he scolded. "Sheesh" Dauner said poking his nose. "You're here aren't you? No need to be so mad now". "Say that again and I'll cave in your head"

The boy looked around and noticed the number of people gathered in the boat. He was able to recognize one face but the rest were completely unknown to him. "Hey, Aya" he said waving at Aya with a wide smile "Nice seeing you again". Dauner turned back towards Caeceila, "Well as I was saying before being interrupted, I can't agree to your terms. And we don't need any complicated strategy to beat them. All we have to do is Break in, cut them all up and go eat some meat"

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Emile lowered his weapon, though he remained ready to bring it back up into firing position for the moment. He was pretty sure his superiors would frown upon him killing Hells Gate's heiress; though he would if she tried to harm him or anyone else. Caecillia might be able to determine who among them might be an Enrele host, but he wouldn't just take her word for it. The moment they started killing suspected hosts without hard evidence would be the first step towards anarchy. 

He ignored the heiresses barb directed towards him with the discipline expected of a soldier in the Terran Military. When everyone else had spoken, he would say his piece. 

"I'm here to do a job. If helping you is the best way to do it, then you have my support."

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  "I trust the Wyrm's Bane is secure as much as I trust you lot."

 Glasmann stabbed, and after blatantly dropping the name of Elizabeth's employer no less. Liz raised a brow as Ms. Glasmann finished goading the company in a commanding fashion. She viewed Glasmann as a liability at this point, chuckling in a childish nod towards her "propositions." Elizabeth had already made up her mind, the answer already more than apparent to the heiress, she was sure.

 Still, cooperation was the obligation of the doctors presence, and after listening to a few people refuse Glasmann's offer Elizabeth took a moment to respond with a tactful medium. She had a few idea's in mind, stemming from her research into bio-arcane correlation, and the relevance of binary wavelength extensions. These sorts of sciences, or perhaps magics, were often heralded as complex, dangerous, almost heretic. Yet, their applications were fundamental to a scientific breakthrough; a world of tomorrow which few could imagine.

 "If passing your exams are assurance that I will be identified by the government as a Non-Enrele citizen then I will accept your proposal Ms. Glasmann. My terms of cooperation however, are in the air."

  Elizabeth taunted, swaying her right hand across the room towards the others in a cautious fashion, as if appealing to them in some way. Elizabeth knew that in some degree, that someone else here truly wanted to help the nation. Perhaps it was the lunatic Argi, perhaps the soldier Emile, the meat head Dauner, or one of the ladies present; but Glasmann, well.. Elizabeth thought otherwise. 

 This whole ordeal stunk of a corporate regiment, something Patton herself aimed to assemble, and a bid for endorsement power and recognition. Liz was guilty of these aspirations, and had no choice but to play hardball in order to ensure that she and Ventrix Technologies would recieve their due credit in any hand dealt. In short, Caeceila Glasmann was a powerhouse figure, one that Elizabeth refused stubbornly to be overshadowed by.

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