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Mickey Flash

Golden Reaper OOC

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13 minutes ago, Mickey Flash said:

@Dauner Light just wondering if you’ll be posting your turn, or would you like us to move on to the next RPer?  

oh, sorry. Been a tad bit too busy lately. i'll post as soon as i get back from school later today

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Well.... I believe the drunk guy is the guy Wendin is hunting for his income, and the drunk guy is vomiting, not Wendin.

We’ve decided to add the random skeletons as part of the story, so they’re not actually random.  

And since I believe the skeletons are hunting for the scroll I let the last RPer who made a large bid win the item.  That way our characters are in possession of the scroll when the skeletons are going after it and not the auctioneer.  

Sorry about the bidding war anticipation, but the thread kind of took a twist and I rolled with it.  I have a tendency to do that.  :angel:

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Twists are fine, but I feel a bit retconned given that I said the auctioneer didn't sound keen to accept such a paltry amount as two gold coins. I didn't think three would be much better. I also said a (random NPC) merchant had already bid four, so a bid of three shouldn't have been enough.

Also where are you guys discussing story stuff? I'd like to be involved if I could be.

Feel free to skip me this round. I'm not sure I have anything to contribute. I don't want to be a trouble maker either, but it's worth saying I feel a bit demoralised that what I contributed to the RP might be changed or ignored by the very next person. Maybe I'm over reacting but feeling a bit emotional about it right now.

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