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Khaki's Whispernight Adventures 2

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The little girl stood atop a nearby pillar, her eyes assessing the ruins before her. The city was gone, as most cities that has suffered the Whispernight's curse. A ghost city, one that would have scared most normal adventurers but the woman felt at home here. She did enjoy Ballard Bay as much as the next ruined city. There's so much things to explore and discover in such ruins. An adventurer and explorer like her would greatly enjoy such a land.

But she came here for a much better reason. The city itself is the prize or the knowledge within. She came to learn from the people of the past. Her only problem is that she cannot explore without fighting the things that plagued Ballard Bay. What can she do with such a predicament?

Which is why she sent out a request. Anyone who had recieved would appear any minute now.


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"Combat skills required.. Sounds like something I could fill in with ease.." Tulari accepted the task picking up the coordinates the girl began her move. Raising her left hand a diamond shard pushed free of the stone and dirt that blocked its way. Stepping forth her ebony skin caressed the mineral till it pulled her into its core. Within seconds the diamond rocked down through the earth traveling towards her destination, the thought of exploring the Whispernight afflicted lands gave her the jitters. 

About thirty minutes passed before Tulari's diamond shook the ground beneath the other woman's feet. Several feet to her left  a large mound bubbled up from the hard earth. Slowly from the top of the hill the diamond shattered forth opening up to free Tulari from its insides. The small girl stepped out adjusting her shirt and pants before giving the other a thumbs up. "Reporting for duty, lets get this party started."  Tulari said lightly as she stepped down to stand beside the other gazing around the rather deserted area. 


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Khakina smiled with relief as the other girl appeared out of nowhere. It seems that her aide had arrived and not a minute late. For that, she was greatly thankful.

"Finally, I have been waiting," said Khaki as nonchalantly as possible. She needed to keep her excitement down and appear as neutral as possible. Middy once said that this would be a good way to make a strong impression. This was her first time leading a mission with someone not part of the cartel and she cannot have herself appear as a nervous wreck.

"My name is Khakina. What's yours?" she blurted out as she moved forward. "We can talk on our way into the city ruins."

She took the lead then, her tiny boots squeaking with each tiny step upon the broken pathway. "Tell me more about yourself before the fight starts."

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