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Michael Bloodfang

Necros Metus - The Notorious Bounty Hunter

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Name: Necros Metus 
Aliases: Necros, Misthios, Bounty Hunter, Dreading Death
Alignment: True Neutral 
Race: Unknown 
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Gender: Male 
Marital Status: Single 
Age: 2000
Apparent Age: 35
Profession: Bounty Hunter, Mercenary 
Affiliation: Death Watch 
Hometown City: Unknown 


Voice: Sounds like Mark Ryan Lockdown voice from Transformers: Age of Extinction
Eyes: Crimsoned Red
Complexion: Gun Metal Silver Grey 
Height: 6'10
Weight: 507 lb
Build: Very Muscular 
Hair: None
Mark: At first sight it may not be seen but some of his body platings are covered with ancient Cyberglyphics that are mostly located on his back, tail, and forearms. It may very much indicate a religious background as Ancient Hunters which had faith, were inscribing an ancient language on their armor, believing it would bring them good fortune. 

One of his inscribings on his back is roughly translated into Latin, that spells out "Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat" which in modern English is described as "Fortune Favors the Bold" and there are some other characteristics and Symbols that their meaning is too ancient to describe.

But on his tail there is another inscribing that entails "Cum vocat fortuna, offer ea sellam." that translates to English as "When fortune calls, offer her a chair." and there are also two different inscribings on his forearms, so on right forearm is "Scientia, Virtus, Caesar" and its English translation means "Knowledge, Strength, Integrity"

And his left forearm has the inscribing of "Fortuna vitrea - Luce clarius facilius rumpitur." which in English translates as. "Fortune is like glass--the brighter the glitter, the more easily broken."

Appearance: He towers over average people and is always a bit tad taller than taller people. When he moves, mechanical sounds, clicks and other strange bio-organic noises would be heard coming from him, creating a instant supernatural aura around people he is around, even at a big distances he can invoke them with fear, dread, cold and the feeling of death being on the corner, watching, waiting, and very few have achieved the ability not to tremble before him on their knees  when they saw or were near him. fbba96fd6e130507935500ad79a28f8e5efae98e_1_312x500.jpg



Demeanor: His allegiance would always lie with the highest bidder. Necros is all about wit, tactics, cunning, cleverness and is an intelligent individual and is cold, calculative, without mercy and a bit sadistic.

He cares about two things in the entire Cosmos which he travels: himself and the thrill of the hunt, he enjoys a really good hunting sport, otherwise he wouldn't be doing what he loves the most, to hunt.

Goals: To become the Greatest Bounty Hunter in Existence, have unlimited supplies of fortune and trophies from every kind of species, be it ordinary or extremely rare.
Fears: Nothing, he welcomes death at his doorstep.
Likes: A good Hunt, the Thrill of the Hunt, Fortune, Luxury, Riches, Trophies, and Rare Specimens.  
Dislikes: A bad Hunt, thieves, beings that are nothing to him but a living peast, and beings who do not hold their end of their bargain.


His most precious and important treasure of them all...is his advanced techno-organic/bio-organic ancient vessel, called Thanatos Neptune.


Thanatos Neptune is a massive ancient vessel that is around 480 feet wide, 550 feet tall and 1.900 feet long. It can house about 1000+ passengers and its traveling speed is normally at 40 mph in the atmosphere, using the Dark Matter Drives it can reach around 2.500 mph and when it activates its transwarp drive it can travel at light year speeds and reach the equivalent of superluminal space travel.

She is a ship of its kind and it was said that it wasn't the last one which was ever built but through time, Thanatos Neptune's howl design has become extinct, thus making her one of its kind to ever be built again. While Thanatos Neptune is a fast vessel it also possesses a wide variety of self-defense and attack weapons such as: artillery cannons with, normal cannon rounds, energy or plasma. It has an energy base shield that wraps and shields around the vessel, protecting it from devastating attacks.

However the shield is on a timer and once the timer is over it would need time to recharge again so that it can be once more available of being used. Thanatos Neptune has around five hangars that are able to store medium size ships and it also has four individual gravity beams that sucks up everything within its 50 meter radius, it also has around 7 large engines on the back and 30 smaller ones on the bottom 

The vessel also has four Omega Whip electro-magnetic cannons, two neuron beam emitters, and a Hydra-class warp cannon adorning the prow and if his ship wasn't advanced enough it has a specialized AI which can control the ship itself without Necros' guidance when needed.


Sniper Rifle: A massive sniper rifle which he carries with him and stores it on the back, it's heavy and much bigger than him and that is why his enhanced strength comes into play when wielding this rifle. His rifle can fire from very far distances with very precise shots, the shots can variate from different kind of bullets and when changed in energy mode can fire a concentrated beam of energy,


Shotgun: His shotgun which he likes to carry around has 50 rounds of ammunition, it has also the ability to create frequency shockwaves and can be used as a flamethrower as well when needed, as it can also extract items.


Other than that, the rest it's standard blades, swords, hooks, spears and all kinds of weapons, but he also has an array of many gadgets which he can use while hunting. He has grenades with different modes, proximity mines, detective mines, camouflaged mines and other tools he may require but his most significant tool of them all is an implanted translator which was placed inside him which he can activate with some clicks on his gauntlet which he uses to speak with other races with their native language, be it in dialects and so on, short said, there is no language he can't speak.


  • Enhanced Condition
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Agility
  • Enhanced Intellect
  • Enhanced Combat Abilities
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Enhanced Dexterity
  • Enhanced Health
  • Enhanced Reflexes
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Enhanced Wits
  • Enhanced Willpower
  • Enhanced Vision/Sight
  • Decelerated Aging
  • Shapeshifting: He can shapeshift his hands to create weapons, if it is a blade, spear, axe, hooks, guns and so on, and he can also shapeshift his body, however, it does have its limits on how much he can shapeshift. 
  • Three Eyes: His Three Red Eyes are not just for looks, they are also a weapon and a very deadly one at that. He can charge his eyes into a crimsoned red color and fire a wave or blast of very synthesized and concentrated beam of pure energy.
  •  Tail Blade: He also has a tail that can harden itself by shifting its armor plating to accomedy the movement and its pointing tail blade is indeed very sharp and can pierce through solid object with ease.


Necros Metus was originally a part of a group, they called themselves the Ancient Hunters. They went and traveled from planet to planet in search of a great hunt, however they had a code of honor that entailed. The sport, which was a specimen, be it ordinary or rare, needs to be perfectly healthy and able to defend for itself when it came for a fight or flight, life and death scenario.

They uphold this rule very highly and so did Necros, he was a being that valued honor and valor, however in time he changed and he saw that fortune and riches were much better than simply hunt a sport and hold a code of honor, upon the Ancient Hunters finding that Necros broke their rule, they disbanded them from their tribe and basically excommunicated him for life. 

For during the hunt there must be honor, but Necros only enjoyed the hunt, the thrill it gave and sometimes the fortune and riches it had as a side bonus and he wanted more from it. Upon travelling alone he found the Ancient Vessel and he comendared it. Thanatos Neptune was once said to be a great traveling ship with Ancient Hunters that held the code of honor in high regards but most of them died off or simply retired and so the ship is nothing more to simply serve him as a vessel of transportation through the Cosmos and to house his huge trophy case. 

His Trophy has a lot of rare, special or legendary weapons as trophies and other species or races that are either rare, hard to come back and even ordinary and a large portion of his collection is dedicated to his riches, money or credits.

During his early days he also managed to form a group of Mercenary that were searching for someone with a ship and by luck they stumbled upon Necors who hired them and once his group grew in 500 members and then some more after he decided to name this new clan and Hunt Clan of his, Death Watch.

And so, Necros Metus, has made over the vast reaches of Space and for many years to come, a name for himself. Making himself very known throughout the vast reaches of space, as a universal bounty hunter with skills that were second to none.

He was at very best recognized as a Notorious Bounty Hunter, and there is probably no one in the Universe he won't put his skill to use for as long as he doesn't have anything personal with them and he'll do any job....just for the right price, of course. When Necros sets his path, there is little to nothing an unfortunate soul who finds himself to be his target can do, other than make their peace with the universe before he finds them. 


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