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Tenebris Pulviam

Rain Dark, Tenebris Pulviam

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act i. The Profile 

Birth Name: Rain Dark, in his native language "Tenebris Pulviam"

Name: Tenebris Pulviam
Title: "Son of the Moonlight"
Age: 134
Race: Lycarias (Wolf Folk/Furry)
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Class: Warlock/Warrior (Hybrid class)

act ii. The Diagnostics 
Height: 7'3"
Weight: 257lbs.
Hair/Fur: Black as night. There are many small speckles of fur that glow a dim white when in the moonlight, making him look as if he were the night itself. There are designs of white, red, and grey fur along his chest (seen in his picture) that glow dimly in the moonlight as well.

Eyes: Eyes are a pitch black themselves, however the irises are a glowing blue. They glow more a bluish green and much brighter when in the moonlight. 
Voice: Deep, more a gruff tone than anything.

act iii. The Armament


Redde: A ten foot sword crafted of bone, harder and sharper than any steel, gifted from an old god. Redde was used by the war chief of all tribes, and to use it without such rank is punishable by death. Tenebris, familar with the blade, knowing it as his own mentor and only friend weilds it with a berserkers ferocity yet mastery over the weapon. The weapon grants him the power to cut through magic shields, and allows for few techniques: Flash Moonlight, Deep Cycle, and Judgment. 

-Flash Moonlight: Devised by the first Lycarias chief, this move allows it's caster to charge moonlight into the weapon. Then it is released upon the actual weapon, causing it to glow a bluish green. This form of enchantment allows for the weapon to deal magic damage, or all the power can be released as a ranged attack where the weilder launches a wave of energy at a foe, crushing, slicing, and damaging them greatly. 
(Deals physical, magic, and frost damage. 2 turn charge, 6 turn recharge, can only be used 4 times per topic)

-Deep Cycle: Devised of the first prophet of the Lunar Church, deep cycle allows it's caster to send blades of shadow at a foe, ripping from the ground up. It is a move that requires great concentration without conflict, while this would be an obvious weakness it is rewarded by five shifting blades of shadow pursuing a targeted foe. The shadows come up to impale and slice at a foe, causing strictly physical damage. 
(Deals physical damage. 4 turn charge, 10 turn recharge, used only 2 times per topic)

-Judgement, Tier I: Devised by an old god and gifted to  only a worthy war chief, Judgement is powerful by all means. It can be used only in the presence of the sun or moon as it charges based on the natural light provided. This attack varies based on day and night and due to this it's relatively easy to cast, but only those who learned it can weild it's awesome power. Once the charge is complete, the caster sends a massive wave of elemental power surging for a foe. The initial wave is 20ft in width, 10ft in length, and 10ft in height, making it an attack that's hard to dodge. 
(Deals Fire/Magic/Physical Damage during the day VS. Frost/Magic/Physical Damage at night. 6 turns to charge, 12 turns recharge, only used twice per topic)

Alba Subit: A wolf's skull of an old god, as hard as steel, Alba Subit acts as a helm of power and righteous authority. Only pack members, namely prophets or sages, wore this skull. Fitting over his head just snug perfectly, the helm is imbued with Old Moonlight; a power that grants him the abilities to see through illusions/holograms, allows him to control shadows and darkness for few moments at a time, and also creates a barrier against weaker magics and curses. 

Armis Alta: A bone armor of an ancient wolf, gifted from an old god, Armis Alta are a set of gauntlets that extend up to the tricep of ones arms. The bone armor is only granted to the war chief of the tribes and no other, as to wear it without such rank is punishable by death. As hard as steel, the gauntlets are spiked all over giving the protection of the arms. Fitting snugly on Tenebris, the gauntlets grant unto him supernatural strength, durability, and allows him to summon a spiked bone round shield. 


Altum Torque: Cast upon those who are imprisoned for treachery beyond sin by the old gods, the chains are made of an unknown metal and cover Tenebris' torso and neck. While possible to remove, the chains remain on as they provide minor protection but act a symbol that he was wrongly accused for. For him to remove them is to remove his purpose and his mission. It would be a sign that be broke free of a destiny. 

Thesauri Deorum: Granted as a sign of strong faith and full loyalty to an old god, this old iron amulet is in the shape of a wolf's skull attached to an iron chain. It grants it's bearer a resistance to pestilence and curses (but not a complete immunity) and gives them a small portion of extra stamina. 

act iv. The Dossier 
Personality: Being an older being, a being asleep for so long, Tenebris has not the idea that his race, Lycarias, were long erased from time. Meant to bring a "coming dark of the moon" Tenebris has a pride of self sacrifice and fulfillment of his kind. Originally in a war with the lion folk, dwarves, and orcs the Lycarias were severely outnumbered as humans hunted them down slowly due to the mix up between Lycarias and werewolves. Because of this small history that was major in its day Tenebris discriminated against those four people, believing them to be demons and self hypocrites. He loathed them, and still does.

 What drives the old wolf is his need to bring about an old prophecy that was meant to allow his kind to weild the power of moonlight, not as a weapon, but as a tool to unite all tribes of Lycarias into one and combat Lycanthropy, and age old illness of their kind. Well, that was till they went extinct. This self drive causes Tenebris to be ruthless, unconcerned of others, and a stone cold killer. He becomes careless in his mission and will do whatever it takes to complete it. How he reacts when he realizes his people are gone is quite unknown. Since he was revered as a prophet, Tenebris has a knack for studying religions and other pantheon's as to understand how his religion differs from most. That said, he carries a pride of Lycarias and is strong willed. 

Likes: There's not much that he likes, but to name just the few things, Tenebris rather enjoys studying other religions, collecting items like armaments and artifacts, and he loves basking in the moonlight. 

Dislikes: Orcs, Dwarves, Humans, and the Lion Folk from beneath the surface are something more of a "loathing" feeling than "disliking" them. Tenebris doesn't like being bothered when he is alone, nor while training, and he certainly hates ignorance, arrogance, and complete stupidity from others. 

Attitude: Since he was but a pup, Tenebris was always taught of how to be a prophet of his people, as he was born with the markings/symbols of their old gods on his chest. Ever since then Tenebris felt no choice but to force this destiny upon himself, he will complete it at all cost. His attitude toward others varies quite a bit: Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, and Lion Folk he will either avoid or (if he's having a bad day) will kill on sight no matter the risk. He cares less for Elves and other races, but canine races similar to his he treats almost like brothers and sisters, just with a distance. Those inflicted with Lycanthropy he takes pity and takes them in, either killing them if too far gone or teaching them if not far into the infection. 

Habit/Twitch: Since a pup, Tenebris has had the oddity of grinding his teeth. It can be through happiness, anger, sadness, or just sheer boredom. Another habit is organizing items, for example the colors of books on a book shelf are all different, so he would reorganize them from. cool colors to warm colors, or rather light to dark colored books, and this can be with anything. 

Quote"When your kind laid eyes upon us, you saw not a people but a beast, a fearsome savagery you couldn't understand. You, the green skins, and the underfolk have pledged allegiance against us, yet you barely understood our nature. Through unquestionable blinding rage you marched to our home and began what we will finish. You took away my home and my family, now I shall do the same unto you"

Edited by Tenebris Pulviam

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