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N a e v a l a  V e n t u s  V i r i d i s



Neigh-val-uh Veer-I-dis

Ursa Madeum





110 lbs

Blue/green eyes

Long, brown/black hair

Viridis Druid Arts [Sensus*]


B I O    Naevala was born in Ursa Madeum before her family fled to Taen after the attempted execution and rescue of her cousin, Rufus. Her mother, Renus, Rufus’ aunt raised the girl a bastard. It is rumored amongst the Viridis family that Naevala is the product of an unpleasant encounter between Renus and The Sea Wolves. Though Renus’ past is quite unknown, and the rumor spoken so often it might as well be considered true, the origin of Naevala’s non-elf half has not been officially confirmed. Renus would die before she gave truth to anything. Presently, Naevala has returned to Ursa Madeum with her cousin in efforts to reestablish their House.



* Sensus, also known as, "Mind," this style is focused on the mental processes of the user. Practitioners of this style can enhance their senses; as well as solve complex problems in seconds. Advanced users can boost their reaction time to superhuman levels. Masters can even affect objects and living beings with their minds.

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