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Character Sheet For Tommy Snyder

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Epithet: Compassionate and Brave

Moniker: Tommy Snyder

Title: A Cure For What Aileth You

Visual Age: Late Teens

Birthplace: Ignatz

Race: Human

Alignment: Chaotic Good

Gender: Male

Class: Bard

("An inspiring magician whose power echoes the music of creation.")

Hair: Short Blonde Hair

Eyes: Deep Blue

Height: 5'1

Weight: 105 lbs.

Voice: Tenor, Not Very Deep

Build: Skinny, Short



  • White t-shirt
  • Blue Hoodie
  • Blue jeans
  • Tennis shoes
  • Socks


  • Can play any instrument really well
  • Fast
  • Very resourceful
  • Good with words


  • Some coin
  • A knife, kept hidden in his boot
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