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The Laughing Crusader

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The Laughing Crusader

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► B A S I C S

Name: Jestaira

age: 24

race: Human

class: Jester / Crusader

occupation: Sociopath

birthplace: Unknown


► L O O K S

height: 5'4"

weight: 160 lbs

gender: female

hair: Red

eyes: Red

voice: High and squeeky

► P E R S O N A

temperament: Sanquine

alignment: chaotic Neutral

traits: Unstable, social, violent, listener, clingy, fearful, over-emotional, joker

likes: Crusading, pranks, cringy jokes, crusading some more, spicy food

dislikes: Orcs, submissive people, backstabbers 


► S K I L L S

♦ Melee combat // Umbredicable and violent melee capablitlies.

♦ Sharp shooter// Great marksman, but only with flintlocks.

♦ Jester // A good clown, able to lighten the mood or provide distractions.

 Alchemy // Understanding of wild plants and uses in concoctions. 


► E Q U I P M E N T

 Sickle // A curved blade mean't for agricultur, now used to dispatch her foes.

 Flintlock pistol // A relatively well made weapon, used for ranged combat. 

 Dagger // A back up weapon, used for more stabbing.


► P A S T

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