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Genesar Creature Codex

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This codex should not be considered an exclusive or all-inclusive list. Members are more than welcome to play any race and creature not included in this codex, create their own version of them, or create their own creatures so long as they adhere to the overlaying rules of the forum (mainly Mild Powers). This codex will serve as a collection of both user and staff submissions for races, creatures/monsters, and so forth. They can be played as characters or interacted with as NPCs.

If you choose to play as any of these, note that capabilities described in their entry does not mean you'll be able to use the full extent of those capabilities in the canon, nor does it mean you are limited only to those specific abilities or items.

This first post shall serve as a masterlist for all additions made to the codex. For members that would like to races/creatures added, please follow the template below and PM me with your submission.



Type »
Temperament »
Sapience »
Size »
Weight »
Habitat »
Location »
Organization »
Special Abilities »
An overview of the race/creature. Be as detailed as you would like.


Races are federally recognized species. This means that they are accounted for on census data.

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Creatures includes animal, plants, and sentient materials, and are distinct from races only in that information about them is apocryphal. So humanoids that are fully intelligent and with complete cultures can belong to this classification if they aren't tracked by the government.

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Credit to supernal for layout and information. Art by TJ FOO

Edited by King

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